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Ngozi Ekeoma: How Nepal Oil boss defrauded Nigeria of $10m



Mr. and Mrs. Ekeoma further instructed him and one Ugochukuwu Onwugbuna to form a firm in Liberia called Dexter Oil Limited to conduct oil trading transactions.

Ngozi Ekeoma, CEO of Nepal Oil and Gas Services Limited, might face jail time for allegedly defrauding the government of $10 million in subsidies.
This is in response to a recent plea by Chukwuemeka Ekwnuife, a former banker, to the Honorable Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami SAN, over the alleged scam, ENigeria Newspaper understands.

The former banker requested the AGF to compel the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to prosecute Ekeoma and submit its previously completed investigative report on the oil marketer, according to this publication.

“Re: Petition against Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma and Mr Eme Ekeoma of Nepal Oil and Gas Services for theft, fraud, and collecting over $10 million under the petroleum subsidy scheme,” Ekwnuife said in a letter dated October 12, 2020.

According to him, the EFCC has been dragging its feet on the petition written by his attorneys, George Ikoli and Okagbue, dated October 22, 2018, and his letter of reminder of supplementary on the fraudulent activities by Mrs Ekeoma and her husband for about two years.

While expressing his discontent with the EFCC’s handling of his petition, Ekwnuife stated that he had promised to provide more information about the alleged subsidy transaction that occurred in Liberia and Nigeria in 2014, but that no invitation had been given to him.

“I’ve been on trial for claims relating to these transactions that were twisted to accuse me, and I’ve decided to tell the world the truth about my ordeal, but the EFCC has opted not to perform its job, with all due respect, and come out with its conclusions.

“For the umpteenth time, I have decided to file this petition to request an investigation into my complaint against Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma, assuming that this will yield the desired result. The exemplary integrity the Ministry of Justice and the office of the AGF have demonstrated since assumption of leadership has given me the confidence to send this letter,” Ekwunife continued.

The former banker, who left Sterling Bank in 2014, told the Lagos Special Offences Court in Ikeja that the businesswoman pleaded with him to join her company and help her issue credit to her businesses.

Mr. and Mrs. Ekeoma further instructed him and one Ugochukuwu Onwugbuna to form a firm in Liberia called Dexter Oil Limited to conduct oil trading transactions.

In an earlier petition to the EFCC, through his solicitors, George Ikoli and Okagbue, dated October 22, 2018, the petitioner additionally included documentation demonstrating Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma and her companies’ fraudulent operational activities (and received on Nov. 6, 2018).

The suit states, “The records represent evidence of the transfer of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) intended for consumption in Nigeria to boats for later sale overseas.”

Meanwhile, Ekwunife is facing an eight-count allegation of stealing, together with Structured Energy Limited, for taking a total of N168.5 million from Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma’s enterprises.

The EFCC claims that Ekwunife stole the money from M.R.S Oil and Gas, Exit Energy Limited, Globin Oil and Gas Limited, Bond Energy, and Greenage Energy Limited, all of which are Nepal Oil and Gas Limited properties, at various periods in 2014.

However, in his defense, Ekwunife claimed that Mrs. Ekeoma, the owner of Nepal Oil and Gas Limited, used him to arrange fake papers in Liberia in order to receive money from the Federal government through a subsidy system.

Mrs Ekeoma testified that Ekwunife assisted her in registering many companies in Liberia to enable her to import various petroleum goods, mainly Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), under the petroleum scheme fund (subsidy scheme) with the FG.

According to the ex-banker, the oil marketer used him to facilitate bogus papers in Liberia in order to steal millions of Naira from the Nigerian government through the subsidy scheme.

“I assisted her in setting up several firms like Structured Energy Resources Limited, Dexter Oil Limited, Ritrak Supply and Trading Limited, Gulf Trading and Shipping Limited – all registered in Liberia,” Ekwunife stated in his evidence.

“At various times, these firms were utilised by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to carry out transactions and documentation relating to subsidies. We created supporting documentation such as the Bill of Laden, product recertification, quality certificate, and certificate of origin.

These documents were created outside of Nigeria’s borders and used for trades that never took place in the country. For non-live trades, the documentation was completed in Liberia (feasible).

“We (referring to himself and Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma) exploited these documents to carry out fraudulent activities in Nigeria by using documents drafted outside the nation to conduct commerce that was not supposed to take place,” he said.

Another witness, Mr Anthony Abraham, had previously testified in court that there is a tie between a former banker, Chukwuemka Ekwunife, and a businesswoman, Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma, in an alleged subsidy scam that occurred in Liberia and Nigeria in 2014.

Mr. Abraham, a financial consultant, said he met Ekwunife in Liberia while attempting to open accounts and register several businesses.

Mr Abraham stated that he was introduced to Ekwunife by a former client and a friend, but that he couldn’t recall who that person was.

Mrs Ekeoma Ngosi, the financial expert said, was a friend long before he met Ekwunife, whom he only met while working for a bank in Liberia, First International Bank.

“I met the defendant, Chukwuemeka Ekwunife, while working in Liberia for a bank named First International Bank. He came to Liberia to do business, intending to open accounts and register several firms. He was referred to me by a former client and friend of mine, whose name I don’t recall,” he explained.

The witness stated he couldn’t remember if that friend was Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma when asked.
The defense counsel, on the other hand, handed the witness a document containing multiple emails of transactions that he sent to Ekwunife and copied Mr and Mrs Ekeoma, and asked him to identify it.
The witness identified the emails and said, “Yes I sent these mails to (belonging to Ekwunife) and I copied three others namely; (belonging to Mr Ekeoma), (belong to Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma) and U (belonging to Mr Ugochukwu Onwuegbuna).

“The emails were sent as a result of transactions in an account, Dexter Oil Limited, which was opened by Mr Emeka in Liberia and the account was opened with the same name.

“After it was opened, I wasn’t the direct account officer but an officer was assigned. Though I had an overview of the transactions.

The account received both inflows and outflows. Mr Emeka was the sole signatory of the account and instructions would normally come from him to run the account.

“I was asked to copy Mr Ugochukwu, who is also a Director in Dexter just as Ekwunife, and then copy both Mr and Mrs Ekeoma in each mail”.

When asked how he knew Mrs Ekeoma, he replied, ” I’ve known her for many years – long before I met Ekwunife. I’ve never had any business transactions with Ngozi before I met Ekwunife. But Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma has a relationship with the defendant, Ekwunife “.

When asked why he copied Mrs Ekeoma if there was no business relationship, the Consultant replied, “I was asked to copy these people and I literarily don’t know all of them”.

The matter was adjourned till September 30 for continuation of defence.


GLOWFUX Concert ’22 held with pomp and pageant as FIDSON, Rite Foods, Unilever, Beloxxi, Bobo Foods and others fete the charity event



Wednesday, the 28th of December 2022 is a day that will not be forgotten in a hurry by many families
across Lagos State.
The day which started like every other day recorded the successful hosting of the much-talked-about 7th
edition of the annual charity concert called GLOWFUX.
GLOWFUX Charity Concert, an initiative of Fanafillit Integrated Concepts, is an annual end-of-the-year
charity event that brings together children from orphanages/special needs establishments for memorable
end-of-the-year celebrations with the general public.
In its usual style, the event had loads and loads of games for both adults and children without any form of
discrimination, and winners of each competition which were ably anchored by the popular children's party
MC – Daddy Yo went home with a variety of souvenirs courtesy of Rite Foods, Omo Detergent, FIDSON
Healthcare and Beloxxi Biscuits and Bobo Foods. Noteworthy as well is the scholarship in ICT by Epeetech
Solutions for five individuals from Lofty Skills Soccer Academy who emerged the most outstanding in a
brain tease game.
The hallmark of the event was the induction of new GLOWFUX Young Ambassadors who were charged to
become promoters of the humanitarian cause and other charitable initiatives. The new young ambassadors
are Master Diamond Olowu, the popular child music act Vanessa Jones, Miss Hidarat Aroyewun and Miss
Oluwadarasimi Kalejaiye.

Also, some awards of recognition were presented to individuals and organizations who were identified with
outstanding humanitarian exploits for the year 2022 calendar. The awardees are Oba Adedokun Abolarin,
the Orangun of Oke-Ila as GLOWFUX Man of the Year 2022 who was unavoidably absent, Olori Sekinat
Aramide Elegushi who was ably represented by Mrs. Oyeleye and Otunba Tope Oyefeso received the
GLOWFUX Woman of the Year 2022 award, Iba Habeeb Okunola MON, the Akosin of Yoruba land who
was ably represented by Mr. Folarin Animashaun was awarded the prestigious GLOWFUX Detribalised
Philanthropist of the Year 2022 while Ark of Relief Charity Foundation, Airtel Nigeria and Ambassador
Temitope Williams received the GLOWFUX NGO of the Year 2022, GLOWFUX Socially Responsible
Company of the Year 2022 and GLOWFUX Ambassador of the Year 2022 respectively.
Also recognised was Ambassador Gbolahan Odukoya who was appreciated for his remarkable contribution
to the success of the GLOWFUX Charity Concert 2022.
The 2022 edition of the concert held at the frontage of Dan & Den Arena, Elegushi Beachfront, Lekki,
Lagos had in attendance, six establishments for the needy, namely, Little Saints Orphanage, Lofty Skills
Soccer Academy (a football academy for the less privileged), Modupe Cole Memorial Home, Peculiar
Saints Orphanage, Child Lifeline Home and Only God Charity Home Initiative.
All the beneficiary establishments carted home lots of gift items ranging from clothes, food, household
items etc., courtesy of the over 200 guests each of whom arrived at the event with gifts for the beneficiary
As everyone at the event was entertained with superlative performances by MC Wadada, Da’Fresh Olorin,
Vanessa Jones, Meyrah, First Class Comedian, Hilary Jackson, DBard Creative Media, and Dom Sax etc.,
so were they all treated to refreshments like biscuits, sausage and drinks courtesy of Beloxxi Biscuits and
Rite Foods. And at the end of the event, everyone left with souvenir bags containing well-packaged jollof

rice prepared by Beeth Events Concepts and other branded products courtesy of FIDSON Healthcare PLC,
Rite Foods, Beloxxi Biscuits and Omo Detergent.
It is worthy of note that this edition of GLOWFUX Charity Concert would bring to the record, a total of 13
special needs (government-owned and private-owned) establishments with over a thousand children and
adults that have benefited from the project since inception.
The GLOWFUX 2022 recorded the support of FIDSON Healthcare, Beloxxi Biscuits, Unilever Nig, Rite
Foods, Bobo Foods, Elegushi Royal stool, iCare Foundation, Courtville Group, Seniors Wellbeing
Foundation, Hands Lifting Hearts Initiatives, Corsican Brothers, MALENS diagnostics, Headway Events, DJ
MAPS Productions, Epeetech Solutions, NINE28 Multimedia
While the media supports include AIT, KRAKS TV,,,,,,,,,,, Global Excellence magazine,


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Atiku rubbishes Tinubu, says he waged war against him as Customs officer over hard drugs….



The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, says his counterpart in the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, lacks moral right to reform “yahoo boys.”
Speaking to supporters in Edo State on Thursday, Tinubu had said his vision is to “turn so-called yahoo yahoo boys into in manufacturing and creation of than being gazelle gagaraga.”
“Yahoo boys” in local parlance mean internet fraudsters.
Speaking in a statement by Phrank Shaibu, his special assistant on public communications, Atiku said Tinubu was frustrated.
According to him, while serving as Deputy Director of Customs in charge of Enforcement and Drugs, he fought ruling APC candidate’s men and others from bringing hard drugs into the country.
The statement read, “The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, produced another comedy skit at the APC Presidential rally in Benin City on Thursday when he promised to turn “the so-called Yahoo boys in Edo State to “experts in manufacturing and creation of chips.”
“Had it been he was addressing a Christian congregation, we could have assumed that he was speaking in tongues but this was a campaign rally where he was supposed to have sold his candidacy to the millions of youths suffering from unemployment under the disease called the APC. Instead he elected to refer to the young people of Edo state as Yahoo boys and fraudsters.
“Tinubu’s daily gaffes are evidence that he has no business going to Aso Rock Presidential Villa but he should rather be seeking urgent medical attention. While delivering his uninspiring speech, he took a swipe at Waziri Atiku Abubakar, insisting that Atiku acted dishonourably by selling vehicles while he was a customs officer.
“Tinubu’s frustration is quite understandable given the fact that in 1989 while Atiku, a Federal officer, was serving as the Deputy Director of Customs in charge of Enforcement and Drugs and was protecting the country’s borders from smugglers and drug dealers, Tinubu was in bed with two notorious drug kingpins.
“American authorities revealed that Akande took Tinubu to First Heritage Bank where he opened an account for himself and his wife Oluremi in 1989. While opening the account, the Lagos godfather revealed in documents that he worked with Mobil Nigeria Limited and his salary was $2,400 and he had no other sources of income. But records from his First Heritage Bank account showed that in 1990, he deposited $661,000 into his individual money market account and in 1991 deposited $1,216,500 into the same money market account.
“In a bid to protect their reputation, Mobil representatives told US authorities that even though Tinubu was a treasurer, he had no direct access to the company’s cash and thus could not deposit funds on behalf of the firm. Till date Tinubu , the man Governor Wike and his friends have in their parochial interest signed up to support as President, has not been able to explain to any human being how he was able to save over $1.8 million from his monthly pay of $2, 400. Luckily for him, he was able to negotiate a deal with the US government which saw him forfeit over $460,000 in cash.
“Yet this is the same man that is taking the moral high ground, this must be the joke of the century. This is a man whose entire life is built on falsehood. He is not even brave enough to reveal the primary and secondary schools he attended for fear of the avalanche of dirt that will be unearthed about his life. He has continued to avoid debates so that he will not be forced to tell the truth. Yet he has the effrontery to question Atiku Abubakar? What a joke.
“Atiku Abubakar has been transparent with his life and business. He has listed all the companies he owns and has established himself as arguably the largest private employer of labour in Adamawa State but Tinubu who keeps cash laden bullion vans on his premises has no known source of wealth. For a man who openly claimed to be wealthier than Osun State, what Nigerians should be asking him is how did he become stupendously wealthy?
“Perhaps, the biggest indictment against Tinubu is Alpha Beta Consulting, a company given exclusive rights to generate revenue on behalf of the Lagos State Government since 2002. A former Managing Director of the firm, Oladapo Apara, said in court filings that Tinubu runs the company by proxy. Apara claimed the firm generated over N1.5 trillion ($3.48bn) for the Lagos State government between 2002 and 2018 and received a commission of about 10 percent on average.
“Apara told the EFCC in a petition that as the head of the company, he began looking into its finances and he made many startling discoveries such as mysterious transfers of over N20bn ($46.5m) in different currencies to some companies linked to Tinubu. Ahead of the election, Tinubu entered into a secret financial settlement with Apara and the case came to a sudden end in court.
“Tinubu should hide his face in shame rather than try to pontificate about morality. How can he even be talking about reforming Yahoo boys in Edo State given his dark past with US authorities? He should remove the log in his eyes before trying to remove the speck in the eyes of others.”

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Again, UBA Rewards Loyalty as Customers Win Big in Bumper Draws



Africa’s Global Bank, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, has again rewarded its loyal customers in the just concluded UBA Bumper draws, doling out millions in cash prizes.


The virtual draw was witnessed by relevant regulators including representatives of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).


20 lucky bumper customers won N100,000 each, another customer won N500,000; while two lucky star winners got N1.2m and N2m cash prize.


Austin Akeju, a UBA Bumper account holder, emerged the winner of the star prize of N2m; while Abigail Ijeoma Ogbuehi and Sunday Okpaka, smiled home with N500,000 and N1.2m cash prize respectively.


Winners of the N100,000 cash prizes are: Jesulayomi Dorcas Akintomide, Maryam Salisu, Ahmad Salisu, Fatimo Adeife, Imam Imam, kunle Aremu Micheal, Abdurrazak Abdulhamid, Eniye Ebi Ikisa, Fatima Muhammed, Mulikatu Dupe Saka, Amarachi Angela Nwanegbo and Onyinyechi Esther Nwafor.


Others are Emmanuel Ajiga Ogo, Ejiro Fidelia Oseya, Progress Osozebhueghele, Philip Domozu, Daniel Ornguga Ojume, Arinze Daniel Offorbuike, Benedict Ifeanyichukwu Ononye and Chinecherem Emelda Enuka.


When contacted over the phone, one of the winners Austin Akeju, expressed gratitude to the bank for the cash prize, adding that he was very excited, “I am very happy, thank you UBA for this amazing gift,” he said.


UBA’s Head, Personal Banking, Ogechi Altraide, who congratulated all the winners after the draw, said that “For several months, the bank has been all about putting smiles on the faces of its customers, while encouraging them to cultivate the culture of savings. Over the years, we have constantly given away huge cash prizes as reward to our customers, with the aim of appreciating our customers who believe in us and have trusted the bank with their funds.”


Altraide encouraged customers who did not win this time to get set for the Super Savers draw happening this December, adding that; “I will advise new customers to quickly key in by dialing *919*20# to open a UBA account and save a minimum of N5,000 to qualify for the Super Savers draw.”


The Group Head, Brand Management & Marketing, Uzoamaka Oyeka, said the general intent of the monthly, quarterly and periodical draws is to appreciate loyal customers, who have stayed with UBA over the years, while also presenting fresh opportunities for potential and intending customers to join the growing number of millionaires who have benefitted from several promos organised by the bank.

According to her, there are several saving options for customers to choose from to be able to experience the thrills and joy that comes with winning huge rewards from the bank. “We have the Super Savers draw coming in December, and I therefore encourage those of you who are yet to jump on this winning train to do so to enjoy their own life-changing moments. Customers who save with UBA stand the chance to win ₦2,000,000 and other fantastic prizes in the Super Savers Draw” she added.


United Bank for Africa Plc is a leading Pan-African financial institution, offering banking services to more than twenty-five (25) million customers across 1,000 business offices and customer touch points in 20 African countries. With presence in New York, London and Paris, UBA is connecting people and businesses across Africa through retail, commercial and corporate banking, innovative cross-border payments and remittances, trade finance and ancillary banking services.

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