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Asiwaju Segun Showunmi, the National Publicist of the People’s Democratic Party few weeks ago lost his mum, Mrs Showunmi who was one of the big players in cocoa business in Nigeria in the 80’s


A plan for an Epoch-making beffiting burial is in top gear as Nigeria’s entertainment, business, social and political circle is plotting to storm Akure, the Ondo state capital for the Classy



The Christian wake keep which is set  to hold today April 13,2017 is presently being put together by a top lagos based event planner while the interdenominational service and internment set for Saturday will also hold at mama’s residence at  new Ilula quarters Judge street, Sijuade Akure, Ondo State.


A grand reception to host all guests, family, friends and associates will hold at the Amazing Place event centre, Oda/shoprite road Akure.


Segun Showummi who is also a socialite was a Key spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party and Ex-president Jonathan.


The event will attract Nollywood actors and actresses, Top politicians from all over the country and also respected business magnates in Nigeria.

Also a classy disco ball which is to shutdown the nightlife in Akure as guests and celebrities gather at the popular 02base to celebrate segun showunmis mum later tomorrow night.

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Tony Elumelu in Global Academic Limelight as the Tony Elumelu Foundation Case Study becomes part of Harvard’s Curriculum 





In an unprecedented move, the Harvard Business School, the graduate business school of Harvard University, is set to cast the spotlight on the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), recognising the Foundation’s extraordinary philanthropic achievement in a ground-breaking case study.


The case study, first of its kind on any philanthropic organisation in Africa, is to be launched on Thursday, February 29, 2024, before a class of graduate students in Boston, Massachusetts and will explore the Foundation’s unique approaches and transformative initiatives, showcasing how strategic philanthropy offered by TEF is driving positive change and elevating countries and communities.


This move by Harvard underscores the Foundation’s pivotal role in empowering young African entrepreneurs across all 54 African countries and places the Foundation at the forefront of global discussions on transformative and catalytic philanthropy, acknowledging its significant contributions towards fostering entrepreneurship in Africa.


In addition to delving into the foundation’s innovative approaches and the resultant impact it has garnered over the years, the event will also feature an exclusive acknowledgment of the Founder of TEF, Tony Elumelu’s economic philosophy of Africapitalism, which positions the private sector, and most importantly entrepreneurs, as the catalyst for the social and economic development of the African continent.


The Tony Elumelu Foundation is the leading philanthropy, empowering a new generation of African entrepreneurs, driving poverty eradication, catalysing job creation across all 54 African countries, and increasing inclusive economic empowerment.


Since the launch of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in 2015, the Foundation has trained over 1.5 million young Africans on its digital hub, TEFConnect, and disbursed over USD$100 million in direct funding to 20,000 young African women and men, who have collectively created over 400,000 direct and indirect jobs.


Tony Elumelu who spoke on the impact of TEF on the African youth said, “TEF is creating economic hope and opportunity for African Entrepreneurs. We know that entrepreneurship is the antidote to poverty, youth unemployment and insecurity. Through the intervention of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, we are encouraging our young people, giving them hope through the seed capital we provide, capacitising them through the training and mentoring we provide and setting them up to create businesses that will succeed and create even more jobs. Collectively we are fixing the challenges that we have on the continent.


Continuing, he said, “the Tony Elumelu Foundation was set up to create more successful African business leaders. We want to replicate our own success and create entrepreneurs who will build more prosperity on the continent and for the continent. It’s all about transforming our society and making sure that we leave the society better than we met it. It is not about the money that we have in our bank accounts, it is about the legacy that we make and the impact we create. Prosperity for all is what will create the security, harmony and peace that we need.”


The Harvard Business School session will provide a platform for thought leaders, scholars, and business enthusiasts to engage in a meaningful discussion on the role of philanthropy in shaping sustainable and inclusive economies. As the world grapples with complex challenges, the Tony Elumelu Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing how strategic philanthropy can be a driving force for positive change.

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FBI charges top NNPC official for taking $2.1 million bribes to help Addax Petroleum escape $2.4 billion liability to Nigeria…





A Senior Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation official has been slammed with bribery and tax-related charges in the United States, court filings seen by Peoples Gazette said.



A jury recently returned a three-count indictment against Paulinus Iheanacho Okoronkwo after the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that he used his position as a general manager in NNPC’s upstream department to obtain at least $2.1 million in bribes.


The alleged bribe was to assist Addax Petroleum escape its $2.4 billion liability to Nigeria as part of an oil-lifting contract that began in 2001, the January 10, 2024, the grand jury indictment said before the United States District Court for the Central District of California.



Mr. Okoronkwo, 67, a dual citizen of Nigeria and the U.S., has practised immigration and personal injury law in California for nearly 30 years. On May 25, 2015, just days before President Goodluck Jonathan was due to exit office on May 29, Mr Okoronkwo and other NNPC officials hurriedly entered into an agreement that would see Addax Petroleum return to developing Nigeria’s crude and gas reserves after a protracted pause due to a years long dispute over the 2001 deal between Nigeria and the Chinese firm.


Addax Petroleum, based in Switzerland but owned by Sinopec, bribed Mr Okoronkwo with $5,263,157.89, including an immediate payment of $2,105,263.16, in October 2015 after the new administration of Muhammadu Buhari threatened the May 2015 contract, court documents said. Prosecutors did not immediately say whether or not Mr Okoronkwo received the balance from Addax, which might have been paid through other channels that may or may not pass through the U.S. financial system.


The $2.1 million payment was made via a wire transfer to Mr Okoronkwo’s law firm bank account in the U.S. It was purportedly billed for “Consultants for the negotiation and completion of a Settlement Agreement with NNPC” with respect to Addax’s dispute over drilling rights, prosecutors said in the indictment first alleged before a grand jury in June 2023.


Mr Okoronkwo helped Addax navigate the challenges from the Buhari administration that initially tried to impose a $2.37 billion liability on the Chinese firm, filings said.


“Addax had calculated that the failure to apply the side letter prospectively would cost Addax approximately $2.37 billion,” the indictment said. Mr Okoronkwo was using his U.S. law firm to purportedly represent Nigeria against NNPC, where he was also working as a general manager in charge of crude oil transactions.


Both Mr Okoronkwo and Addax made several efforts to conceal the bribe payment as legitimate, and a senior vice-president of the company was fired on July 13, 2016, for questioning the $2.1 million illicit transaction.



Authorities also filed obstruction and tax-evasion charges against Mr Okoronkwo for lying to investigators about the nature of the deal while also failing to pay taxes on it in his 2016 returns.


Mr Okoronkwo knew the $2,105,263 payment represented a bribe from Addax in exchange for his influencing the NNPC, that the payment did not represent client funds but rather illicit income and the $45,000 in gross income represented in his individual tax return did not include the multimillion-dollar bribe payment he had received, the filings said.


Mr Okoronkwo will be arraigned in the coming weeks and faces up to 10 years in prison upon conviction. A separate forfeiture proceeding was underway to recover Mr Okoronkwo’s ill-gotten yields, including a home he bought in cash for $983,200 in 2017 from the proceeds.


A spokesman for the NNPC did not immediately return a request seeking comments over Mr Okoronkwo’s case, which marked only the latest in a long trail of prosecutions instituted over illegal transactions from Nigeria by U.S. officials in California. The same district had recently confiscated over $6 million from Ara Dolarian, an unlicensed arms dealer who bilked Nigeria to the tune of $12 million in



Source: Peoples Gazette

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Access Bank’s Herbert Wigwe, Wife, Son’s Funeral To Hold March 4 – 10, 2024





HERBERT Wigwe, the Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings Plc, and two other members of his family tragically died in a fatal helicopter crash near the California-Nevada border recently.


Plans to honour the lives of Herbert Wigwe (1966 – 2024), his wife and son and span from March 4 to March 10, 2024, as detailed in a schedule obtained by us. The somber events include various ceremonies and services to pay tribute to the departed souls.

Monday, March 4, 2024 marks the Bankers Committee’s Celebration of Herbert, followed by a Service of Songs for Chizzy on Tuesday morning, March 5, 2024 and another Service of Songs for the deceased Wigwes in the evening of the same day.

On Wednesday March 6, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, a commemoration event will celebrate Herbert’s impactful contributions in the Social Impact Space, followed by an Evening Service of Songs for Herbert at Redeemed Christian Church, City of David Parish.

Thursday, March 7 is dedicated to a Service of Songs at Herbert’s Dad’s parish, along with the somber tasks of traveling to PH for Chizzy’s funeral service and interment, as well as holding Service of Songs for Herbert and his wife.

According to the schedule, Friday, March 8 is designated for the final farewell, with Funeral services and interments planned for both Herbert & Mrs. Wigwe.

Saturday, March 9 will be a day to receive guests, while Sunday, March 10 will culminate in a Thanksgiving Service to honor the lives and legacies of the departed.

Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe, a revered Nigerian banker and entrepreneur, passed away at the age of 57. As the CEO of Access Holdings Plc and former Group Managing Director/CEO of Access Bank Plc, his leadership transformed a small commercial bank into a global financial institution.


Born on August 15, 1966, to Ikwerre parents from Omueke Isiokpo in Rivers State, Herbert attended St. Gregory’s College in Lagos for his secondary education. He later graduated with a degree in accountancy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, in 1987. Herbert Wigwe’s legacy encompasses not only his professional achievements but also his philanthropy and visionary leadership.

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