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Revealed: Real Reasons Akpabio sacked me – Ex-Ag. NDDC MD, Dr. Joy Nunieh



The former acting managing director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr. Gbene Joy Nunieh, who was sacked recently, has blown hot over her dismissal by the minister for Niger Delta, Senator Godswill Akpabio. According to her, the minister deceived members of the public with the reason given for her sack from the office.

Nunieh was recently sacked over issues bothering on alleged sharp practices and unverified contracts payment running into billions of naira.

But the former NDDC boss debunked the allegation leveled against her by Akpabio in an interview.

She described the Niger Delta minister as a pathological liar.

According to her, Senator Akpabio wanted to compel her to swear to an oath of secrecy and loyalty.

The ex-Ag NDDC managing director alleged that in one of their peace meetings in Abuja, Senator Akpabio, as part of his conditions for peace, wanted her to accept the oath of secrecy and loyalty in the presence of other members, adding that she turned down the request as it was against her Christian faith.

She said that the minister sacked her due to her refusal to go for the oath ritual and again due to her blunt refusal to approve unusual payments for his numerous contracts without verification from Akwa Ibom State and his other loyal contractors.

She revealed in the interview that Akpabio could not tell the press that she was sacked due to sharp practices in NDDC as acting managing director, adding that she left billions of naira in office as at the time she left.

Dr. Joy added that Akpabio wanted her to divert NDDC funds to sponsor his presidential ambition in 2023, which she said she also refused.

She said that her sins against Akpabio was her refusal to take an oath of secrecy and pay his phoney Akwa Ibom contractors.

She said further that she turned down Akpabio’s request to sponsor his 2023 presidential ambition with the common wealth of the people of Niger Delta, which she said is meant to carry out developmental projects in the oil-producing, but suffering communities.

She said that she could not join Akpabio to steal the money of Niger Delta people as she is the highest traditional title holder in Ogoniland in Rivers State, and that she could not please Akpabio and offend the Almighty God.

The woman recalled that there was a reason she was the only survivor in a boat mishap, where all the other nine occupants died.

She vowed to open up at the right time to tell Nigerians many things about Akpabio and NDDC generally.

Dr. Joy Nunieh’s words: “Thank you my brother, you said you are a journalist and you said Akpabio opened his mouth to tell you that he sacked me from office because I was paying unverified contracts money running into billions of naira. I don’t believe Akpabio can tell you that lie. If he did, then, he is a pathological liar. Did you put him on record?

”I will just give you a brief as I will speak at the right time. Let me today tell the world why Akpabio sacked me because he has been pushing me to open up.

“Akpabio wanted to compel me to swear to an oath of secrecy and loyalty in the presence of other two top NDDC male officials.

“He tried to do that on about three consecutive times and I looked at his face and bluntly told him no, that the God I serve is bigger than his secret oath.

“A secret oath to allow him loot the money belonging to the people of Niger Delta and I refused his request.

“Akpabio wanted me to sponsor his presidential ambition in 2023 with the money meant for the development of Niger Delta, which I bluntly refused. These are some of my offences against Akpabio. I don’t regret standing on the path of my people.

”Akpabio is a common thief, he lied to you that I was sacked because of sharp practices. He stole the common wealth of Niger Delta people. Let Akpabio face his probe and leave me alone. He wanted to drag innocent people to fall with him. I refused to join him on his oath of secrecy to cover him by signing fake contract documents.

“That is the sole reason he sacked me. He was also saying that I am not a lawyer. He also boasted that I came to Abuja to beg him. Are you recording? Listen, since he sacked me from my job, I have not travelled out of Port- Harcourt.

“This common mouthy criminal said I travelled to Abuja to beg him. Akpabio is a pathological liar. He has been running a campaign of calumny to discredit or tarnish my hard earned reputation.

“I serve God and no amount of calumny will do me any harm. Let me use this privilege to tell Nigerians and the Inspector General of Police that from this moment, if any fly perches on my skin and causes any physical damage to my skin and my immediate family members, Senator Godswill should be held responsible.

“I know why I am saying this because Akpabio is a dubious character, who is morally unfit to hold any sensitive public office in the country.

”I am highest traditional title holder in Ogoniland. I cannot steal from Niger Delta. I am an activist. Akpabio is benefitting from what he didn’t know how it came about.

‘He didn’t know how NDDC was established. There is a reason I was the only survivor of a boat mishap with nine occupants. My God is stronger than the gods of Akpabio.

“He will certainly perish. He will not have peace in his entire life,” she said.

However, Godswill Akpabio, in an interview, stated why he sacked Dr. Joy Nunieh. His words ”I sacked her because she did not perform up to expectation by paying unverified contracts money running to billions of naira.

“Majority of the contracts are water hyacinth distilling. Some are without due process. She was bringing embarrassment to the commission, which I am bent on sanitizing through forensic auditing.

“Dr. Joy was not sacked because of NYSC certificate forgery as it was peddled in some media. Thank you for calling to confirm your stories before publishing.

“I will forward to you her NYSC certified true copy from the NYSC board to tell you that her sack had no bearing or connection with NYSC, but sharp practices in NDDC.”


Meet Kazeem ‘Kasnoi’ Kuku, An Emerging Force in Real Estate Business in Nigeria



The real estate business in Nigeria has just received a boost with the emergence of Kasnoi Luxury Homes, positioned to change the face of property business most especially in Lagos, the business hub of Nigeria.

Owned by the young, shrewd businessman in his 30s, Kazeem Kuku, alumni of the famous Ijebu Ode Grammar School and Philosophy graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Kasnoi Luxury Homes was launched over 10 years back with branches in major cities of the country.

Kasnoi, as Kazeem is fondly addressed within the business circle, is a business player who knows his onions, very focused and determined, making him one of the emerging forces in the real estate sector in Nigeria.

Kasnoi Luxury Homes is into mega construction of all sorts of buildings, though it deals mainly in the construction of detached and semi-detached structures.

The construction firm recently won the attention of residents of Lekki with the successful construction of 15 blocks of tastefully furnished detached and semi-detached houses at the Lekki Lake Golf Resort, including others at Ogunfayo Lakowe, a stone throw from Amen Estate in Eti-Osa local government area of Lagos State.

Kazeem Kuku, a passionate young entrepreneur with many years of experience, is a strategist who has spent the better part of his career in business development, innovations, and strategy.

Born of the famous Kuku dynasty in Ijebu land, Ogun State, Kazeem, we learned, is planning to expand his business tentacles in Lagos State.

Though, a socialite and strong member of the budding social age-group otherwise known as Regberegbe in Ijebuland, Kasnoi cherishes a quiet lifestyle.

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Untold Story Of How Customs Comptroller General’s New Marriage Is In Trouble



…As Wife’s Ex-Boyfriend Demands N9Million

Controversy seems to be trailing the marriage between the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hammed Ali rtd and his beautiful wife, Zainab Abdullahi as her former boyfriend, Zubairu Dalhatu Malamai is demanding the sum of N9,081,207,45 being money spent on her while their relationship lasted.

A letter was written by Zubairu’s lawyer, Sir I, I Wangida of Buba Partner and titled ‘Letter of Demand of Our Client’s Monies Giving As Loans, Investments and Other Materials Collected By You During Your Deceit, Mischievous Breach of Trust Relationship’ dated 22nd May 2020, states that Zainab had a three- year relationship with Zubairu during which he spent the said money, hoping it would culminate into marriage

Zubairu & Zainab

We gathered that prior to Zainab’s marriage to the Customs boss, Zubairu had tried to pacify her to have a rethink about dumping him but this culminated into a quarrel and Zainab allegedly said she would refund all that was spent on her

‘Be that as it may, we have our client’s brief, that you have decided to pick another man for yourself as husband and while our client congratulate you in your new home, we have our client instruction to also disclose his displeasure over your reaction few days before your new marriage by taking an unnecessary fight with him thereby insulting him and calling him all kinds of names and your claims that he calculates all you have collected from him as loans, investment and trips ticket, so you can pay him as you are no longer interested in the affairs’

Zubairu further demanded the sum of N9,081,207,45 and listed how the money was expended on flight tickets to South Africa, Dubai, the United States of America, and United Kingdom.

The letter states ‘the sum of N9,081,207,45 only being the sum spent on travels tickets for KSA on the 20th of March to 5th April 2018, UAE on 17th Feb to 27th Feb 2019, etc’

‘N1.5million loan for your investment, N200, 000 only paid for you on behalf of Dan Sanyawa, N450,00 for clothing business in the US, N280,000 for sho rent at Hanefa Plaza, Court Road, N350,000 given to your father, N350,000 house rent refund, N350,000 for your China trip, N500,000 you collected for your car purchase, N250,000 for chinchy investment, N1,763,000.00 for LEFE clothes and some other items’

To authenticate the source of the letter, we spoke to Zubairu’s lawyer, Sir I, I Wangida’s lawyer on phone, he confirmed writing the letter and added that the matter will soon be charged to court.

we also contacted Joseph Attah, Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Services, who said Hajia Zainab ‘s lawyer would reply to the letter sent by her former boyfriend.

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PDP Will Bounce Back In Edo, Says Imasuangbon



Governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barr. Kenneth Imasuangbon, has boasted that he would lead the party to bounce back to governance in Edo State.

Imasuangbon, popularly known as ‘Rice Man’ said he knew the strategy to defeat whomever the ruling All Progressives Congress project as its candidate.

Speaking after submitting his nomination form, Imasuangbon thanked Edo youths, traders and artisans for mobilising N10m for the purchase of the form.

Imasuangbon said he would not forget their sacrifices after electoral victory.

He also tasked leaders of the PDP to ensure the party primaries are free and fair.

His words, “Today signifies the beginning of the march towards taking over Osadebey avenue in Edo State. I assure you that the days of the APC are numbered in Edo.

“The PDP is winning the election and that can only be done if I win the primaries. There is nothing to worry about that. Edo people know me and what I can do.

“My appeal is for the PDP leadership to be fair and firm. We will not allow past experiences to reoccur. What I demand is a free and fair primaries”.

We are here on behalf of the Rice Man to submit his nomination form purchased for him by the artisan, market women and the common men in Edo state who trust in his ability to govern the state well with genuine development and move the state out of poverty”

This is a journey we have been on since the last fifteen years and I see this as the best opportunity for us to rescue the state from the misrule of the APC that have failed the people and I believe strongly that with the people by my side and the grace of God, we shall succeed.

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