What won’t we hear in this our showbiz sector? The latest gist ravaging it like a harmattan fire concerns one popular music star. The crooner, a mother of one, is from the South-South part of the country. Madly in love with anything afro, those who know her closely confided in us that she’s so active sexually – and is unapologetic about that. Not only that, they further disclosed that a peep into her wardrobe will perplex the lily-livered. And here is their reason: “Her wardrobe is littered with vibrators of different colours, sizes and shapes”. Expatiating, they added: “Any time she can’t find a real man to give it to her – and to her satisfaction also – she goes for any of her vibrators”. Another shocker is that most men encounter her only once and flee because she’s so strong in bed – and satisfying her in that department is not easy. “It’s whenever she can’t find the right man for the job that she goes for her vibrators. And she has quite a lot of them in her wardrobe”. Not too tall and chocolate-skinned, the 15th alphabet begins one of her names. Very, very competitive, many idolize and eulogize her for some of her hit numbers, stage craft and singing dexterity. A vibrator, for those who do not know, is a devise that vibrates, especially one used in massage or for sexual pleasure.


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