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HRM Oba Gbolahan Lawal Set The Pace With HAIIF in Iru Kingdom To Empower Women!



HRM Abisogun II foundation for peace and development (HAIIF) is a private, Independent, Non-partisan and non-religious organization, established to contribute to the sustainable development of the Iru kingdom and Lagos state at large.

The Foundation, therefore, seeks to empower sons and daughters of the Kingdom as well as other well-meaning Lagosians especially young people and women; to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the State and country.

Through carefully designed social interventions, innovative projects unique to the kingdom, HAIIF will spearhead various multi-stakeholder partnerships, and champion social causes in select high-impact sectors across the economy.


According to Mrs. Folusho Olaniyan, the project coordinator, she attests to the fact that the project is ongoing and some women have already been empowered in the kingdom.

“Iru empowerment project is set to empower 2000 women in our kingdom in the next one year, but have started already with 32 women. And already tracking and monitoring the process of empowered women.”

“We are running the project on a partnership drive. We have received a lot of positive responses from private organizations and individuals who key into the project. So we are going to disburse on a quarterly base so we are dependent on the ability of the press to propagate the message to enable more people to lash on this project so we can achieve the 2000 women as projected this time next year.”


The HAIIF Foundation for Women’s Empowerment seeks to empower women and help them thrive both on the personal and professional levels, regardless of nationality, religion, and political affiliation. Since women represent about half of the world population, the more we help them, the better our whole world will be!


We plan to help women reach their fullest potential and achieve their personal best by identifying the challenges they face, providing relevant immediate solutions, and creating and implementing action plans via our Steering Committee, in addition to Leadership Committees for Women’s Empowerment, Executive Teams, and Support Committees that we set up.


Some of its key initiatives include Women and Youth capacity building, Tourism and Development via its beautiful Oniru Beach, Climate Leadership, Wellbeing and sustainable livelihood amongst its people in the community, Health and thought leadership which is one of the key factors that His royal Majesty have been known for and lived all his life.

In just two months, precisely July 26, 2020, the foundation launched its Empowerment Hub Pilot project by supporting 32 women with seed funding of 50,000 each to start trading in agro produce. And the beneficiaries were also supported with entrepreneurial skills and training by experienced mentors, while also the team had already put in place a tracking and monitoring scheme to evaluate the growth of the seed funds.

The foundation also promises to conduct quarterly recruitment of more beneficiaries with a regular convergence of different stakeholders particularly the business community within the Iru Kingdom to identify constraint to ease of doing business.

According to His Royal Majesty Oba Abdulwasiu Omogbolahan Lawal, Abisogun II, whose style of leadership has always been to seek feedback, He promises to make the project a laudable one and also wishes that other Kings and Community leaders will follow the same step.

“I always try to avoid the predict-and-provide theory or syndrome in all leadership positions I have occupied. This is why before I set out to implement any policy, program, or project; I ensure stakeholders’ feedback is sought, hence this engagement.”

By: Sunday Adebayo.





A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has separated from his wife, Precious Chikwendu, with whom he had four sons, The PUNCH can confirm.

Fani-Kayode has, however, written a pre-litigation letter to popular blogger, Stella Dimokorkus, demanding N2bn from her for a report he termed libelous.

The blogger had in a report attributed the separation to domestic violence and alleged that the triplet sons may not have been fathered by Fani-Kayode as they were conceived through IVF and Chikwendu had demanded a DNA test.

In a letter signed by his lawyer, Mr. Adeola Adedipe, dated September 16, 2020, the former minister described the report as preposterous.

The letter titled, ‘Defamation of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode- Re: Femi Fani-Kayode and Precious Chikwendu Part Ways Over Alleged Domestic Violence’, stated that the allegations were spurious and maliciously engineered.

The former minister said he was disturbed about the manner in which the report was written which insults the sensibilities of unsuspecting readers.

He denied allegations that he retrieved the car he bought for his estranged wife and had left her broke.

Fani-Kayode said it was saddening that his innocent little children could be dragged into such a report, subjecting them to ridicule.

The letter further read, “Our client is aggrieved and has instructed us to draw your attention to these libelous breaches of his person and family. By this publication, our client has received denigrating phone calls and messages across the globe by virtue of which he now sufferers immeasurable loss of goodwill.

“However, he is inclined to draw a curtain over the wild and spurious claims if you retract the allegations on the same platform they were published and consequently apologize to him in two other national dailies.

“You are also advised to enter into negotiations with us for the sum of two billion naira only being a token amount for penitence. Please bear in mind that you have 14 days from receipt of this letter to comply with the highlighted mitigating measures, the failure of which will leave our client with no preferred alternative than to seek redress in court.”

Fani-Kayode and Chikwendu, who is a former beauty queen, became an item around 2015 and subsequently welcomed a son in 2016.

In 2018, they welcomed a set of triplet boys.

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‘Pikin wey wan spoil…’ BBNaija not the problem By Victor Ojelabi



Just in the space of 24 hours, Nigerians were rudely shocked with the unprecedented increase of electric tariff to over 200%, a hike in fuel price, a systematic reduction in savings interest across boards, and an increment in pay cable subscription from DSTV. Reminiscent of the youths of yore that produced such ground-breaking ‘Ali Must Go’ riots of Yester yore, today’s youths codenamed ‘Twitter Warriors’ or ‘Netizen soldiers’ only took to social media with clever memes, skits, posts, and savage replies to communicate their grievances over these developments.

Besides the nonchalance and disinterest of, today’s Nigerian youths to matters that affect them directly is the issue of the sliding values and crippling moral decadence that seem to have taken dominance today. Quite surprisingly, year in and out, in the past four years, to say the least, many Nigerians want to blame these disinterest and decadence on the TV Reality show, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, for short.

Unfortunately, I, like many others, believe that nothing concrete will follow this as we as Nigerians will again vindicate the late Abami Eda’s Nigerians who are adept at adjusting to adapt while ‘suffering and smiling’. Let it be known that this article is not an attempt to hold brief for the show, its organizers or advertisers, rather, this is an attempt in redirecting Nigerians angst, frustration, and blame in the right direction.

Some days ago, I was driving to Ikoyi from the mainland on an official assignment. To make my commute less boring, I turned on the radio and began scanning through the stations for good music to vibe to. In the course of my search, my ‘radar’ settled on Nigerian Info, a serious talk show content-based radio. The voice of Joyce Onyemuwa, a favorite OAP I love to listen to from her days at Cool FM, wafted through the car.

The conversation she was having in a phone-in segment of her midday show was on the ongoing BBNaija reality gameshow. From her tone and that of virtually all listeners that called in, the TV show is the worst thing that happened to mankind since the fallout of man in the Garden of Eden. Calls from Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Moralists, etc., on the topic were on how the show was promoting moral decadence through sexual promiscuity, alcoholism and other related vices.

Surprisingly, and to the best of my knowledge, not a single caller called in to defend the show or give a counter argument. Perhaps, this is for fear of ‘going against the traffic’ or holding an unpopular opinion. However, it is, I was gravely disappointed because I am sure the show has a cult following boasting millions. A simple research on the number of Dothrakis (allusion to Game of Thrones) or Explorers (allusion to the popular cartoon series, Dora the Explorer) as followers of one of the Housemates, Dora, are known; Elites for Erica or Icons for Laycon or Ninjas for Nengi will reveal as much. Unfortunately, I was driving and could not call in to make some really salient points I felt was necessary.

The Nigerian Info instance is a representation of what is happening across the Nigerian social media space where an intense albeit not really intellectual debate on the propriety or otherwise of airing BBNaija is raging. I refer to it as not intellectual because I have heard some pastors who preferred to rain curses on the sponsors and participants, better called housemates – rather than address the heart of the matter.

In this debate there are abnormally three sides to the coin. There is a group that posits that BBNaija is inappropriate and should not be aired at all. They argue that the show serves as a distraction to Nigerian youths from pertinent national issues. This group goes as far as suggesting that the government targets the period of the show to take actions it wouldn’t take on a normal day because it shows Nigerians will be preoccupied. The second group posits that although they don’t watch it probably because of its unsuitable content, it should not be barred for others who may actually like it. The third group posit that BBNaija is an entertainment programme, which necessarily must not have a positive effect on society, and thus it can and should be aired. All groups are entitled to their opinion, regardless.

So, what is mine? BBNaija is a reality show with aims and objectives streamlined accordingly. Lets look at reality shows and their antecedents in Nigeria. Since the maiden edition of Big Brother Africa (BBA) in 2001, in which a Nigerian was featured in a reality show for the first time, reality TV programmes have become the ‘new big thing.’ Realities shows continue to snowball. They include Star Quest (2002), Gulder Ultimate Search (2004), Who Wants to be a Millionaire (2005), MTN Family Game Show (2005), Three Crowns Family Game Show (2005), Next Movie Star (2005), Amstel Malta Box Office (2005), Big Brother Nigeria now Big Brother Naija (2006), MTN Project Fame West Africa (2008), Malta Guinness Street Dance (2008) and Peak Talent Hunt (2009).

Others are: Glo Naija Sings (2009), Sprite Triple Slam (2010), National Comedy Challenge (2010), Lucozade Boost Freestyle (2010), Roc Da Mic Nigeria (2011), Nigerian Idols (2011), The Voice Nigeria, Nigerians Got Talent, Glo X Factor, Access the Stars and Oceanic Football Challenge (now rested), among others have filled the television airwaves.

Obviously, brands invest billions into these reality shows for reasons. They are definitely in business to make money, as such are not doing this solely ‘from the goodness of their hearts.’ Therefore, there are primary and secondary objectives of sponsoring these TV reality shows. They are primarily to build awareness, develop customer loyalty and improve brands’ perception. The secondary reasons are more contentious, but generally, they could be seen to attract new users, support dealers and other intermediaries and act as a form of staff motivation and morale boosting. Long story short, they are out to boost ROI, make more money and get more customers.

Now, blaming BBNaija for the increasing moral decadence in the society or for the obvious disinterest of the Nigerian youth to partisan affairs is tantamount to giving a dog a bad name just to hang it. BBNaija is like a buffet where several dishes and drinks are served just for your choosing. Because you do not like pork which is a part of the buffet, for instance, you don’t go about complaining about its presence on the buffet table or because others are eating it.

Same thing with BBNaija. It airs on a dedicated channel on DSTV. Organisers have taken time to run a campaign informing viewers that the show is strictly for those above the 18-year age bracket. The implication is that those on this age bracket are adults who have the full understanding of what the term, ‘choice’ implies and can take responsibility for their actions. Channel blocking has also been advised for viewers due to the nature of the show. This means that the channel can completely be removed if so wished. The calls for banning the show is akin to asking that sexually explicit websites and platforms be banned. As implausible as this sounds, that is how it seems. Allowing a younger audience to watch the BBNaija shows a high level of irresponsibility on the path of parents or guardians therefore as the show is clearly not meant for them. It’s like allowing children take alcohol because it is on the buffet table.

I am most certain that if the show should be scrapped today, perhaps forever, we will still have our many problems with us. Our youths will get even more proficient at adjusting to whatever the government of the day throws at them. Moral values will slide even further as decadence will continue to become a norm. Most assuredly, there will be other shows, reality or recorded, other events and many other reasons for our youths to be preoccupied with, other than pertinent issues heating up the polity.

Instead of this holier-than-thou stance many Nigerians are adopting against this show, instead of being more ‘Pope or Imam’ than the holders of these positions, why don’t we consider the content of BBNaija and the micro and macro-economic benefits of BBNaija and just let the matter be? It may look like a mystery, but the show is beyond the people and the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, himself a past contestant, we see on the screen for 99 days. There is more to the show than the contestants; the crew members, brands, small and medium-sized businesses, online vendors and entertainers who visit the house, are also huge beneficiaries of the BBNaija show.

At the backstage making the work happen are more than 100 crew members; cameramen, photographers, housekeepers and many others in their hundreds who get paid for making the reality show a true reality. The show host, Ebuka Uchendu, once shared a photo in 2019 of about 100 crew members (directly hired) to work behind the scenes to bring the show to viewers. The multiplying effect of this on the economy of a nation cannot be underestimated. The show made a remarkable move last year when it gave out a Nigerian made car to Mercy Eke, winner of the 2019 edition. This move earned MultiChoice commendation from many Nigerians and it has further promoted the Innoson made vehicle to other parts of Africa.

Before BBNaija 2019, not so many people knew about a smartphone brand called Oppo. It gained exposure that has translated to an increase in patronage and revenue by joining other brands like Bet9ja, Pepsi, Gulder to sponsor weekly games on the show. The small and medium-sized business owners who are contracted as vendors to supply necessities like food, wearables, cosmetics, toiletries to the house during the show have also seen exponential growth in their businesses by associating with the show. Many of these businesses run online shops, by exposing their brands on the show to over 40 million viewers across Africa, their hitherto small businesses have received a higher degree of patronage from Nigeria and other African countries.

In October 2019, House of Lunettes, a brand that makes eyeglasses announced that it sold out its products a few hours after Tacha Akhide became its brand ambassador. Such is the power BBNaija wields. Entertainers and DJs who visit the housemates have also enjoyed a high degree of publicity that has further positioned their brands to the consciousness of not just Nigerians, but millions of Africans. We may not be able to put a figure to the huge impact of BBNaija on the nation’s economy, it is clear that solving the economy puzzle remains a daunting prospect, which the show alone cannot solve, but it is making a giant step in proffering a solution.

Over the years, MultiChoice, through BBNaija, has continued to churn out talents taking over the creative scene; Gideon Okeke, Bisola Aiyeola, Ifu Ennada among many other past contestants have made names in Nollywood. Efe Ejeba winner of the 2017 edition went on to pursue a career in music and Miracle Igbokwe through his cash prize in the 2018 edition was able to achieve his long term dream of becoming a pilot. Though he didn’t stay in the creative industry like other contestants, BBNaija has helped him fulfill his dream, what more can he ask for?

The likes of Tobi Bakre, who has featured in movies and soap operas, Mike Edwards a brand ambassador for Nigeria family of Japanese automotive manufacturers, Mitsubishi and many others are also making good use of the fame the platform brought to register their names in the creative scene. With the dearth of talent harvesting shows and many other reality TV shows that the harsh economy has frustrated to wind up, commendation must be given to MultiChoice Nigeria for weathering the storm and providing a way out of the conundrum to make BBNaija a major contributor to the growth of the creative industry.

The show is an instance of the macro Nigerian society, a mirror of the sociological and psychological makeup of our country and the Nigerian individual. There has been alleged sexual escapades in the house; ‘alleged’ is the keyword as organisers have been very careful of exposing viewers to explicit sexual activities in the house. Sex unfortunately is not something that is new to us as a society. It is a reality of our existence. Its suggested portrayal to adults cannot be responsible for moral decadence, far from it.

‘Pikin wey wan spoil go don spoil tey tey.’ This assertion holds true because moral decadence can be traced back to the very first point of socialization; the family. Any perceived or imagined vice on the show is a reflection of what is obtainable in our society. The family, educational institutions or the society at large has been an abysmal failure in serving as a moral compass to the youth and passing the blame buck to BBNaija is irresponsibility!

Victor Ojelabi (08128215984) is a writer and publisher of

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Billionaire Harry Akande Allegedly Fingered In The Problem That Made Shoprite Want To Run Away From Nigeria



South African-owned retail outlets brand, Shoprite are not just taking an emergency exit from Nigeria, reports have shown. The company, that announced its plan to sell its holdings and pull out of the country a few days ago. This was not a decision the South Africans wished to take, but losing a big legal battle to Nigerian Billionaire, Harry Ayoade Akande forced the owners into making the last-minute move to salvage a situation that has gone against them. Here is the story..
Chief Harry Akande has received a warm embrace of fame for many decades in Nigeria and globally, with his status as a successful businessman. He set out to pursue his dreams quite early in life, serving as a business advisor and consultant to many other businessmen, including governments of several nations.

The world-class businessman in the past has scored many firsts in Nigeria’s business climate. He was about scoring yet another first in 2005, when the South African retail store (brand), Shoprite, had several meetings with his company, AIC Limited, and agreed his company would be the exclusive operator and manager of its brand across West Africa, except Ghana where the Shoprite brand was already established.

Consequently, there were a series of business meetings between Akande’s representatives and Shoprite Checkers first in South Africa on April 16, 1998, and then at Akande’s office on Victoria Island, Lagos on May 27, 1998.

Shoprite was also said to have flown in representatives who were shown possible locations for retail stores at some locations, including Lekki Roundabout, Trade fair Complex, and Lagos National Theatre, Iganmu.
But when the South African retail giant was ready to commence operations in Nigeria, it allegedly sidelined Akande’s AIC and incorporated another company, Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited, and began using the new entity to operate in Nigeria, thereby breaching agreements between them.
The billionaire was upset and this led to a prolonged legal battle with Akande securing a 2018 major victory against the South African retail group for breaching a contract between both parties in Suit No LD/488/2010 —AIC Limited (Claimant) v Shoprite Checkers (PTY) Ltd of South Africa and Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited (Defendants).

However, Shoprite owners appealed the judgment, while the Ibadan, Oyo State-born billionaire secured another victory in May 2020 at the appellate court.

Though the three-man panel of Court of Appeal, Lagos Division, didn’t agree to Akande’s cross-appeal, demanding 50 percent of $92.3 million as loss of profit he suffered due to the incorporation of Retail Supermarkets Limited, it unanimously affirmed the judgment of a Lagos High Court that awarded $10 million (N4.7 billion) damages against Shoprite Checkers (PTY) Limited.

Apart from the $10 million awards, the court had directed the South African retail giant to pay 10 percent per annum on the damages, with effect from the date of judgment until the final liquidation of the entire sum.

Consequently, the shrewd businessman has initiated a fresh legal battle at the Federal High Court to halt Shoprite Checkers’ exit moves out of Nigeria until the entire sum demanded is paid to the last kobo.

The billionaire, through his company, has got an ex parte application for an order of Mareva Injunction restraining the South African retail giant, its privies, officers, nominees, successors-in-title, subsidiaries or anyone acting through it or by it from transferring, assigning, charging, disposing of its trademark, franchise and intellectual property in a manner that will alter, dissipate or remove these non-cash assets from the court’s jurisdiction.

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