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THE WAR OF THE CELEBRITY DESIGNERS: WHY DEOLA SAGOE AND FATI ASIBELUA DO NOT SEE EYE TO EYE…… —– The Poaching of Tailors Scandal That Caused the Cold War Between Them



The Nigerian fashion industry will ever be agog with the story of how, a couple of years back,  Deola Ade-Ojo Sagoe, the Nigerian born international designer lost some of her tailors to Fati Asibelua, the super-rich Abuja based businesswoman. Deola Sagoe needs little or no introduction. She is the lady who o wns Oodua Creations, the award winning fashion outfit which is situated in Lagos. Over the last decade, Deola has helped to put Nigeria on the world map, through her designs and creations. It goes without saying that she is the most famous designers in Africa today. And she has multiple awards to show for this very lofty achievement. Fatima on the other hand, is an enterprising businesswoman who has vested interest in various fashion ventures. She owns Exquisite Fabric, which is located on IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja. She also has a fashion outfit called House of Momo. Fati once veered into

publishing, and she published Sleek Magazine International, the now rested glossy style magazine, which was easily comparable to any international magazine, in size and quality. She also owns Sleek Studio, a style consulting firm and a grooming label. However, of all her business ventures, Fati is most synonymous with Exquisite Fabric.
Investigations made by us, revealed that what happened between Deola and Fati can best be described as poaching. It is pertinent to add that there is no rule guiding against poaching among fashion designers. Besides, it is not an unusual occurrence within and outside the fashion industry. However, poaching is usually frowned at and it is considered as being very degrading, as it exposes whoever indulges in it to outright ridicule.

A close source disclosed that Fati had had cause to patronise Deola Sagoe on one or two occasions. Moreover, some of her friends do patronize her on a frequent basis. One of her friends was said to have made the contact which culminated in the mass exodus of Deola’s tailors. It was this lady that Fati used to get the tailors to leave their former place of employment. It was gathered that Deola was away abroad, for a fashion show when the poaching activity was being carried out. Quite interestingly, Fati was reported to have dangled mouth watering offers, in luring the tailors, and they could hardly resist these offers. For instance, Fati was alleged to have bought Deola’s Head Cutter an official car, in addition to getting him an apartment in Abuja. She also accommodated the other tailors in as well.


Interestingly tough, when Deola eventually came back and learnt of what happened, she was undaunted about the whole episode. And within a few days, she travelled down to some Francophone countries and recruited more tailors. Those who are quite familiar with the iconic fashion designer explained that she gets most of her tailors from these French speaking countries, because she believes they are well grounded in the art of designing Parisian oriented couture. Now what Deola has going for her is her creativity. She is known to be the engine room of her labels. She designs all her outfits, and she strives to come up with new creations and innovations as well. And in Nigeria today, it is not so much how good your tailors are, but how much of creativity that goes into the making of the designs.

This is an edge which Deola Sagoe seems to have over most other designers. And quite unlike most Nigerian designers, Deola hardly ever makes the same designs twice. But most designers are always quick to duplicate her designs. Fortunately for her, none of the poached workers is a designer. They were mostly cutters and tailors. Had this poaching act been done on a fashion designer who is not grilled in the rudiment or nuances of the business entails, it would have crashed such business. Predictably, We gathered that just as Deola refused to lose a sleep over the poaching act, so has she lost any sleep over the issue of clientele. Rather, she has been churning out more, new designs. On the other hand, Fati’s fashion outfit, House of Momo, initially, churned out some of Deola’s old designs to her clients, she later adjusted and has made some improvement on her works. However, even after many years since the feud occurred, the two fashion designers have refused to mend fence and resolve their differences.

By: Abeke Olabode

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My friend who warned against investing in Nigeria now taunting me – Aliko Dangote




The President of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, has disclosed that his friend who earlier warned him against investing in Nigeria is now taunting him for ignoring his advice.

Dangote disclosed this in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday just as reports quoted the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority as claiming that diesel from Dangote Refinery is of inferior quality.

“Four years ago, one of my very wealthy friends began to invest his money abroad. I disagreed with him and urged him to rethink his actions in the interest of his country.

“He blamed his action on policy inconsistencies and shenanigans of interest groups.

“That friend has been taunting me in the past few days, saying he warned me and that he has been proven right,” Dangote was quoted to have said.

He said he invested in the refinery to help solve a major issue in the country, wondering why some people were working against him.

He added, “As you probably know, I am 67 years old. In less than three years, I will be 70. I need very little to live the rest of my life. I can’t take the refinery or any other property or asset to my grave. Everything I do is in the interest of my country.’

“We have been facing a fuel crisis since the 70s. This refinery can help in resolving the problem but it does appear some people are uncomfortable that I am in the picture. So I am ready to let go, let the NNPC buy me out, run the refinery.

“This refinery can help in resolving the problem but it does appear some people are uncomfortable that I am in the picture. So I am ready to let go, let the NNPC buy me out, and run the refinery. At least the country will have high-quality products and create jobs.”

The 650,000 barrel-per-day refinery, which came to life last year after a decade of prolonged construction, cost $19 billion, more than double the initial estimate, promising to help wean Africa’s biggest oil producer off its reliance on fuel from overseas and save up 30 per cent of the total foreign exchange spent on importing goods.

On Sunday, the Federal Government, through the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, said it was expecting fresh reports to confirm the real sulphur content of the diesel produced by the Dangote refinery as the company debunked claims of inferior fuel production.

The NMDPRA spokesman, George Ene-Ita, in an interview with The PUNCH, said the agency had done its job and would not engage in a media fight with anybody over the claims made by the NMDPRA Chief Executive, Farouk Ahmed, that Dangote’s diesel has more sulphur content than imported one.

According to Ene-Ita, the authority has about 15 engineers and scientists embedded in the Dangote refinery, whose fresh report about the refinery’s sulphur content will be out on Monday (today).

Africa’s richest man had earlier narrated how a cabal was blocking his moves to import crude and how it has been difficult to get products, slowing down operations.

But last week, the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority said the Nigerian government was yet to license the Dangote refinery to begin operations in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer, NMDPRA, Farouk Ahmed, disclosed this while speaking with journalists at the state House on Thursday, July 18.

According to Ahmed, the claims of ongoing efforts to scuttle the operations of Dangote refinery due to lack of supply of crude oil by International Oil Companies were not true, adding that the refinery was still at the pre-commissioning stage and has not been licensed yet.

Ahmed added that the diesel product of Dangote was below international standard, a claim which the businessman had refuted.


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Nigerians Lambast Lawmaker For Gifting Daughter Lexus SUV Amid Hardship, For Graduating From Secondary School




Some Nigerians have taken to social media to lampoon Yusuf Gagdi, the lawmaker representing Pankshin/ Kanke/Kanam Constituency of Plateau State for gifting her daughter, Aisha, a brand-new Lexus RX SUV for graduating from Lead British International School in Abuja.

Gagdi a member of the All Progressives Congress in the House of Representatives seems to have literally stirred the honest nest as social media users took him to the cleaners.

Gagdi’s daughter also reportedly did well in her Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, Daily Nigerian reports.

Pictures of the proud family and the luxury vehicle were posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page, showcasing the lavish celebration.

The extravagant gift, however, has sparked conversations about wealth inequality and spending habits among Nigerian politicians, especially amidst a struggling economy.

A Facebook user, Lawan Bala Muhammad wrote, “Just secondary school not university. That good representation”

Abubakar Alhaji Abubakar said Nigeria’s “democracy is in wheelchair”.

Abdul Muhammad said, “While his constituents are there without electricity, water, access road or job opportunities.”

“So she would be gifted a jet when she graduates from the university, mispriority of highest order!all the same,congrats to the young damsel,” King Sunday Ajayi wrote.

Adebanjo Joshua said, “SUV that worths more than #75M wasted on secondary school graduated daughter while his constituents are left unemployed and impoverished? God will punish you!”

Babadoko Kutigi wrote, “And they(politicians)keep on telling innocent and venerable Nigerians to be patient with government while add more millions to their reserves everyday by day.”

Ahmerd Muserh said, “How i wish! Such is happening amidst the uncertainty of twice meal for the masses. Nigeria is not a country, it’s a business organisation with heartless proprietors. Astagfirullah!”

Nura Isyaku Fagge wrote, “This is the same lawmaker pretending to pity our situation. He was once addressing the chamber nearly crying.. Mhm.”

Tpl Imrana Daura said, “He could have the money used in buying the car and settle school fees for the less privileged. At least he can for over 300 students in the Nigerian Federal University tuition fees system.”

Also, Ibrahim Magaji Alkasim said, “This car is worth 80-100 Million Naira. How long will it take a working class Nigerian to buy it?

“The politicians are nothing but bunch of looters, they milk the country dry and if you ask for 250k minimum wage they will say Nigeria doesn’t have that money to pay its workers. Always borrowing money from China, IMF and world Bank, they are the same people that will share the money as bogus allowances and mismanage the rest.”

“That is why as ordinary citizens it’s time for us to come back into our right senses and forget our differences, which they are using to divide us. Let us remember It’s us VS them!”

Musa Ibrahim Ahmed wrote, “And they’re still asking Nigerians to be patient. Someone who’s giving out a car worth 40m is asking someone who is struggling with 2 square meal to be patient.!!

“This life no balance at all..🙄 We must protests and bring an end to this inhumane treatment by the gov’t. Aluta continua.”

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Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui convicted in $1b fraud scheme




A wealthy Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, a self-styled opponent of the authorities in Beijing, was found guilty of defrauding customers of more than $1 billion in a New York federal court on Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Guo presented himself as a fierce critic of the Chinese Communist Party and a fervent defender of democracy, while keeping links with US right-wing figure Steve Bannon, recently jailed in a separate case.

The FBI arrested Guo in March 2023 at his luxurious Manhattan apartment, in a building overlooking Central Park, accusing him of using his online fame to convince thousands of investors to fund his companies or projects.

They included GTV Media, and G/Clubs, which promised profitable investments or luxury services.

But instead of enriching his customers, their funds enabled him to live a life of lavish excess.

“Miles Guo, an exiled Chinese businessman and purported billionaire, brazenly operated several interrelated fraud schemes, all designed to fleece his loyal followers out of their hard-earned money so that Guo could spend his days in his 50,000 square foot mansion, driving his $1 million Lamborghini, or lounging on his $37 million yacht,” prosecutors said, referring to Guo by an alias.

A unanimous jury found Guo Wengui guilty of racketeering conspiracy and various securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering charges. He faces decades in prison.”


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