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Offensive’, ‘irritating’, ‘rubbish!’ Those were the exact words city crawler, Tunji Alaso used to describe his ugly experience after he was publicly disgraced at a recent outing in Lagos.

Venue of the drama was the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, Lagos and the event was the book launch of influential Man-of-God, Pastor Israel ‘Genesis’ Ogundele.The event started on a good note for Tunde Alaso who had a good time with some of his friends who all came for the book launch.

Sources at the event described the source of Alaso’s ugly encounter as his decision to spray gospel musician, Atorise as he made to exit the event.

Alaso rained the musician who sang his praises with a bundle of crisp 1,000 naira notes which attracted other guests at the party.

The socialite after the act hurriedly left the gathering and was close to the car park when an unidentified woman descended on him and engaged him in a dirty fight.

Alaso who was obviously confused at the turn of event was screaming ‘ki ni mi shey fun e?’ (How have I wronged you?) while the undeterred woman kept beating him and tore his clothes.

It took the timely intervention of the security and some onlookers to loosen the woman’s grip on her victim.

Alaso was still battling to comprehend the situation when her attacker screamed at him ‘you haven’t seen anything yet, go and settle your debts with Toyin Kolade’.

Eye witnesses revealed that Alaso must have caught the drift with the statement as he rushed into his car and zoomed off.

A source at the party hinted that society woman, Toyin Kolade was also at the party where she spotted Alaso dancing and spraying the musician with money.

Toyin was said to have signalled a woman who accompanied her to the event, she exited the venue and way-laid Alaso who was obviously unaware of the plot against him.





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