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I will never forget my friend Jenifer. I have told you this story before. Situation demands that i say it again. I remember the first day when she walked into my room drunk. That was in 2012. She sat down. ‘I’ve come’ she said, ‘to tell you the latest news about Rochas Okorocha ,your Governor in Douglas House, Owerri. He is sacking more workers. After the 10,000 workers, he has sacked another 30,000 workers ’

Everybody knows Jenifer in the neighbourhood. She was among the 10,000 Imo State Civil Servants popularly known as Ohakim 10,000 jobs that Governor Rochas Okorocha sacked on the 6th of June 2011. Today, she hates Rochas with a passion for making her and her sister unemployed. She took up the vodka drinking habit when she lost her job. She has dark skin, tiny boobs, long shiny dark hair, and brown eyes. She looks very athletic. Her cloth hugs her body; the lightest of cotton.

When Jenifer told me that day of another mass sack in Imo State, it shocked me. I quickly made phone calls and discovered that the news was true. Jenifer pulled her hair up and piled it on top of her head. She let her eyes look at my eyes, and then she dropped her hair and let it fall down in front of her face. When I saw Jenifer in that mood, I felt her pains of unemployment and the sadness was so great. Today Jenifer is still drinking. She and her sister are still unemployed.

On that first day that she entered my room, i stood up , touched her wrists and hands. I felt sorry for her. Okorocha overlooked the fact that the average Nigerian worker has four dependents – at least two living with him and he removed food from the table of the masses that voted him into power. Jenifer walked away from the mirror and said something that is true today. ‘’This is not what we bargained. All the things we were told during the election, all the love we chased, all the good campaign promises, what happened to them?’ ‘We now have an Imo state of unemployed youths; Imo state were minimum wages are denied workers, Imo state were workers are owed salaries, Imo state were the people are being denied employment in spite of their potentials; Imo state of escalating executive lawlessness, Imo state were LGA funds are looted, Imo state of disregard for constitutional rights. Government in Imo today is Owelle only . Those in government today are suffocating. The teachers are suffering. The civil servants are suffering. Business men are suffering. Even the traders are suffering. What we have now in Imo State is the more you look the less you see’ she said

Just like Jenifer pointed out, politically, economically and socially, the government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha has shown inability to move Imo State forward. With Imo’s huge resources and financial allocations from FG the present state of socio-economic and political paralysis and unimaginable underdevelopment and mass misery of the vast majority of Imolites in all the LGA’s and sectors, provide an irrefutable proof of failure of the rule of Governor Okorocha.

For example, pension in Imo which previously is automatic for any worker that has worked for a certain period is now a cash pot for some capitalist thieving elements to embezzle and become financially bloated while thousands of Imo citizens entitled to pensions in Imo live or die in penury due to a backlog of unpaid pensions under one spurious excuse or another. The governor recently said he is going to pay pensioners but na so we dey always hear. Retired workers of Imo Broadcasting Corporation are still crying. Retired primary school teachers are crying. Staff of General Hospitals and Imo Transport Company are crying. I can go on and on to mention them.

Youths like Jenifer today, are completely without jobs. Governor Okorocha sacked 10,000 Imo graduates in the civil service and another 30,000 workers in our LGA’s . Why,why, why? Today he claims to have employed 15,000 teachers and 25,000 public servants when it is all scam. The great improvement, which the Imo working masses had previously got in the last administration vis-à-vis their working conditions have been drastically rendered ineffectual under the current and vicious neo-liberal, capitalist, anti-poor policies and practices of Okorocha.

He is not interested in genuine effort at developing public infrastructures or the economy through which millions of jobs can be provided. To him, economic growth is defined by the amount of billions that he can amass so as to compete with elements within his class. For me, Imo with its allocation and mostly untapped wealth, can guarantee decent and secure jobs for Imolites without tears. I cry for the members of the House of Assembly Service Commission that Okorocha sacked. I cry for the members of the Civil Service Commission that he sacked. I cry for the members of the Local Government Service Commission, Local Government Development Areas, Judicial Service Commission and Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers that he sacked. These are statutory commissions with fixed tenures that he illegally dissolved before the expiration of their tenure of office. I also cry for the 10,000 workers, people like Jenifer.

Okorocha’s government has also earned its name in the corruption hall of fame. His government’s corruption is gargantuan. Aside superintending over massive looting, the Okorocha’s government has openly and unashamedly associated with every tom, dick and harry in the corruption business. Financial scam is now everywhere in Imo State. What happened to the N13.3 Billion Bond Proceeds out of the N18.5 taken by the Imo State Government during Ohakim’s regime? What happened to the N3 Billion SUBEB project account? What is happening to our Sure-P funds? What happened to the N2.5 Billion Local Government Joint Project Account? What happened to the N3.6 Billion left in JAAC Account by the previous administration? What about the N488 Million in VAT account? Who squandered the N132 Billion Local Government Allocations for 27 Local Government Areas in Imo State from May 2011 to December 2013? Who squandered the N16billion ISOPADEC funds? Who squandered N670 Million Imo children funds? Who squandered the flood assistance funds of Imo State?

Where is the money stolen in Connivance with Jpros Company Limited from the Construction of Warehouse-Orlu-Road Junction? Governor Okorocha’s administration paid JPROS a total of N1.35 Billion Naira for the above road. Where is the N458 Million Naira laundered to Dubai and Lebanon with the connivance of the Governor’s former Special Adviser on Project Monitoring and strong political associate Prince Macdonald Akano and Mr. Joseph Dina of JPROS International Limited? I can go on and on.

Today he claims to be paying monthly stipend to pupils and students in all the public schools in Imo State when the payment is occasional. He claims to have spent millions of naira procuring free school uniforms, bags, sandals, desks, books etc for pupils and students in all the public schools in Imo State but provided only few uniforms and canvass to few wards. What about the sale of ADAPALM to Roche Group(his company), the sale of Imo Transport Company (I.T.C.), Concorde Hotel, Children’s Park (opposite Concorde Hotel Owerri), state General Hospitals etc for many years.What about the Sale of Imo Road Maintenance Agency (IROMA) graders, bulldozers, pay-loaders etc to himself . What about the alleged auction of world-class Printing and Sword Machines worth over 200 million naira belonging to Imo Newspapers to his private printing press in Lagos. What about the borrowing of many Billions of Naira from banks and denying that no money was borrowed?

My brothers we must get Imo out of this one chance vehicle. The people of Imo must first and foremost remove from power this ruling capitalist thieving elite and in his place institute a workers and poor people’s friendly government whose central strategy would be based on the mobilization of Imo’s human and natural resources to meet the needs of full economic development and decent living for all Imolites and not just for a few thieving capitalist elements. We need someone to proffer genuine anti-capitalist, pro-masses economic and political alternatives to the ruinous policies of the present capitalist thieving cabal in Imo State.

Who is the popular candidate with grass root support that will help us out among the lot? I will desire that all aspirant will engage all Imolite as Ohakim is doing. It is better we pick Ohakim from this point, give him all our expectations of responsible future leadership in Imo State.Let us give him an audience and hear him. He has realised that power really belongs to the people and is ready to lead the people with uncommon service. Imo must learn forgiveness from Ekiti so that the fresh air in Ekiti can get to the virulent section of the South East. Yes we needs someone that is more popular at the grass root than the lot and only a popular and experienced candidate can defeat a sitting governor. Let’s take the step to support Ohakim. As I said before it is better to bring out the diamond in Ohakim. Imo state need strong leadership-Men and Women who are simple,wise,humble, creative and above all courageous. Let’s Bring Back Ikedi Ohakim to give our youths jobs and to make Imo better.

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Nigerian Access Bank has been very outspoken about strengthening ties with France, but has not yet made much progress.

On the 10th floor of the Access Tower on Victoria Island in Lagos, the only sign that Access Bank has what it calls a “French Desk” is a tiny French flag in a corner. It has been nearly four months since the bank’s main shareholder and non-executive director, Herbert Wigwe, opened the Desk, but it has not yet done anything.

The Desk has been set up to help French companies work in Nigeria and vice versa. To this end, a partnership with the Business France office in Lagos is currently being finalised. However, its efforts will first focus on Ghana. Access Bank’s branch in Accra handles accounts for several major French companies, including TotalEnergies and the consultancy Mazars.

Presence in Paris

In May, Minister Delegate for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships Chrysoula Zacharopoulou attended the inauguration of the new French Desk, intended to mark a new step forward in Access Bank’s French strategy. Two weeks before, on 15 May, Wigwe became chairman of the French-Nigeria Business Council, replacing Abdulsamad Rabiu of BUA and then inaugurated a Paris branch at the Petit Palais with French Foreign Trade Minister Olivier Becht in attendance

Like the French Desk in Lagos, the Paris office, a branch of Access Bank’s London and run by Justin Maria, cannot do much. It currently cannot open an account for any clients, discussions are still on going with the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority.


Westward bound

The Paris branch of Access Bank and the French Desk in Lagos, which will also benefit from an office in Paris in the coming months, indicate its interest in the West African Economic and Monetary Union. The Nigerian bank acquired Standard Chartered Bank’s assets in Angola, Cameroon, The Gambia, Tanzania and Sierra Leone, and now intends to break into the markets in Senegal and Ivory Coast.


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Businesses to enjoy more value with Glo Prime




A new offer, Glo Prime, has been unveiled by Digital and telecommunications solutions provider, Globacom. It comes with a portfolio of call and data package aimed at aiding the growth of businesses by keeping them connected at all times and ensuring they get more value for the money they spend on the network.


The product, according to a Globacom statement, comes in four different plans with each of them delivering immense value to the businesses and other customers. The plans includeN1,500, N3,000, N5,000 and N10,000 packages.


Customer who chose Prime N1,500 pack will get 45 minutes of calls and  4GB of data, while those who prefer the Prime N3,000 plan will enjoy 100 minutes of calls and 12GB of data. Those who opt for Prime N5,000 pack will get 300 minutes of calls and 25GB data while 750 minutes of calls and a whopping 60GB of data await customers who pick the N10,000 pack.


Globacom stated that, “In a highly dynamic environment, there is  need for constant innovation to offer more value to our new and existing customers. The Glo Prime is, therefore, a portfolio of new plans designed to surpass similar products in the market in terms of flexibility, ease of use and value”.


It added that the introduction of Glo Prime reinforces the company’s position as a provider of the most competitive Voice and Data solutions for high value customers, both individuals and corporates.


The company, which marked its 20th anniversary in August, recently received two awards at the Consumer Value Awards and picked up another two at the prestigious Marketing Edge Annual Brand and Advertising Awards, lending credence to its  commitment to excellent service delivery and innovative offering to subscribers.

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Court halts Aiyedatiwa’s impeachment, kinsmen hold solidarity protest




The Federal High Court in Abuja, on Tuesday, restrained the Ondo State House of Assembly from impeaching the Deputy Governor, Mr Lucky Aiyedatiwa, over alleged gross misconduct.

Justice Emeka Nwite gave the restraining order in a ruling shortly after Aiyedatiwa’s counsel, Kayode Adewusi, moved an ex parte motion to the effect.

The judge also restrained Governor Rotimi Akeredolu from nominating a new deputy governor and forwarding the same to the lawmakers for approval pending the hearing and determination of the substantive matter.

Justice Nwite held that after listening to Adewusi, he was of the view that the interest of justice would be met by granting the application.

“Therefore, the application of the applicant succeeds,” he held.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the embattled deputy governor had, in a motion on notice marked: FHC/ABJ/CS/1294/2023, sued the Inspector-General of Police and the Department of State Services.

Others joined in the suit are Akeredoku, Speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Chief Judge of Ondo State, and the House of Assembly as 1st to 6th respondents, respectively.

In the application filed by Mr Adelanke Akinrata on September 21, Aiyedatiwa sought four reliefs.

Justice Nwite, who granted all the reliefs, adjourned the matter until October 9 for hearing.

Meanwhile, hundreds of indigenes of Ilaje community in the Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State, on Tuesday, stormed Akure, the state capital, to protest against the ongoing impeachment process against Aiyedatiwa.

Aiyedatiwa, who is also an Ilaje man, had been served the impeachment notice by the state House of Assembly and was expected to respond to all the allegations in the notice.

The protesters, who gathered in front of the entrance of the Assembly gate with leaves in their hands, chanted various solidarity songs to express their support for the embattled deputy governor.

Some of them carried placards with inscriptions such as “Justice for Lucky, Lucky is innocent”; “Stop accusing him wrongly”; “Ilaje Nation stands with Aiyedatiwa”; “Aketi, Lucky is not your enemy,” and “Let Lucky finish his term,” among several others.

The protesters alleged that the impeachment proceedings were a plot to take Aiyedatiwa out of the race of the 2024 governorship election in the state.

Speaking on the development, one of the leaders of the protesters and Founder of the Ilaje World Congress, Mr Ola Juda, declared that the indigenes of Ilaje would not tolerate the impeachment move against Aiyedatiwa.

He said, “This gathering is the gathering of sons and daughters of Ilaje land; not only Ilaje, but we also have other sympathisers from Akure and Ese-Odo Idanre axis that have come together to protest against injustice and the battle that is going to erupt in Ondo State. The peace of Ondo State is being threatened by the actions of the Ondo State House of Assembly.

“For the past decades, an Ilaje man has never been a deputy governor but for the first time, we have a deputy governor, and yet powers that be have vowed that he will not finish his tenure. Aketi/Lucky mandate was given to both of them and if Aketi is still the governor of Ondo State, our mandate as the deputy governor remains.”

However, no member of the House came out to address the protesters.

The Akure Area Commander of the Ondo State Police Command, Mr Nzota Chidi, who addressed the protesters, advised them to be peaceful in order not to be infiltrated by miscreants.

In a related development, some former members of the Ondo State House of Assembly have condemned the process taken by the state Assembly to impeach the deputy governor.

The former lawmakers, under the auspices of the Concerned All Progressives Congress’ Ex-Lawmakers in Ondo State, said it was too early for the members of the 10th Assembly to take the issue of impeachment as a major priority at the expense of various challenges facing the state in recent times.

Speaking in Akure on Tuesday on behalf of others, a former lawmaker, Mr Abiodun Jerome, urged the state Assembly to play the game according to the rules, warning them against causing chaos in the state.

Jerome said, “Our intention is purely advisory. May we remind you, dear honourables (lawmakers) that Chapter 5 Part 2 and Section 90 to 129 of the Nigerian Constitution is very clear on the establishment of the House of Assembly and its functions.

“The present House of Assembly is less than four months old, and it’s very unfortunate that impeachment proceeding is their priority amongst the myriads of critical issues confronting our state presently.

“As former lawmakers, we have the responsibility to point attention to all forms of abnormalities we observe so that the general public is not misled. Although we could have ordinarily ignored the shenanigans of the orchestrators of the dastardly act, we are compelled by the trust once held by us with the political responsibilities as representatives of our various constituencies.”

Similarly, a political organisation under the aegis of Ondo State Consciousness Movement, on Tuesday, warned members of the Ondo State House of Assembly against being used as a political tool in the hands of the executive to achieve a predetermined objective.

The chairman of OCM, Shalom Olaseni, in a statement, said that the legislature should not allow its hallowed chambers to be tainted with political witch-hunts or targeted vendettas as being rumoured in various quarters in the state.

He said, “The alleged discord between the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, who recently returned from a protracted sick leave abroad, and the deputy governor, stemming from the deputy governor’s alleged gubernatorial ambitions, should not be allowed to overshadow the pursuit of justice and adherence to constitutional principles.”


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