KOLA ALUKO HIBERNATES………. Disappears from the social scene.

Kola Aluko co-founded Besse Oil, a pioneering oil trading company in Nigeria. Besse Oil, one of the first to obtain a credit line with major international banks, traded crude oil and fuel oil, and was also a major importer of gasoline.

Six years later, Aluko founded Fossil Resources, an indigenous downstream oil and gas company, where he held the role of CEO. In 2004, Kola Aluko formed Exoro Energy International, and moved into exploration and production. Exoro Energy partnered with a division of Weatherford, to showcase its exploration and production technology.

In 2007, the division of Weatherford was bought out and merged with Exoro Energy to form an independent company, Seven Energy. Kola Aluko, with a team of Nigerian and international E&P executives, co-founded Atlantic Energy in 2011, a private upstream oil and gas company, with an increased focus on under-developed producing fields in Nigeria. In partnership with the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) Atlantic Energy focused mainly on Niger Delta assets, contracted and executed under Strategic Alliance Agreements (SAAs) with the NPDC.

In 2010, Aluko diversified into the aviation industry, becoming a member of the VistaJet advisory board, assisting with the West-African expansion of the Swiss-based luxury aviation company.

Upon all his business acumen and strategies Aluko has not allowed his business schedule restrict him from enjoying the best things of life. When it comes to social gathering Aluko is always in the forefront and he has made an indelible mark in the social circle that his name cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Whenever Aluko steps out to event, you cannot but notice his appearance considering his swags and carriage which has differentiate him from others. But lately nothing much has been heard from the controversial business man. While some quarters of the social scene agree that he is strategizing on his business, some others also admitted that he has gone into the oblivion based on his many woes and troubles with the anti graft agency EFCC recently.



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