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I grew up being fashionable –Mo’Cheddah



Popular rap artiste Modupe Oreoluwa aka Mo’Cheddah talks about her fashion with ADEMOLA OLONILUA

What is your hairdo called because it looks unusual?

It does not have a name but my stylist says people call it the Mo’Cheddah hairstyle. She says anytime anybody comes to her salon to make this style, they just say they want the Mo’Cheddah hairstyle.

How did you come up with the concept?

It does not hide my face. I feel it makes me look fierce. My friend used to make this hairstyle some years ago. I never wore short hair, I like long hair. I decided to try something different and when I did, I fell in love with the style immediately. I never stopped doing it after that. My friend still teases me till date that I am going to pay her for copyright infringements.

Why have you been away from the entertainment scene?

It was deliberate. I just needed a break. I had done so much. I had done a lot of travelling, shows, awards, meetings, brand ambassadorship, I just needed the break. I was in school as well and shortly before I graduated, I was beginning to lose it. I needed the break to get in touch with myself because I did not know what was going on around me anymore. I did not even know what class my nephew was. It seemed as if I was rushing through life and I was not learning anything. I just realised that if I did not take that break, I was going to crash and I would not be able to get up again. I took the break to clear my mind, grow as an individual and focus on myself.

Where were you all this while?

I was doing a lot of travelling. I did a lot of relaxing and made sure I visited some family members. I was also recording. I was having fun with it and not giving myself any deadline whatsoever. Basically, I was relaxing and resting all through.

Some people said that you got married during that period.

No. I never got married. I don’t know where the news came from. Even my friends were asking whether it was true that I had a secret wedding. I had to tell them that I did not have a secret wedding or not. Even if I got married, why would it slow down my career? My decision to take a break was a personal one. If I was married, I am sure everybody would know that I am.

Now, you are seen as a fashionable person. Were you fashion conscious while growing up?

Fortunately for me, I had elder ones who were fashion-conscious. I used to copy them. They were very fashionable and they taught me a lot. I’d say they put it in me and my mother is very fashionable too. I grew up being fashionable and knowing the latest trends. I grew up knowing it all because my siblings were there and I wanted to be like them.

Why do you wear heavy jewellery?

My sisters influence my style; probably that is why I love to wear jewellery. I am very close to my sisters. I think the wearing of heavy jewellery is also as a result of me being a rap artiste. I love to have an edge. I like to be frisky. If it is not frisky and different, I don’t like doing it. If it is not different, it is not fun, it is boring. I don’t like being bored.

How do you avoid being bored?

I hate being bored and what I tell myself is that you need to love yourself first. Also, love and watch the company you keep. I am like the coolest person I know. I entertain myself and I don’t need somebody to make me happy. I find joy in spending time with myself, so I am never bored.

Did you truly relocate to South Africa?

I spend a lot of time in South Africa. I did not relocate to South Africa. I have some family members there. For instance, my godmother is in South Africa and she always wants to see me; so I go there a lot. I also have a lot of friends there. It is fun. To me, South Africa is as much fun as Nigeria is; that is why I like going there.

Why do you always dress in white?

I really love white. But these days, I like wearing all colours, sometimes you could see me in white, black or orange. But I must wear something white at any point in time. It may be white shoes or accessories. I like it because it is clean, pure, and makes me feel good.

People often complain that it is difficult to maintain

I have a lot of white materials. I love to buy clothes, so I have some white clothes I have not used in years.

How often do you shop?

I shop every time. I shop so much that it is not shopping to me anymore; it is more like eating to me. It is what I have to do.

When you shop, what do you look out for?

You could ask my friends, when I enter a shop, you might need to drag me out of it. When I go in, I am like a robot. They say that when I enter a store, my eyes begin to twitch. I don’t even try the clothes on, I just get them off the sales rack, pay for the clothes and I move on to the next store as if I am in a competition. I have noticed that I have moods and I have been able to classify my mood so to speak. When I shop, I think about my mood and theme. If I am for all white, then I go for it. I would buy strictly white. Like now, I am more of a single tone dress up. If you see me in blue, you see me in blue all through. I am into box shaped clothing.

You hardly wear artificial nails and even earrings, why?

I do sometimes. I paint my nails sometimes, I wear earrings sometimes. I think it is a mood thing. Sometimes I just like to be plain and focus on something else like my jeweleries. I don’t like keeping long toe nails. I like my nails being trim and clean. I like a classy and classic look.

How come you have a tomboy nature?

I think it is from the rap artiste in me. I don’t think I can be overly girlie in my behaviour. I will always have this edge and I don’t think I would ever change from being a tomboy. I used to wear baggy jeans and t-shirt but the lady in me is growing and I think that is why I love my hairstyle.

Can you go bald?

Never, you don’t want to see my head if I do that. I love and respect ladies that do that because they always look so stunning but the shape of my head is not the best. It would not permit me to do all that. I think that is one thing I am never going to do except I am doing it for a movie with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitts, an Oscar Academy Award movie, and then I would shave it off.

How come you have bikini shots on the internet?

I have been working out a lot. I love my body and I am comfortable with my skin and I tell myself, why not take a picture? That is the only part of fame I am not comfortable with. It is really hard because you just want to be yourself sometimes. I have made a promise to myself that I would not change who I am or compromise my person for anybody because of people’s opinion. I would do what I like and things that please me. I took a picture and it looked good just like if I take a picture in clothes, I would post it. I posted the picture and before I knew it, it was everywhere.

How come you work out as a slim person; is it to be sexier?

I work out five times a week and I stretch on the sixth day. I eat a lot. I am a skinny person and at a point I became very lanky. I could not work out and be lanky so what I did was to increase my food intake and started working out. It is not because I want to be sexier but because I need to be fit as a performer. It makes me healthier and I look better. It also makes you faster and smarter. It really helps stage performances. Working out has really helped to shape my body nicely.

What wouldn’t you be caught wearing?

I doubt there is anything I cannot try on. I am very open; maybe if I try it and it does not fit me, I drop it. I am open to new things. I don’t really like wearing a top over a leggings, I think it looks a bit trashy. I would not work with that combination. I wear anything.

Now that you are back, should we expect that you would disappear again for another two years?

Never. I could take a break but not soon. I am refreshed and I am ready to work. I have recorded a lot of songs and have a lot of videos that I would be releasing soon.

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Fashion and Style

AFWN 2022: African Fashion Week Nigeria Wraps Up With Special Recognition Awards



Africa Fashion Week has established itself as the fashion event of the continent.
Regardless of the changes to the flow of African Fashion Week, the event remains, at its core, primarily the same: a platform for designers to showcase their work to a global and local audience. This year, after the huddles of COVID-19, Africa Fashion Week took place in a series of digital showcases, runway presentations, and a physical runway show at the Eko Hotel And Suites in Victoria Island Lagos for its 2022 event, which happened between September 7th to 9th 2022.

With a well planned and organized showcasing that featured emerging and established designers like Kola Qudus, Adire Oodua, Glue by Nasir Elias among others. The week made for a beautiful showcase on the runways and the streets of Lagos.

It will be recalled that AFWN was founded in 2014 by an extraordinary fashionpreneur, Ronke Ademiluyi, AFWN is a sister platform to Africa Fashion Week London AFWL which showcases emerging and established designers with creative talents, connecting them with stakeholders in the fashion industry…
This years edition had a new dimension to it as some fashion forward stakeholders were awarded with special recognition award for their contribution to the fashion industry.
Amongst the recipients of the award was fashion designer Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, Oba Saheed Elegushi (King Gucci), Kelechi Amadi -Obi among others.

The event also had in attendance dignitaries and special guests from all works of life. with the likes of Kwara State 1st lady Amb. Olufolake Abdulrasaq, Ooni Of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja the 11, Dr. Mrs. Erelu Abiola Dosumu, Doyin Abiola, Oba Saheed Elegushi among several others.
Below are pictorials from the event and some of the most colorful and daring outfits we saw during the just concluded African Fashion Week 2022……………..

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Fashion and Style

Capital Market Rules: NGX Slams N13.5m Fine On Unity Bank, Union Bank, First Bank….



Unity Bank, under the leadership of Oluwatomi Somefun, has been sanctioned for failing to comply with the rules of the capital market authority, the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), relating to release of financial statements.

The management of the company failed to submit its Full Year financial results for 2021 and First Quarter financial statements for the period of 2022 before the deadline. This led to the company being fined N4.2 million.

According to the capital market rules, it is mandated that listed companies in the stock market should release their Full Year financial statements 90 days after the end of the year, with Quarterly financials expected to be submitted 60 days after every quarter.

NGX penalised Unity Bank N3.6 million for failing to release it’s Full Year financials in line with the capital market’s rule, while the Somefun-led company was also sanctioned N600,000 for delay in the submission of its Q1 2022 earnings.

Aside from Unity Bank, NGX also fined Emeka Okonkwo’s Union Bank and Adesola Adeduntan’s First Bank Holdings N8.1 million and N1.2 million respectively for the same offense.

It was gathered that NGX fined First Bank N2.6 million for failing to meet deadline of the Q1 financial statements for 2022, and N5.5 million for not releasing it’s Full Year earnings report as at when due.

Meanwhile, Union Bank, which failed to submit its Full Year financial statements, was sanctioned and fined N1.2 million by the capital market authority.

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Fashion and Style

Florence Bodex Hungbo Dazzles, As She Hosts 2020 Citypeople Fashion and Beauty Award



Celebrity Blogger & CEO Bodex Media, Florence Bodex Hungbo was the host of the 3rd edition of the City People Online Fashion and Beauty Awards.

It’s one of the country’s biggest fashion awards show.

The organizers gave over 50 awards to individuals that excelled in their respective categories in the year under review with scores of guests in attendance.

Bodex once again proved to be the queen of style, as she hosted this year’s edition in dazzling green outfits which were designed and styled by @rikaotobyme for the first appearance and @sisikemi_ for the second appearance. Her stunning look has since been attracting wild reactions from fashion enthusiasts.

Her charisma and presentation were exceptional, classy, and professional all through the event. Bodex’s craft has indeed proved that class has come to stay in the entertainment industry with her flawless makeup which was done by @kfloxy_makeover to keep her face glowing all through the event

remarks, the publisher of City People, Mr. Seye Kehinde said the award was meant to promote fashion creativity in the digital space. He added that the pandemic has made people be more creative, hence the need for them to be celebrated “in our own little way”.

The event also featured exhilarating musical performances by one of Nigeria’s finest highlife act, SBlive, who kept the audience up on their feet throughout the show.

The event ended at about 9 pm with lots to eat, drink, and time to mingle.

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