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By Obafemi Babajide

Women today, are leaving no stone unturned in proving their mettle, creating exemplary behaviours, setting goals, setting and breaking records and imprinting their footprints on the golden shores of time. In the Africa of today, women are rising against the challenge of been labelled weaker sex, they are daily taking the front burner, they are making headlines. Most importantly, they have shown even their male counterparts, signs of their preparedness to rule or lead the governments of states and nations of Africa and the World.

In recent decades, great women have led government organisations, parastatals, MDA’s and even nations of Africa and have excelled beyond expectations. Women like Professor Dora Akunyili, Madam Oby Ezekwesili, Madam Aruma Oteh and Madam Ngozi Okonjo Iweala who now is the Director-General of World Trade Organisation [WTO]. We have seen examples of Madam Ellen Sirleaf Johnson who did well as Liberia President and the first female President in Africa from 2006 to 2018 and now Madam Samia Suluhu Hassan, the new Tanzania female President.

In this order of great women is Mrs Folashade Joseph another good example of a girl child, who defied all odds in getting to her present status and who does everything humanly possible to excel wherever she finds herself.

Appointed as the MD/CEO of Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation [NAIC], on the 10th of April 2017, Madam Folashade Joseph, in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s policy of ameliorating the suffering of Nigerians and moving our national economic dependency from oil to agriculture and other viable sectors, set the wheel rolling with utmost urgency.

Mrs Joseph, like the biblical verse, had set her hand on the plough, there won’t be time at all to look back. She is a woman under authority and instruction to deliver; the progressive change was her mandate, success was her target, that success she will toil for day and night, and that success she must achieve.

Her first assignment was to look into re-aligning NAIC with the primary reason why it was created in 1987 and was then named Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Company which was later in 1993 renamed Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation by the enabling act 37 of 1993.

This primary mandate of NAIC is to operate the Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Scheme [NAIS]. The scheme which Mrs Joseph re-calibrated NAIC back towards is a mechanism modelled to shield farmers from the effect of natural hazards. Farmers, especially peasant, subsistent, including those who do farming as an MSME are mostly affected or even sent out of businesses through natural hazards and untoward disasters.

The main goal of NAIC is to make farming beautiful and enticing. Madam Folashade Joseph has succeeded in this wise by re-assuring farmers of the government’s determination to keep them in business by undertaking to give them covering through seamless insurance arrangements that will ensure a win-win situation for all.

From the big farm owners, down to the subsistent farmers, NAIC has models of pocket-friendly insurance policies at 50%, which is paid by the government and covers all risks and hazards.

Since her appointment, settlements of claims in NAIC has been prompt. To this end, the majority of farmers and those who had claimed settlement with NAIC, had expressed confidence and satisfaction in the way matters are now been handled, there is however a huge increase in the confidence level of farmers patronising NAIC because of them believing that it can now effectively handle their risks.

Her staff welfarism and training programme is top-notch. Mrs Joseph believes in training and re-training of staff for the optimum result-oriented environment. On her resumption and in line with her vision of making the corporation the leading Agricultural Insurance Organisation, Mrs Joseph immediately built and commissioned a new ultra-modern conference hall which was to assist in the delivery of an efficient, safe, productive and energy optimising environment; which will also reduce operating cost, increase staff orientations, re-orientation, training and as well generate additional income to NAIC through other outside users.

She has also created a farmer’s friendly environment by ensuring that her staffs go round the nation training and sensitising farmers on how best to go about their farming businesses in other for them to gain a high yield and to also avoid common and unnecessary natural hazards and risk. She has made sure that her staffs allay people’s fear of the wrong notion that insurance companies are reluctant or reneges when it comes to settlements or payment of claims.

Because NAIC is government-owned and they are the sole underwriter of agricultural risk, Mrs Joseph is firm on operating the NAIS scheme of subsidising premium dues to the tune of 50%; this however means that the farmers pay 50% while the Federal Government and the State Government where the project is located pays 37% and 12.5% respectively.

Her term in office has seen to extending the scope of NAIC not only to agricultural insurance businesses but to underwrite other policies in businesses such as fire, burglary, workmen compensation, motor, marine, hull and cargo, goods in transit and performance bond because the act enabling the corporation empowers it to do so since they are also necessary for the Agric-Businesses across the value chain.

It is therefore not a surprise that in line with the Buhari’s next level agenda, the President through the Minister of Agriculture, deemed it fit to re-appoint Mrs Folashade Joseph, a trailblazer for a second term in office which started on the 12th of April 2021.

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Nasir Ramon Olanrewaju, Head, Media and External Relations, United Bank for Africa Plc, needs no introduction among the media.

Apart from the fact that he heads the media and external relations department of a frontline bank like UBA, and needs to be in constant touch with media managers, his media relations skills have been rated second to none in the banking industry.

At the beginning of his career in the banking industry’s corporate affairs world, Nasir knew all the newsrooms of Nigerian media houses like he knew his surname. He would resume and close with journalists in their offices, especially when he desperately wanted a ‘no mention for any story he considered negative.

As he grew older in the profession, climbing the ladder until he became UBA’s Head, Media and Corporate Communications, his Bank became the Bank of many of his colleagues in the media, who would not want anything to affect their own.

Little wonder he was celebrated by his bosses and colleagues, recently, when he marked 15 years of membership and exceptional service, the Chairman of the bank, UBA Group, Tony Elumelu, specifically wrote to Nasir, commending him for his sacrifice and commitment in projecting the financial institution’s image externally.

Elumelu said, “On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), Africa’s global bank, I congratulate you on your 15th anniversary as a member of UBA tribe.

“I write to commend you for the sacrifice, passion, and commitment that you have demonstrated in carrying out your job and ensuring that the Bank is projected externally in the most positive light always.

“With each passing year, you bring creativity and a strong work ethic to the team and I wish you continued success in your career.”

This brilliant public relations expert emerged as The Point Newspaper’s Image Maker of the Year 2016. He was honored for his “exceptional performance and tremendous support and contributions to the growth of PR and the media industry in Nigeria.”

According to him “UBA and Elumelu made me who I am today. I had no experience when I was employed before the Chairman handed me over to Charles Aigbe, who adopted and tutored me on how to go about the job. Those tips and training are what have made The Point and others appreciate me for what I do. What has continued to drive me is passion. When there is passion, you will always go far,” Nasir said

Ramon with a First Class degree in International Relations and a Master of Business Administration, from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, he has demonstrated his brilliance in the discharge of his duties and remains one media manager that cannot be ignored in Nigeria.

The General Manager, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Mrs. Bimbo Oyetunde, emphasized the need for all image-makers to emulate Nasir, in order to create a mutual understanding between corporate Nigeria and media organizations as it remained the only way both parties could get value for their investment.



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REAL REASONS OLU OKEOWO DID NOT CELEBRATE HIS 51st BIRTHDAY…. —– As He Prepares for His Wife’s 56th Birthday!



As property Czar, Sir Olu Okeowo’s 51st birthday has come and gone, not a few had looked forward to an elaborate birthday gig, celebrating him on a special day. Obviously, it is understandable why many had wished to share in his joy a few days ago.

At least, nothing short of an elaborate event, where his guests would have delight themselves on exotic drinks and tasteful foods, considering his wealth and connections.

But the renowned philanthropist disappointed a lot of his close friends and acquaintances as he did not throw any birthday bash.

It would be recalled that when he clocked 50th last year many were wondering he was just 50 years old, going by the way he carries himself like a man who is over 60 years until a close friend of his made it known that he was just 50th in 2020.

An insider confided in us that the property magnate has decided to stay off the elaborate celebration this year as he is planning big to celebrate his wife’s 56th years old.

Chief Olu Okeowo & Wife Adejoke Okeowo

Some quarters in the social circle even wondered that his wife is older than him by five years, this we gathered is one of the reasons Chief Okeowo would never talk about his age even among his close friends and pals.

We gathered reliably that by September 30th, 2021, his adorable wife Adejoke Okeowo would be 56, and Okeowo is planning a big shindig for His wife where all the crème de la crème of the society will converge and enjoy the best of exotic wines and assorted delicacies to celebrate the woman who has stood by him over the years.

For Okeowo, Chairman, Community Development Association of Parkview, Ikoyi Lagos, September promises to be a day that will not be forgotten so soon in the social circle as we were hinted that vendors are already jostling for a contract as to who will do what at the upcoming event.

We will serve you hot hot as soon as we lay our hands on more pieces of information.


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Nigeria now ranks in the league of nations of Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Were this not true; one would think it a blighted joke! Look what has become of Nigeria!! To whom do we now shout? To whom do we address our supplications? To whom and where do we turn? How well Ghanaian poet, Kofi Awoonor’s verse in his ever green poem, Songs of Sorrow now aptly describes our once proud nation?

Nigeria now has Venezuela and Zimbabwe for company – two widely acknowledged failed states – according to the latest index of Chandler Good Governance Report. It is therefore galling that some hailers still have the reckless and seemingly insane audacity to ascribe any modicum of success to the administration of General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd). Not even Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen nor Somalia is worse governed than Nigeria. Woe has betide the Giant of Africa and by implication the entire African continent.

There is nothing more ironical than seeing those who support the retired General, now scorching Nigeria, being strongly antagonistic of the former American President, Donald Trump and his supporters, because their similarities are enormous. Whilst Trump supporters, as much damage as he did to America’s reputation – internationally, believe he is very nationalistic and was on the verge of “Making America Great Again”, Buhari supporters, even though with the present level of unprecedented nepotism, cronyism, chauvinism and tribalism believe he is the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria. They talk of the “Next Level” like filling mortuaries, expanding cemeteries and rotten sepulchers are what a nation should aspire to.

As much as I would have loved to be reticent about Nigeria’s issues, my love for my nation will not permit me. It is very sad that any reasonable person can still expend an iota of commendation to this administration. This alone is enough for me to maintain a look and laugh stance, especially when I see people that I have some level of respect for falling into this error of judgement. One would think their perfidious error of electing the unrepentant General was enough burden for them. Whatever bug has bitten them is certainly not one that will bring glad tidings to them and the nation.

Buhari’s administration has destroyed Nigeria. The country is disintegrating. Nigeria is in a state of war and has degenerated into the Hobessian state of nature where life is brutish, nasty and short. Never in the history of our nation has it been this fragmented. The blood that has been shed, the lives that have been lost and the homes that have been saddened and made desolate under Buhari’s watch are too many to recount. Buhari is the asphyxiation of the Nigerian state.

Lawlessness has become the order of the day, banditry is trending, kidnapping is now a very lucrative enterprise and terrorism now has a place in the executive chambers of our nation. How sad and incomprehensible!

The violent agitations we witness across the country now are an offshoot of the crass nepotism, callousness and gross insensitivity of Buhari. His feudalist agenda is too conspicuous for it to be mistaken for anything other than what it is. His arrogance and that of his cronies with power is cringe worthy and will embarrass any true democracy and democratic traditions.

Buhari has continually made it obvious that his agenda is to develop Niger Republic and her citizens at the expense of Nigeria and Nigerians. He has rigidly stuck with 95% good governance- that is if there is any, for those that gave him 95% votes and made life unbearable for those that gave him 5% votes in a free exercise of their franchise and will as he threatened as soon as he was elected President. Nothing can be more damning of a democratically elected President.

There is just one glimmer of hope. Many of the despot’s ardent supporters have now realised the huge mistake they made in voting for him or supporting him in anyway but they are now unfortunately sentimental about the appalling poor judgement they made in electing him. They now argue that his old age somehow excuses him and the present predicament of Nigeria can be partially blamed on that. But guess what, Buhari might not be as lucid as you want a leader of a diverse nation like Nigeria to be, but truth is that even if Buhari was agile and in his prime of life, his fundamentalism would not have allowed him serve us any better palate of governance. Buhari who was a senior prefect of the Northern feudalist school of thought is now the Principal of that School that has continually held Nigeria down. What then do you expect?

Finally I decry the collective amnesia for which we are famed! It is responsible for saddling us with a Buhari Presidency that is now threatening to consume all of us. We have shown that we are very forgetful and easily vulnerable to propaganda. If not, how could we easily forget Buhari and his antecedents? Take this little examples for safe keep: Buhari was Chairman of General Sanni Abacha’s Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). How well did he perform in that role? In the 30 years Buhari was out of government what did he contribute to national development? Who is the Grand Patron of Miyeti ALLAH? Who was the sore loser in successive Presidential elections who threatened the corporate existence of Nigeria on account of losing elections? He threatened to set the nation ablaze, remember?

The fruits of our forgetfulness have come to haunt us manifold! I will just make an example of one that is critical to our national existence at this time: No reasonable leader of a mutli tribal and secular state like Nigeria will have a man like Abubakar Ali Pantami in his government. With all that has now been revealed about the terrorist and irredentist religious fundamentalist, it is really the most irresponsible and spiteful government against its own citizens that will defend and become the mouthpiece of a Communications Minister that should be long gone even in a “Banana” republic.

I end this in forlorn hope that Buhari will heed the warnings of reasonable Nigerians and at least live up to his sworn oath to save Nigeria. It is his responsibility to hand over the semblance of a nation to the next elected President in 2023 so we can then start the hard task of salvaging whatever is left of Nigeria.

Omo’oba Abiodun Odukoya
Writes in From London.

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