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Breaking: Ooni of Ife’s Father (BabaOba Aderopo Ogunwusi) Crashes His Son’s Marriage…. ————– How his plan to marry another woman for Ooni of Ife Failed Him!!!



The marriage of Popular Yoruba monarch , Ooni Of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II who got married seventeen months ago to his bride, Olori Wuraola has hit the wall.

Palace sources claim the ooni’s father is solely responsible for the recent collapse of the marriage. Reports claim that olori wuraola’s father inlaw Aderopo Ogunwusi  has not played the role of a yoruba elder in pacifying both parties in the marriage hence leading to the breakdown of the marriage. Palaces sources indicated that olori wuraola has been very quiet lately and is watching eagerly to see what new tricks her husband has lined up.


A source hinted SOCIETY REPORTERS NG that the OOni  tried to chase olori wuraola away to make room for the incoming olori but the afobajes (Kingmakers) and other elites pleaded with the Ooni to settle things amicably with olori wuraola.


The report of the royal breakup surfaced online just days ago, and has since gone viral.

However, a new report has revealed and confirmed that the baba Oba is the third wheel that has caused serious strain on the marriage.

According to palace sources the whole royal rumble started last year but only got worse few weeks ago on the couple’s return from their trip to London.


Subsequently, Olori wuraola consulted former president Obasanjo who advised her to manage the situation in her marriage. Olori was also said to have consulted her father in law to mediate on the troubles in her marriage but Aderopo Ogunwusi instructed her OTHERWISE.

Which yoruba elder or would advise or instruct his daughter in law in such manner?

This is where our investigation begins..

By Tradition Ooni’s father is not meant to lay his eyes on his son the Ooni after being  crowned as king but palace sources say the Ooni and his father see each other every day. Sources in the palace claim that the Ooni is being controlled by his father and does his father’s bidding. The afobajes  (Kingmakers) have warned of the danger associated to this unholy alliance between the father Babaoba Aderopo and Oba Adeyeye but all the warnings fell on deaf ears. Aderopo’s interference with palace politics has caused many to question if Oba Adeyeye is fit to rule. Mostly in social gatherings he is now referred to as the “FIGURE KING” that has brought opprobrium to the most revered stool in all of Africa.



Another palace sources also hinted SOCIETY REPORTERS that while olori wuraola is hibernating far away from ife her beloved husband the Ooni of Ife has gone on an alleged sponsored media rampage to discredit his wife with insinuations of infidelity and unpublishable accusations. Our further investigation also revealed that there was an agreement before their wedding that ooni would not marry another woman, and they both agreed to it but now the ooni is willing to take another woman, reneging from the earlier conceded agreement which has led to the genesis of this crisis.

According to our Palace source, “It was the ooni that wanted to send her out of the palace, he is already planning to bring another woman into the palace and he knows he cant achieve that having Olori Wuraola in the same palace”.



Further findings revealed that some elders are insisting that Olori Wuraola should stand her ground and remain in the palace, even if Ooni’s intentions were to bring in another woman, she will remain the one and only recognized Olori in the palace of the Ooni. “ after all, when they got married a lot of negative stories were written about her, and after a while they were forgotten, same thing will happen now, but if she quits her stand now, Oba Adeyeye will think he can do the same thing he did to his former wife, Bukola to Olori Wuraola. Ooni of ife has always been alleged to be  the problem in his marriages;  Ooni at some point told his close friends he can’t stay with olori wuraola any longer. This got olori wuraola  because she has invested a lot in the Ooni of Ife. Asides the emotional trauma she has had to endure, she has been drained financially by the Ooni of all her life’s savings and now the Ooni wants to throw her out for a new bride” according to royal sources.


Another reliable source added that, since the beginning of this royal marriage, olori has always been an independent woman who was self made before falling for the young monarch.


A friend who Ooni recently asked for financial assistance said to Society Reporters NG “People will think that the ooni is a rich man but in fact he is not, he is only good at doing otherwise to people and fantastic at making unimaginable promises.   This is why in social gatherings he is referred to as the child that is stilled tied to his father’s apron strings.


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Kano Ward Executive Council Suspends APC Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje Over Corruption Allegations..




Says He Must Clear His Name Of Corruption Allegations

Abdullahi Ganduje, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has been suspended by members of his ward, the Ganduje Ward in the Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of Kano State.

The Executive Council of Ganduje Ward led by Haruna Gwanjo made this known during a press briefing in Kano on Monday.

Gwanjo said that the former governor has to clear his name of corruption allegations regarding his long-standing dollar case.

The Kano High Court would arraign Ganduje on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 on charges bordering on allegations of bribery, diversion, and misappropriation of funds, including the purported acceptance of $413,000 and N1.38bn in bribes.

The Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Haruna Dederi, had said Ganduje would be arraigned alongside his wife and six others.

The Kano State Government led by Governor Abba Yusuf, which initiated the criminal suit against the eight respondents, had declared its readiness to present 15 witnesses to testify before Justice Usman Na’aba of State High Court.

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By Sesan Lamuye – A Political Analyst


Cardinal James Omolaja Odunmbaku, the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) cleric and political engineer, is one of a kind who stands in a unique class of his own.


His types don’t happen too commonly. Infact, in our clime, he is a rarity, to have one person clothed in celestial and terrestial robes so fittingly.

Only few of his peers can honestly say they don’t envy his sartorial elegance whenever he appears in his ecumenical garments. And when he sheds that, to adorn the political regalia, he’s also a people’s delight.


Few of his type readily come to mind anywhere – in Africa or in any continent. I think of Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and, elegantly speaking, Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus who ruled from both the pulpit and the polity in his life time.


Odunmbaku, better known as “Baba Eto”, is a mortal, but given the extraordinary gift of the garb and demonstrable style that is uniquely his own, he’s fast assuming the status of an indispensable human specie.


His type acquire larger than life status that is bound to attract positivity and negativity.

Those who are enamoured of him present to the world a cult-like image of him. To them, he can do no wrong. One such person, before the satanic instinct in man, reared its ugly head in him, was so fanatical of the man, Eto, he registered some of his personal vehicles “Aremo”, for which he used to tell those who cared to know, that he was “heir-apparent” to Eto. Today, that person is singing new tunes, as if his new listeners cannot decipher sychophancy and crass opportunism in his new drumbeats.


Another was said to have appeared at a political interview panel where, when asked what credentials she had to seek a position, she matter-of-factly told the panelists “Eto”. And when repeatedly asked what qualifications did she have to think she was fit for the job, she retorted: ” Eto ! Eto !! Eto !!!

That secured the job for her !


Such a person is bound to attract envy, jealousy and disdain, dislike, or even hatred to himself. That is the fate of Baba Eto !


There must be something extra going for the “priestly-politico” that the talent-discoverer, otherwise known as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, identified him to drive his gubernatorial campaign in Lagos State; and has ever since held on to him so fanatically that he has solely led the campaign of other guber candidates like Babatunde Raji Fashola, Akunwunmi Ambode and Babajide Sanwoolu to roaring successes.


If beneficiaries of Baba Eto’s gifts turn round to paint scurrilous pictures of the man, such people can only be consigned to the dustbin in which immortal Chief Obafemi Awolowo put those he described as ingrates of his large-ness of heart. As the late sage declared: ” There’s no escape for those who deny benefits”


Let the person without any blemish come out and cast the first stone. If we put aside belly-aching, jealousy and such-like vices, you cannot encounter Odunmbaku, Baba Eto, on the pulpit or the political rostrum and not doff your hats for this quintessential orator, mobiliser and professor of political mobilisation.


If some see him negatively from the positive binoculars with which Tinubu and many more view Baba Eto, then such minority must be wearing blurry blinkers in their faces.

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Just In: Bobrisky Sentenced To 6-Month Jail Term Without Option Of Fine Over Naira Abuse





Instagram crossdresser, Idris Okuneye popularly know as Bobrisky has been sentenced to 6-month jail term by Justice A.O Awogboro of the Federal high court, Ikoyi.


It was earlier reported that Bobrisky was Arraigned and charged to court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for abuse of the Naira note.




More details to come …..

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