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UBA’s REDTV Premieres Third Season of Africa’s Biggest Online Series –The Men’s Club



The buzz was palpable as Africa’s highly anticipated online series, The Men’s Club (TMC), hit the screens for its third season on Wednesday.

The 13-episode smash series is powered by the United Bank for Africa’s Lifestyle and Entertainment channel, REDTV, producers of hit shows such as Our Best Friend’s Wedding, Inspector K, Assistant Madams, Red Hot Topics, Hotel Boutique and many more.

The blockbuster series, TMC, which has enjoyed a huge following since its first release in 2018, has taken viewers on a roller-coaster ride with Africa’s most eligible young men – Ayoola Ayoola, Efa Iwara, Daniel Etim and Baaj Adegbule, on their adventure filled with love, friendship, fear, betrayal and Romance. The show also stars top female acts: Sharon Ooja, Mimi Chaka, Folu Storms and features some of Nollywood’s finest legends like Sola Sobowale and Shaffy Bello.

The new season which was premiered on REDTV’s Youtube channel on Wednesday was an instant hit as thousands of people from all over the world watched the 90-minute premiere event.

The Executive Producer of REDTV, Bola Atta, who spoke shortly before TMC3 came on screen, noted that although there had been a slight delay in production of the hit series thirds season due to the lockdown occasioned by the Covid-19 Pandemic, there were efforts taken to ensure that this delay was not prolonged.

“TMC is one of our major hit series brought from the REDTV stables and powered by the United Bank for Africa(UBA). We worked really hard to ensure we were bringing the best this season despite all the delays. The TMC fans have been so loyal and we needed to give them what they wanted. The Covid -19 lockdown meant that we had to halt production right in the middle and this caused quite a bit of stress for us. However, the minute the lock down eased up, we put the very best measures in place for safety and security for cast and crew, limited the numbers and went back into production.

Atta  emphasised UBA’s continued support for the creative industry to ensure that more youth are gainfully employed and presented with opportunities that showcase their talent, boosting economies across Africa.

She said “REDTV was birthed by the United Bank for Africa, to support the creative industry in Nigeria and across the African continent and for over four years now, we have been creating employment and honing creative talent through entertainment. The potential revenue that can be generated in this industry is often under-estimated and it is only in recent times that more people have had the courage to leave traditional professions and embrace the creatives.”

Also speaking about TMC3, CEO Urban Vision and Director of The Men’s Club, Tola Odunsi, expressed delight at the reception which the series has received over the years. He also praised UBA and REDTV for the continuous support towards ensuring that viewers are always provided with the best quality entertainment.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with UBA and REDTV to create top quality content and jobs. Working with UBA and REDTV has been amazing and with their support, more jobs continue to be created in the entertainment sector.  On TMC 3 production we were able to hire a lot of people in different capacities and that ultimately equates to impacting many families, many lives. All thanks to UBA’s support,” Odunsi said.

REDTV is a fast-paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. Proudly powered by UBA, the network is here to entertain and inform with rich content that feature the very best of African entertainment, fashion, news, design, music, sport, movies and travel and so much more.

REDTV collaborates with the most talented visionaries and creative minds daring to believe in a New Africa.

Watch the new season of The Men’s Club on you tube @itsredtv.


Abuja big boy, Suni Osorun, in hot romance with female deejay




Showbiz impresario and CEO, Black Wall Street, Suni Osorun popularly known as Big Suni, is on top of the world, living his dream.

The Abuja big boy, who shuttles between Nigeria and the United States of America for business, recently released to wide acclaim a couple of artistes on his Black Wall Street label. And just before the COVID-19 lockdown, he dabbled into film production and completed work on a movie that is bound to be a blockbuster when released.

However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In as much as Big Suni works hard, he also plays hard. The boss of Black Wall Street, with headquarters in America, is reputed to be one of the hottest bachelors in the entertainment industry. But then, according to a source, things might soon change as a pretty female deejay has swept him off his feet.

The source reveals: “Big Suni has been struck by Cupid arrow. He is now head over heels in love with Omowumi, a female deejay. The girl is pretty and cool-headed. She is also amiable and from Ondo State like him. In fact, before they fell in love with each other, both Suni and Omowumi have been good friends. They love each other so much that wedding bells may ring very soon.”

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Daniel Ogoloma, a youth leader of thought, has expressed displeasure at the minimal participation of the Nigerian youths in nation-building.



During a recent conversation with a group of Nigerian youths on the current level of youth involvement in leadership, policymaking, and nation-building in Nigeria, Ogoloma expressed his displeasure at the minimal participation of the Nigerian youths in the scheme of things.

The Oxford University student and political activist identified two major factors that are responsible for this regrettable situation. According to Ogoloma, “While I agree that the political atmosphere created by government has made youth participation in governance a difficult task, the youths themselves have a responsibility to remain focused on their roles as not just leaders of tomorrow but trustees of the nation’s future.”

While recognizing and commending the efforts of some courageous young Nigerians who are contributing their quota to building a better society in their respective fields, Daniel also mentioned the need to do more on the part of the youths. He said, “One of the reasons why several nation-building and social reform efforts by the youths have failed is because of lack of clear strategy and consistency on the part of the youths.”

He acknowledged the sincerity of most youth activists when they come up with lofty and actionable ideas but questioned their methods of operation which sometimes undermines their efforts. He observed that whenever the youths start a movement or a campaign that will bring about positive socio-political changes, the momentum often wane out rapidly before the goal is actualized.

He ascribed these failures partly to lack of defined strategies and inconsistency of action among the youths which usually lead to loss of focus and premature end of most social reform efforts. He cited the examples of the Not Too Young To Run campaign and the End Sars Movement as two of such social reform efforts conceived with good intention but pursued inconclusively because the leaders of these reform efforts did not appear to have a clearly defined strategy and long term direction for the movements. Often these movements appear to be like mere reactionary movements without a plan and purpose.

Daniel said. “At the beginning of the Not Too Young To Run campaign, just like the End Sars Movement, everyone seemed to be on board. There was a massive show of interest from everyone. But as time goes by, things began to change. People’s momentum began to fade and many forgot about the task at hand. This is not good enough. As youths with responsibilities to our nation, we cannot allow this attitude to continue forever. We must be focused and consistent all times.”

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UBA’s REDTV Launches New Series, Public Figure in Ghana



United Bank for Africa’s Lifestyle and Entertainment channel continues to blaze the trail in online entertainment as it pushes the best of Africa to the world.


REDTV, producers of awarding winning hit series such as The Men’s Club (TMC), Our Best Friend’s Wedding, Inspector K, Assistant Madams, RedHot Topics, Hotel Boutique and a host of other hit series is set to put on display its depth and Pan African reach with the new series, The Public Figure.


The Public Figure was developed and produced in Ghana and revolves around power, marriage, politics, love, and the celebrity life. The lead cast include award winning Ghanaian actors, Van Vicker and Dela Seade.   Naa Ashorkor, Kingsley Yamoah, Benny Ashun and Daisy Amankwah also play prominent roles in the show which will premier on May 19th, 2021 on REDTV.

Speaking ahead of the Premiere, REDTV’s Executive Director, Bola Atta who is also the Group Director of Communications at UBA, said  “UBA is focused on promoting entrepreneurship across Africa and its support for the creative industry is reflected through the REDTV platform.  We have been doing this for a few years now. creating rich and entertaining content to support this all-important sector. It is also a conscious effort on our part to ensure that we create jobs and opportunities for the African creatives. We want to encourage more people to explore their talent without the hesitation or fear of not being able to reach their potential in an industry that still has a huge amount of growing to do on the continent’.


On the choice of Ghana for the show, Atta pointed out that REDTV is pan -African and has an Africa wide agenda.  ‘we have had content from Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Senegal and a couple of other African countries and Ghana is on our road map. Public figure was filmed in Ghana by a Ghanaian cast and crew. We will continue to create job opportunities in the creative industry across Africa’.

‘Public Figure’ will begin to air on REDTV’s Youtube channel, @itsredtv on 19th, 2021 at 3pm WAT.

REDTV is a fast-paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage, proudly powered by UBA, the network aims to entertain and inform, with rich content that feature the very best of Africa focused on entertainment, fashion, news, design, music, sport, movies and travel and much more.

REDTV collaborates with the most talented visionaries and creative minds daring to believe in a New Africa, putting together content that reflect the dream.

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