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We Want Bakassi Issue Revisited…. Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa




Why are you still here talking about Bakassi when it is no longer a part of Nigeria?

Why won’t I talk about Bakassi? Bakassi is still in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So, why won’t I talk about it? You should realise that the action of ceding Bakassi to Cameroon was not backed by any referendum asking the people where they want to belong. It was a unilateral action and that is why we are asking that the matter be readdressed. There is no legislative approval for Bakassi to be moved out of Nigeria. However, my own position is that I am saving time because I am talking about reality. I am talking about the lives of the people. As we speak, there are thousands of Bakassi people living in refugee camps somewhere in Akpabuyo. They are all exposed to harsh weather conditions of the raining season. They have on their own, offered to come back to the country but they still live as refugees. If you read the Green Tree Agreement very well –I can make copies available. It says you may stay in Cameroon or you may stay in Nigeria. It does not say you are no longer Nigerian neither does it say you must change your citizenship. The agreement allows the people to say where they want to stay. And it further says that if you chose to stay in Cameroon, the administration must allow you live your life in accordance with your culture and traditions. Meanwhile, an area has been allocated where they can resettle but it is not yet developed. We are asking that the area be developed so the people can live meaningful lives. We don’t want to be in Cameroon. We want to be in Nigeria. I want to live in Nigeria but all I ask is that the area be developed to help us resettle. So, basically, we are asking for two things: resettlement and compensation.

What sort of compensation?

Compensation to individuals for loss of landmass to the state and compensation for loss of individual property to the state; compensation for the inconvenience caused the people, for their rights that were violated, compensation for all the major things we left behind there. That is what we are asking for.

Can you put this is naira terms?

We are working on the figures.

You said Bakassi is still in Nigeria’s Constitution but the Nigerian government ceded it to Cameroon. Don’t you see a contradiction here?

Yes, Bakassi is still recognised by the Nigerian Constitution. The Nigerian government ceded Bakassi to Cameroon as a geographical expression, as land. Even that ceding was done without reference to the legislature. Procedurally, you must get legislative approval if you want to cede any land in Nigeria.

How come till this moment there has not been legislative action to ratify or challenge the ceding?

I believe that those who represent Cross River State at the National Assembly have been talking about it, but you know how Nigeria is. You talk and talk and make recommendations but the recommendations never see the light of day. But there is work currently ongoing. There was a committee that was set up recently after much agitation from my people and me. The committee has been there and they looked at the area, gathered information and looked at options available. The committee has been working. We are waiting for the outcome of that committee.

What you said now highlights the problem most delegates have raised at the conference and that is the issue of unjust demarcation of boundaries and alienation of people from their homelands. How do you feel being part of a government that did this?

Well, it is most unfortunate but you should know that most of these actions were not deliberate but done out of carelessness. Just out of carelessness.

Are you suggesting that the administration then was careless to have allowed that happen?

You have to be careful about such use of words. If a president wants to cede an area, and wants to abide by the rules of the land, or the laws of the land, I believe that he would have also referred the matter to the National Assembly. Not forgetting the fact that the president subjected himself to that jurisdiction and once you subject yourself to the jurisdiction of the court, you are obliged to respect and implement whatever is the outcome of the court process. However, before obliging, that matter would have been settled in the National Assembly.

You sit in the conference with the Attorney General who handed over the instrument of ceding to Cameroon. Have you interacted with him on what actually transpired?

I have been handling issues and Nigeria is supposed to come up and back the people of Bakassi to make sure they are resettled. The unfortunate thing about it was that we subjected ourselves to the jurisdiction of the court and once we did that, we were obliged to abide by the outcome. Mind you that (Gen. Sani) Abacha was taken to court and he refused to subject himself to the jurisdiction of the court. Rather, he went to fight. He fought up to a point before he stopped. I do not know where we would have been today were he to be alive. He gave us the local government. Now, when democracy set in, I think we wanted to portray the image of a democratic nation which is willing to go with the world and abide by the tenets of democracy.

In other words, the Bakassi people are pained that Nigeria has not gotten leader with the character of an Abacha?

I am not saying that neither am I denying that we will continue to celebrate him because he gave us the local government.

Are you satisfied with the way things have developed so far at the conference?

Very much satisfied! This is a very well organised conference and people are talking. On the first day we came here, I asked if they will grant every delegate an opportunity to speak even if for five minutes. I am happy that is happening and people are pouring out their hearts. Added to that, the committee of 50, which I am part of, helped doused a flame and stopped anything that would have caused turbulence in the conference.

It is being said that some of you in that committee have gone ahead to form another group?

I don’t know of any other group. But at conferences like this, it is not out of place to from groups. There are many groups of which I am member of some. There is no formal group of the 50 but there are many groups which happen at conferences. It is necessary for you to sit down as a group, devoid of ethnicity and religion, to discuss. It happens all the time.

It is being said the group is to push for Jonathan…?

I don’t know about that. I did not come here for Jonathan. I came here for Bakassi people. I think it is very unfortunate the way people talk. It is very unfair and they should not bring down the integrity of such a great conference, such a gathering of great people. However, I don’t owe any Nigerian any explanation but I have not been invited by anybody to discuss Jonathan. As a PDP member, if I think Jonathan has done well and deserves a second term, I will join his campaign and campaign for him. Not in this conference.

Are you happy with the bickering, by delegates, over food?

That is why I am canvassing for executive session. It is actually out of place for delegates of this calibre to be discussing about food. This is the sort of things you bring up in executive sessions not at plenary. However, there is nothing wrong with people complaining but this food thing should not really be an issue.

But the other day you were seen urging some aggrieved delegates to join you to town for lunch?

That is invasion of my privacy. I am a mother and I am very finicky about food. So, if I have my own food, I can invite my friends to eat with me. I do that all the time. It is not because the food is not good. Meanwhile, I don’t mind when the food is not good because I am forever on a diet. Don’t you want to be like me?

Culled: The Union

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Lagos tenant escapes after storing hemp, landlord jailed



A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos has sentenced a 51-year-old landlord, Saheed Ojomu, to five-year imprisonment for allowing his tenant to use his shop to warehouse cannabis.

Justice Daniel Osiagor handed down the sentence to the convict after he changed his not-guilty plea to guilty.

The convict was arrested over the banned substance found in one of his shops on March 31, 2017, by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

During his arrest and arraignment, he claimed that the banned substance belonged to one of his tenants, Sakiru (now at large), and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The charge read, “That you, Saheed Ojomu, 46, on or about March 31, 2017, at No. 1, Osho Street, Island, Lagos State, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, being occupier and manager of a shop at No.1, Osho Street, Lagos Island, unlawfully permitted same to be used by one Sakiru (now at large) for the purpose of storing and dealing in 372.6 kilogrammes of cannabis sativa, a narcotic drug similar to cocaine, heroin and LSD, thereby committing an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 12 of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act, Cap. N30 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.”

During trial, the prosecution called two witnesses and tendered some exhibits, which the court admitted.

However, at the resumed trial of the convict on Wednesday, his counsel, Mrs Vivienne Ekwegh, informed the court that her client had decided to change his plea.

The prosecutor, Mrs N. J. Mamza, did not object to the application of the defence.

After listening to both counsel on the new development, Justice Osiagor ordered that the convict retake his plea.

After his plea was retaken, the prosecutor reviewed the facts of the case and urged the court to sentence the shop owner in accordance with relevant laws.

But counsel for the convict, Ekwegh, in her plea for mercy, described her client as a ‘victim of circumstances’, as he was unaware that his tenant warehoused the banned substance in his shop.

She, therefore, urged the court to award a fine option in lieu of a custodian sentence.

In his judgment, Justice Osiagor sentenced the convict to five-year imprisonment.

However, the judge ordered the convict to pay a fine of N300,000.

In addition to the monetary fine, the judge also ordered the convict to perform three weeks of non-custodian community service.

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N2.9bn fraud: Court Sends IDID Nigeria Limited’s CEO, Kenneth Amadi, To Jail



•As Judge Liquidates Company


As a result of his involvement in fraud to the tune of N2.9bn, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IDID Nigeria Limited, Kenneth Amadi, was on Monday, convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, by Justice Ambrose Lewis-Allagoa of a Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The judge arrived at the decision, after finding him guilty of counts 4 and 5 of the criminal charge made against him by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), through the office of the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF).

Justice Allagoa, who also convicted Amadi, declared that the sentencing is without an option of fine, and equally ordered that IDID Nigeria Limited be liquidated with immediate effect.

It would be recalled that the day’s judgment was earlier slated to have been delivered on November 22, 2022, but the same was not ready, due to the very busy schedule of the court.

The convicted Amadi and his company, IDID Nigeria Limited, were dragged before the court by the FGN when he held sway as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Eunisell Limited, a company founded by Chief Chika Ikenga.

Prior to Justice Allagoa’s judgment, counsels had adopted their final written addresses on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

Meanwhile, at the last proceeding on the criminal case, Justice Alagoa, had ruled against the no-case submission instituted by the convicted Amadi, questioning the N2.9bn fraud charge, slammed against him by the FGN.

In handing down his ruling, the judge held that the prosecution had raised issues that require the embattled ex-staff to proffer answers, prompting the court to order Amadi to open his defence.

Amadi had contended that the prosecution had not been able to make any prima-facie case against him and as such had no business being in court.

He then urged the court to strike out the criminal charge against him and accordingly acquit and discharge him without any further delay.

But responding, the prosecution, led by Mrs. Aderonke Imana, had insisted that Justice Allagoa should discountenance the prayers of the convcit, because a case has been made against him and that he ought to put up a defence. The prosecution then asked the court to order Amadi to open his defence.

Specifically, Amadi and his company, IDID Nigeria Limited, are were tried before the court on a five-count charge of conspiracy and fraud to the tune of N2.9 billion.

The convict was charged before the court on the offences bothering on obtaining by false pretence; forgery, unlawful fund conversation and fraud.

The offences which contravened sections Section 1 of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act. Cap.A6, Lam of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and punishable under Section 1(3) of the same Act. Section 1(2)(c) of the Miscellaneous Offence Act, Cap. M17. Law of the Federation of Nigeria. 2004 and Punishable under the same Section of the Act.; Section 27 (b) of Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act, 2015 and punishable under Section 14 (1) of the same Act. And Sections 434 and 435 of the Criminal Code Act, Cap. C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and punishable under the same Section of the Act

One of the charges against the defendants include receiving and obtaining by false pretense, with intent to defraud, the sum of N2, 900,000,000 belonging to Eunisell Ltd, from A-Z Petroleum Ltd and AMMASCO International Ltd; omitting making full and true entry thereof in the books and accounts; suppression of data in respect of the financial transfer to Eunisell Ltd; and converting the same amount without authority to create sufficient deposits to promote the credibility of his own company (IDID Nigeria Limited).

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GLOWFUX Concert ’22 held with pomp and pageant as FIDSON, Rite Foods, Unilever, Beloxxi, Bobo Foods and others fete the charity event



Wednesday, the 28th of December 2022 is a day that will not be forgotten in a hurry by many families
across Lagos State.
The day which started like every other day recorded the successful hosting of the much-talked-about 7th
edition of the annual charity concert called GLOWFUX.
GLOWFUX Charity Concert, an initiative of Fanafillit Integrated Concepts, is an annual end-of-the-year
charity event that brings together children from orphanages/special needs establishments for memorable
end-of-the-year celebrations with the general public.
In its usual style, the event had loads and loads of games for both adults and children without any form of
discrimination, and winners of each competition which were ably anchored by the popular children's party
MC – Daddy Yo went home with a variety of souvenirs courtesy of Rite Foods, Omo Detergent, FIDSON
Healthcare and Beloxxi Biscuits and Bobo Foods. Noteworthy as well is the scholarship in ICT by Epeetech
Solutions for five individuals from Lofty Skills Soccer Academy who emerged the most outstanding in a
brain tease game.
The hallmark of the event was the induction of new GLOWFUX Young Ambassadors who were charged to
become promoters of the humanitarian cause and other charitable initiatives. The new young ambassadors
are Master Diamond Olowu, the popular child music act Vanessa Jones, Miss Hidarat Aroyewun and Miss
Oluwadarasimi Kalejaiye.

Also, some awards of recognition were presented to individuals and organizations who were identified with
outstanding humanitarian exploits for the year 2022 calendar. The awardees are Oba Adedokun Abolarin,
the Orangun of Oke-Ila as GLOWFUX Man of the Year 2022 who was unavoidably absent, Olori Sekinat
Aramide Elegushi who was ably represented by Mrs. Oyeleye and Otunba Tope Oyefeso received the
GLOWFUX Woman of the Year 2022 award, Iba Habeeb Okunola MON, the Akosin of Yoruba land who
was ably represented by Mr. Folarin Animashaun was awarded the prestigious GLOWFUX Detribalised
Philanthropist of the Year 2022 while Ark of Relief Charity Foundation, Airtel Nigeria and Ambassador
Temitope Williams received the GLOWFUX NGO of the Year 2022, GLOWFUX Socially Responsible
Company of the Year 2022 and GLOWFUX Ambassador of the Year 2022 respectively.
Also recognised was Ambassador Gbolahan Odukoya who was appreciated for his remarkable contribution
to the success of the GLOWFUX Charity Concert 2022.
The 2022 edition of the concert held at the frontage of Dan & Den Arena, Elegushi Beachfront, Lekki,
Lagos had in attendance, six establishments for the needy, namely, Little Saints Orphanage, Lofty Skills
Soccer Academy (a football academy for the less privileged), Modupe Cole Memorial Home, Peculiar
Saints Orphanage, Child Lifeline Home and Only God Charity Home Initiative.
All the beneficiary establishments carted home lots of gift items ranging from clothes, food, household
items etc., courtesy of the over 200 guests each of whom arrived at the event with gifts for the beneficiary
As everyone at the event was entertained with superlative performances by MC Wadada, Da’Fresh Olorin,
Vanessa Jones, Meyrah, First Class Comedian, Hilary Jackson, DBard Creative Media, and Dom Sax etc.,
so were they all treated to refreshments like biscuits, sausage and drinks courtesy of Beloxxi Biscuits and
Rite Foods. And at the end of the event, everyone left with souvenir bags containing well-packaged jollof

rice prepared by Beeth Events Concepts and other branded products courtesy of FIDSON Healthcare PLC,
Rite Foods, Beloxxi Biscuits and Omo Detergent.
It is worthy of note that this edition of GLOWFUX Charity Concert would bring to the record, a total of 13
special needs (government-owned and private-owned) establishments with over a thousand children and
adults that have benefited from the project since inception.
The GLOWFUX 2022 recorded the support of FIDSON Healthcare, Beloxxi Biscuits, Unilever Nig, Rite
Foods, Bobo Foods, Elegushi Royal stool, iCare Foundation, Courtville Group, Seniors Wellbeing
Foundation, Hands Lifting Hearts Initiatives, Corsican Brothers, MALENS diagnostics, Headway Events, DJ
MAPS Productions, Epeetech Solutions, NINE28 Multimedia
While the media supports include AIT, KRAKS TV,,,,,,,,,,, Global Excellence magazine,


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