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Mr. Akinsola Adejuwon takes charge at National Troupe of Nigeria…. + Exclusive Facts on How Edem Duke was Rubbished!



The newly appointed Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer of the National Troupe of Nigeria Mr. Akinsola Mendra Adejuwon have formally resumed office as head of the National Troupe, a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation. Mr. Akinsolu Adejuwon from Ekiti state takes over from Mr. Martin Adaji. He becomes the fourth Chief Executive Officer of the National Troupe of Nigeria since the Troupe’s formal establishment in 1991. Foremost theatre director Mr. Bayo Oduneye and the Dean of the College of Humanities of Redeemers University Professor Ahmed Yerima have at various times led the Troupe as Artistic Director

Former Artistic Director Mr. Martin Adaji handing over to the new Artistic Director Mr. Akinsola Adejuwon1


A theory cum practically oriented Artist; Mr. Adejuwon was until his appointment as Artistic Director on Thursday September 11, 2014 a Museum Curator of the Institute of Cultural Studies of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Osun State. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and a Master of Arts Degree in African Arts Studies of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
Currently the Chairman of the Osun State Chapter of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) and member of the Nigerian Field Society, the new Chief Executive Officer of the National Troupe has designed, organized and attended several conferences, seminars and workshops and has curated, coordinated and executed a number of local and internationally acclaimed exhibitions.
A widely travelled artist whose current research activities include a study on Festivals of Yoruba land, Mr. Adejuwon has since been meeting with management, staff and stakeholders of the National Troupe. His immediate plans, as Artistic Director is to reposition the National Troupe and to make the Troupe a truly national and international performing arts company.
At a brief handing ceremony held at the National Theatre on Thursday, the former Artistic Director Mr. Martin Adaji congratulated Mr. Adejuwon on his appointment and thanked President Goodluck Jonathan for giving him the opportunity.

members of management of the national troupe with the former and new artistic director3

Fresh facts have emerged on how the new artistic director of the national troupe mr akin adejuwon was appointed. Contrary to widely held view that Mr Akin was appointed by Culture Minister Edem Duke to reward his close associate Dr Franklin who was then believed to be father of the appointee, a competent source in the presidency hinted Society Reporters NG that Chief Edem Duke has nothing to do with the appointment but rather a close relation of the appointee who works closely with the President was the one who got ‘an open approval from president jonathan’ for mr Akin to be appointed. According to the source, the Secretary to Government was directed to appoint Mr Akin, a graphic artist and junior staff at the Obafemi Awolowo University and to communicate the appointment to Chief Duke who at that time was out of the country on official assignment. ‘But rather than go through Mr akin’s CV to know his area of competence, and also ask them at the Ministry of culture if vacancy exist anywhere, the SGF who is not usually thorough in decisions that he takes, appointed a fine artist with no managerial experience to head a theatre arts troupe. It shows you the kind of man the SGF is. Check round, what we have are round pegs in square hole all round’ the source said.

However despite being absolved of blame for the appointment, the minister chief duke is still under fire from both the President and members of the theatre arts community. The President is angry that he was misled to granting an approval without a proper briefing on the competence of the appointee and whether indeed the tenure of the officer he was replacing was due. The tenure of the former artistic director mr martin adaji from Kogi state was still running when he was questionably sacked. He was even due for reappointment in March 2015. On the other hand, members of the theatre community consider it a slap for the President to appoint a fine artist into a position meant for a dance, drama or music specialist. They said they are crossed with not just the President but the Minister who should have educated whoever appointed Mr. Akin on the diference between being an ‘artist’ and a ‘artiste’. According to one elder theatre artiste ‘it shows you the level of appreciation of the arts by those at the top. They know nothing an about it and wont appoint people who know. How can you appoint a painter as CEO of a dance, drama and music outfit. Couldnt you have sent him to national gallery where his competence would be put to test? That was how this same Anyim appointed a building engineer as CEO for the Nigerian Film Corporation and appointed a woman who should have retired having attained the mandatory years in service and age as DG of National film and video censors board. Tommorow Jonathan will come and sit down and say he is jotting down our problems that he will solve. Anyway, we are meeting in the next of couple of days. But we shall resist this one at the national troupe and then revisit that of NFC and NFVCB’

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In a sombre update on the situation in Libya’s coastal city of Derna, and Morocco’s Marrakesh, All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) extends its deepest and most profound condolences to the People and Government of Libya and Morocco. The catastrophic flooding following a powerful storm has tragically claimed the lives of 3,958 individuals, displaced more than 43,000 people, leaving a void that can never be filled.


Moreover, the heart-wrenching news of the earthquake in the High Atlas Mountains, southwest of Marrakesh, Morocco leaving at least 2,900 people dead and over 5,500 injured underscores the enormity of the crisis. Families are anxiously searching for their loved ones amidst the aftermath of this natural disaster.


AFRIMA reaffirms its unwavering commitment to assisting in the recovery and reconstruction efforts in Derna and Marrakesh. The healing power of music and art can help mend the hearts of shattered souls and communities.


Describing the situation as “catastrophic”, Regional Director, Northern Africa, AFRIMA, Janatte Haddadi called upon the entire global community to join in this moment of solidarity with the Moroccan and Libyan people in their hour of need.


According to her, “The powerful display of unity is a testament to the values that AFRIMA shares in both individuals and African societies.


“As an organization rooted in the sustainable growth of the African music industry and contributor to African economies through music promotion, AFRIMA believes in the power of solidarity, compassion, and love for our nations, irrespective of their religion or race,” Hadadi said.


The President and Executive Producer, AFRIMA, Mike Dada expresses the gravity of this situation, saying, “Our hearts are heavy with grief as we stand with the people of Derna and Marrakesh during this time of immense loss. The scale of devastation is beyond words, and our thoughts are with those who are still searching for their missing relatives.

During this time of immense sorrow and distress, AFRIMA calls upon the world to come together and stand with Derna and Marrakesh. The people of Libya and Morocco need our collective strength and solidarity more than ever.”


Underscoring the urgency of global cooperation, Director of Communication & Sponsorship, AFRIMA, Matlou Tsotsesi stated “The rising death toll and the vast number of missing persons in Derna demand a united response from the international community. We must act swiftly to provide relief, support, and hope to the survivors and families affected. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you face this unparalleled tragedy.”


AFRIMA (All Africa Music Awards) is the Pinnacle of African Music Globally.

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GLOWFUX ’23: FANAFILLIT Embarks on a Mission to Break Barriers and Foster Love





Fanafillit Integrated Concepts, the driving force behind the annual GLOWFUX Charity Concert, has unveiled its ambitious plans for the 2023 edition. This eagerly anticipated event, scheduled for December 2023, aims to unite well-meaning Nigerians in a heartwarming endeavor to bring joy to the lives of special children.


In an official statement signed by Queen Adetutu Oshinowo, the coordinator for this year’s event, Fanafillit Integrated Concepts announced the theme for the 2023 GLOWFUX Charity Concert as “Breaking Barriers: Bonding With Love.” This theme carries a profound message, focusing on the need to bridge the socio-economic gap that divides our society and connect everyone through the power of love.


“This year’s theme, ‘Breaking Barriers: Bonding with Love,’ encapsulates our mission to obliterate the social disparities in our community and bring everyone together through love,” states the press release.


Now in its eighth year, the GLOWFUX Charity Concert continues to raise awareness about the importance of extending love and support to children in orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and other specialized facilities, especially during the festive season. The Lagos leg of GLOWFUX Concert is billed to hold on December 28, 2023, at the Dan and Den Frontage, Elegushi Beach, Lekki, Lagos.


In line with its tradition, the GLOWFUX Charity Concert is open to the public, offering an opportunity for individuals to join in celebrating these special children from organized need homes who are honored as VIP guests. Attendees from the public are encouraged to participate by registering and bringing gift items for the children in need.


In an exciting development, this year’s edition will also mark the launch of an NGO under the GLOWFUX banner. This step, according to the organizers, solidifies GLOWFUX’s transition from a one-time annual celebration to an institution committed to quarterly outreach programs that extend beyond the holiday season.


Furthermore, the organizers are introducing the “GLOWFUX TOP 50 GIVERS” initiative, which celebrates 50 compassionate and benevolent individuals in society. Leading up to the main event, these kind-hearted individuals will be featured on the GLOWFUX social media platforms.


The 2023 GLOWFUX Charity Concert promises a wealth of entertainment, gifts, food, and refreshments for all attendees. While renowned entertainment practitioners, including Da’Fresh Olorin, Vanessa Jones, Ogbono, Talk Talk, Princephelar, Meyrah, First Class Comedy, FKM, and Chief Adigun Olowe, are already confirmed for the event, talk are ongoing to bring in other prominent entertainment brands like Makayla Malaika, Bimbo Oshin, Ikorodu Bois, and more.


The GLOWFUX Charity Concert 2023 boasts the support of esteemed brands such as Elegushi Royal Stool, iCare Foundation, Courteville Solutions PLC, Hands Lifting Hearts Initiatives, Fidson Healthcare, Beloxxi Biscuits, AkModel Properties, Elegushi Private Beach, VIJU Industries, Corsican Brothers, MALENS Diagnostics, Seniors Well Being Foundations, Headway Events, DJ MAPS Productions, Dan & Den Lounge, Zekod Farms, Epee Tech Solution, DBard Creative Media, Sangloos Media, and 3Zs Fabrics. Similarly, efforts are ongoing to secure the participation of brands like 928 Multimedia, KingsMead Schools, Rite Foods, Flour Mills of Nigeria, Digital Landlord, and others.


The event is guaranteed of garnering substantial media support from notable media platforms such as AIT, Global Excellence magazine,, KRAKS TV,,,,,,, IKD 106.1 FM,,,,,,,,, and others.


The GLOWFUX Charity Concert is an annual end-of-the-year charity concert that brings together children from orphanages and special needs homes for a unique end-of-the-year celebration with the general public.


All enquiries for participation, partnership, sponsorship etc can be forwarded to:


– 07085755549

– 07032312815

– 09159712472


To support the noble cause, donations can be made to:


Account Number: 8554972016

Account Name: GLOWFUX Concert

Bank: FCMB


GLOWFUX Charity Concert… Giving Happily to Live Happily

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Lagos Boxing Initiative To Hold 3rd Edition Of ‘Rumble At The Park’ October 15 





Lagos Boxing Initiative in conjunction with Freedom Park Management, in Lagos, has announced plans to hold the third edition of ‘Rumble At The Park’ on October 15th, 2023.


The exercise will parade the best of Nigerian professional boxers both males and females, who are set to compete against their counterparts from the West African coast and other nations of the world.


The 10bouts exercise is a professional boxing showpiece and the 3rd edition is designed as the grand finale of a week-long musical annual entertainment program ‘Felabration’, in memory of the foremost Nigerian music maestro, Fela Anikulapo kuti.


According to Mr Theo Lawson, the Director of Freedom Park located on Campbell St. Lagos Island, the activity, which is a quarterly entertainment programme, will be bringing the best of Nigerian professional boxers to compete against their counterparts around the globe and thus provide boxers the opportunity to earn their living.


He said: “This will enable our boxers take care of themselves and families through their God’s given talents. It is being regulated by the Nigerian Boxing Board of Control.”


In the words of Remi Aboderin, who is the General Secretary of the Nigerian Boxing Board and President of the West African Boxing Union (WABU), Nigerian boxers are capable of projecting the nation positively if the enabling environment is provided.


Aboderin however called on the government and corporate entities scattered all over the nation to support the Association


Recall that the first edition of the show held in January 28, 2023 with over 1,500 people in attendance including the Ambassador of Netherland and his vice.


The second edition, which was equally successful, took place on the 12th of June, 2023, and the third edition is scheduled for the 15th of October 2023.

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