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One of our readers sent this to us alleging that some officers of the ogun state immigration office, Abeokuta molested her and forced her to write a statement under duress…… Below is her claim, pleading for this to get to the necessary superior officers for immediate actions…..

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I wish to state the issues that occurred yesterday at the Nigeria Immigration Service office Abeokuta.

Date: 11th April 2016.

I arrived at the centre yesterday just after 11am and waited for hours until around 4pm when I had not been attended to for the passport picture which will be used issuing the renewed passport I required.

Prior to that, I was told to pay N28,000 to an uniformed man which I did. No receipt was issued.

Around 4.05pm , I walked over to an officer in the picture capture room and explained that I had been sitting there since morning and that I needed to travel away from the city early tomorrow morning , so he told me to sit in the office and will attend to my request. His name is Officer Umoh. After sitting for almost an hour and not attended to but others being attended to, I mentioned that others who had come in after me had been attended to apart from me, the officer Mr Umoh heard and got visibly angry. He ordered that I leave the room.

“Get out of here ” he screamed and I did. Afterwards, I stood onthe corridor before two men in mufti- one in a white top and the second in a t-shirt screamed what are you still doing here. Get out my friend. I responded that I have complied with the officers iinstructions and had left the place and they should stop screaming at me. After all, they are not officers.

The older one in white just came to hold my right arm and started twisting it and hitting me that who am I to tell him not to talk to me anyhow . At this stage, I started screaming that you are assaulting me Sir and other people heard. Then he threatened to throw me down from the first floor down if he wished. A female officer in uniform Kadiri by name then came and told the man to leave me alone. She took me away and calmed me down as I was in tears at this stage.

After some minutes, I took my assistant’s phone and took pictures of the older man. I kept the phone away, waited for like half an hour and went to speak to Mr Umoh again to ask if I should wait today to get the picture taken and if I would get it done. He said heh didn’t know anything about my file and it was no where to be found again. I asked what the next thing could be but he said I should go and meet the person I paid to but I said he was not in uniform and i could not find him again.
The younger man who had screamed at me before had threatened that my file will not be found came out and said you will suffer for nothing and that will be the end of the matter.

I later stood away and took his pictures too. Not up to ten minutes after, I was rounded up as I moved close to the stairs to walk downstairs. The young man started screaming that I hand over my phone and bag and that failure to do so will result in being beaten . He came close to slap me when another man from the crowd pulled him back.

The man who first assaulted me started slapping my back again and pulled my arm to follow them downstairs to a place. I asked where they were taking me to but they didn’t answer. At this stage, I started screaming that he’s assaulting a woman and he should not. Then he screamed that a woman comes downstairs to hit me. She came and started slapping the back of my neck and asked me to walk faster to the hidden, obscure location. I walked as I could and she hit me again for being slow.

As we walked on, I saw a tiny, dingy cell with someone on the ground chained. When I saw that, I knew that was where I was being led to with my assistant. I had asked that she be left alone but they refused . When I saw the cell, i picked a fast race and ran away towards the gate screaming they want to put me in a cell. This was around 6pm or 5.50pm as jt was getting a bit dark.

The four officers started running after me but couldn’t reach me as I was too fast but the lady who had been called upon started screaming ” catch that lady. Shoot her. Shoot. We will shoot ” but I kept on running. By the time I got to the gate, I had been rounded up by like 6-8 officers who caught me and this lady came again to hit me. They called her name ” Makinde, leave her alone. She will follow you “.

The men promised that I will not be placed in a cell and that they will follow me but I was hesitant. Eventually, I followed them and when we got to that office, I was asked to write a statement that first I was not put under duress to write, to write my name and address and my contact phone numbers. I said I didn’t know the phone numbers by heart and couldn’t write under such stress. Eventually, I wrote a statement of what transpired to the point of the first assault and i was asked to stop while the young officer kept screaming at me to write before he slaps me .

I was led upstairs to get my picture captured and then to give fingerprints because they didn’t want to deny me my rights. I did and then was led by the young man, older man and lady all in mufti to an office. There sat two men whom I know to be passport comptrol.

They said I had committed great offences on secured military grounds and therefore will not be issued a new passport, my old one will not be given to me and my phones -mine and assistant’s will be confiscated.

That was my experience last week at the immigration office in Abeokuta. Please i need your support in making a report to the highest authority about these officers – Mr Olatunji
Ms Makinde
Mr Taiwo Romiluyi
Mr Kola-Kayode

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Extortion: Customs disciplines employee, keeps mum on officers indicted for multi-billion naira corruption.!




The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) said on Monday that it is taking disciplinary action against one of its personnel for alleged N500,000 extortion.

The customs officer, Ibrahim Suleiman, was said to have extorted N500,000 from a car buyer named Muhammad Ahmad along Mokwa-Jebba Road in Niger State on 22 February.

In a statement posted on its verified Facebook Page, the customs noted that the Comptroller, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘B’ Kaduna, Dalha Chedi, handed over the accused officer to the Assistant Provost Marshal (APM) Customs Police Unit, Kaduna, on Monday.

Mr Chedi said he had directed the Customs Police Unit responsible for enforcing discipline in the service to conduct further interrogation.

He added that the complainant has been invited to assist in the investigation.

“This unprofessional and ungodly act will not be condoned. A thorough investigation has just commenced by this handing over to unravel the facts surrounding the allegation. The outcome shall be made public to serve as a deterrent to others,” he was quoted as saying.

“We are deeply concerned and assure the general public that the matter will be treated with the deserved vigour, decisiveness and transparency.”

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Oba Otudeko, Aig-Imokhuede, NGX Group honour Ogunbanjo’s legacy




Prominent figures from the Nigerian business landscape came together to pay tribute to the late Bamofin Abimbola Ogunbanjo during an Afternoon of Tributes and Closing Gong Ceremony, organized by the Nigerian Exchange Group in collaboration with Coronation Group.  

The event, held on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, served as a homage to the enduring legacy of the luminary. 

 Among the distinguished speakers who graced the occasion were Dr Oba Otudeko, Chairman of Honeywell Group and Past President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE); Mr Aigboje Aig-Imuokhuede, Chairman of Coronation Group; Alhaji (Dr) Umaru Kwairanga, Chairman of the Nigerian Exchange Group; and Mr Temi Popoola, Group Chief Executive Officer of NGX Group, alongside other notable personalities. 

What the stakeholders said about Ogunbanjo  

In his opening remarks, Alhaji (Dr) Umaru Kwairanga encapsulated the essence of Bamofin Ogunbanjo’s profound impact, emphasizing his pivotal role in steering the successful completion of the demutualization process within the Group.  

Kwairanga hailed Ogunbanjo as not merely a leader, but a beacon of light and a guiding force within the community, underscoring his instrumental contribution to reshaping the Group’s trajectory in the West African sub-region. 

 Mr Aigboje Aig-Imuokhuede, Chairman of Coronation Group, reflected on the unparalleled commitment demonstrated by Ogunbanjo throughout the demutualization process, extolling his remarkable service to the industry.  

  • “You served the world in a way only few could do,” Aig-Imuokhuede remarked, paying homage to Ogunbanjo’s indelible legacy and wishing him eternal peace. 

 Temi Popoola, Group CEO of NGX Group, echoed the sentiments of admiration and gratitude, highlighting Ogunbanjo’s unwavering dedication to the exchange’s success and seamless leadership transitions. 

 Dr. Oba Otudeko, past president of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), shared poignant recollections of Ogunbanjo, portraying him as an adroit gentleman whose simplicity, brilliance, and doggedness were instrumental during the demutualization process. 

 Reflecting on Ogunbanjo’s legacy, Mr Abubakar Mahmoud, SAN, former Chairman of NGX, lauded his patriotism and commitment to national development, while Mr Olusola Adeosun, President and Chairman of Council at the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, expressed deep sorrow at the loss, emphasizing Ogunbanjo’s magnetic personality and profound impact on the institute. 

 Mr. Sam Onukwue, Chairman of the Association of Securities Dealers, hailed Ogunbanjo’s transformative leadership and global perspective, crediting his strong legal acumen and industry experience in navigating the exchange’s restructuring. 

 Echoing sentiments of admiration, Mr. Darren Bennett-Voci, CEO of Beta Glass Plc, paid tribute to Ogunbanjo’s leadership and professionalism, crediting his strategic guidance during challenging times. 

 Erelu Angela Adebayo, former Chairperson of NGX Real Estate, fondly recalled Ogunbanjo’s unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s progress, portraying him as a patriot who left an indelible mark on the industry. 


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Qatar seals LNG deals Nigeria once sought




Qatar is courting foreign investors to expand its gas expansion project, and the energy companies falling over themselves are the same ones that turned their nose up at Nigeria’s invitation to invest in its liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.

BusinessDay findings showed Qatar is already one of the world’s largest suppliers of LNG — gas cooled into liquid form so that it can be piped onto ships for export – and it is making plans to further increase its LNG production capacity following the discovery of vast new gas reserves.

Qatar announced new plans to expand output from the world’s biggest natural gas field, saying it will boost capacity to 142 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) before 2030, according to Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, Qatar’s energy minister.

The new North Field expansion, named North Field West, will add a further 16 million tonnes of LNG per year to existing expansion plans, Sherida al-Kaabi said at a news conference on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), owned by the federal government of Nigeria and three international oil companies, has been on force majeure for more than 15 months.

“Recent studies have shown that the North Field contains huge additional gas quantities estimated at 240 trillion cubic feet, which raises the state of Qatar’s gas reserves from 1,760 [trillion cubic feet] to more than 2,000 trillion cubic feet,” said al-Kaabi, who also heads the state-owned company QatarEnergy.

These results “will enable us to begin developing a new LNG project from the North Field’s western sector with a production capacity of about 16 million tonnes per annum”, he said.

This will bring Qatar’s production capacity to 142 million tonnes once “the new expansion is completed before the end of this decade” – a nearly 85 percent rise from current production levels, al-Kaabi added.

The QatarEnergy chief said the firm will “immediately commence” with engineering works to ensure the expansion is completed on time.

BusinessDay’s findings showed ExxonMobil has pumped nearly $30 billion into gas projects in Qatar within long-term partnership agreements.

The US oil giant ExxonMobil has pumped nearly $30 billion into gas projects in Qatar within long-term partnership agreements, its Senior Vice President has said.

According to Peter Clarke, ExxonMobil’s senior vice president, the oil giant began investing in Qatar’s gas projects during the 1990s and that it has contributed to the development of 12 of the 14 gas facilities in the Gulf country.

“We have also invested in 27 LNG vessels to transport Qatari gas…over the past years, we have invested nearly $30 billion in major projects in Qatar…we also have important ventures with Qatar in the US, mainly Golden Pass Terminal,” Clarke told the Qatari Arabic language daily Asharq in an interview.

Contrast this with Nigeria where investors have largely been unimpressed with overtures to build new liquefaction plants.

The NLNG has seen its output decline owing to gas supply constraints, which also pose a threat to its expansion plan.

It had on October 17, 2022 declared a force majeure on product supplies from its production facilities on Bonny Island, following the declaration of force majeure by all its upstream gas suppliers.

Since the development of the NLNG, new projects have been too few and far between. e Two LNG projects in Nigeria: Olokola LNG and Brass LNG have been unable to reach a final decision by the stakeholders as investors have pulled out.

The OK LNG project was stalled because all the international oil companies (BG, Shell and Chevron) withdrew from the project, with only the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) left.

The Brass LNG project, which was designed to produce 10 million metric tonnes per annum, was to be built by the NNPC, Total, ConocoPhillips and Eni Group. But ConocoPhillips withdrew from the project in 2013 and has stalled since then.

“As we move into the early 2030s, there’s going be huge demand for gas from Asia, and I think QatarEnergy is squarely focused on that,” said Tom Marzec-Manser, head of gas analytics at commodity pricing and data company ICIS. Qatar has secured two huge gas supply deals with China over the past 15 months.

Last June, it agreed to sell 4mn tonnes a year of LNG to China National Petroleum Corporation for 27 years, following a similar deal with China’s Sinopec in November 2022.

Qatar’s LNG ramp-up comes amid growing demand for gas, which is set to grow by 2.5 percent, or 100 Bcm (3531 Bcf) in 2024, the International Energy agency said in its gas market report for Q1 2024.

Qatar accounted for 20 percent of LNG volumes in 2023, the Paris-based agency said in the report.

“In particular, the United States and Qatar have been driving this trend, accounting for 34 percent and 26 percent of all contracted volumes in 2023 respectively. Considering only post-FID (final investment decision) projects, these countries’ share was 21 percent and 39 percent,” the IEA said.

It is this kind of critical thinking and rigour that is absent in Nigeria’s policy formulation and execution which is scaring away investors.


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