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A voyage to nothingness: A tribute to Abdul Imoyo – By: Olatunji Oke



From childhood, precisely from my elementary school days, I had developed an incredible fascination for opposing phenomena. This mysterious fondness for examining the abstract but extant lines between antithetical concepts, started for me, albeit unconsciously, when I was in Primary 3, shortly after Mr Adesola (may God rest his soul) taught us about words and opposites, for the first time.
This manifested grossly in my mental interpretation of events in antithetical manner, with a nonpareil imaginative fecundity. Occurrences ranging from the mundane to the surreal; the terrestrial to the celestial.
This quest for meaning was further enriched by my introduction to Quantum Physics, particularly the Wave-Particle Duality theorem, while in the High School. My comprehension of Karl Marx’s struggle of opposites in his Historical Materialism, as well as Wilfred Hegel’s Dialectical Materialism, further sharpened my philosophical antenna for the purpose of this intellectual interrogation.
Ingrained in my subconscious was the desire to explore the interconnectedness between sickness and health; joy and sadness; poverty and wealth; peace and war, amongst many opposing phenomena. Of all these, the most thought-provoking for me had to do with the contrasting elements of life and death.
In the bid to satisfy this curiosity of mine, I ran into the postulations of the Existentialists. Men like Soren Aabye Kierkegaard, Albert Camus, Karl Jaspers, Gabriel Marcel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Paul Tillich, Jean-Paul Sartre and others who were preoccupied with examining the role of man in the quest for meaning, in his journey from the womb to the tomb. A voyage that takes him from something to nothing.
J.P. Sartre described it as an expedition from Being to Nothingness. Martin Heidegger opined that as long as a child is born, he is old enough to die. Some others posited that as soon as conception takes place, a child is old enough to die. This line of thought ascribes primacy of place to conception, not parturition, as the starting point of this race. There are as diverse opinions on this trajectory as there are platforms for expression.
Going by the thoughts of Heidegger, it can be deduced that the credibility of life has nothing to do with its longevity. To add to it, nothing confers legitimacy on being as purpose. The substance of the time between the womb and the tomb resides in its purpose. Fulfilling it lends credence to existence.
Talking of purpose, Abdul was an angel in human form for many. A pathfinder for many with his willingness to assist in any way he could.
Abdul Imoyo’s passing is a tragedy of immense proportion that will surely take a while for me to process. He was an aggregate of generosity, gentlemanliness, readiness to help and a host of other great qualities. He was my go to person and together, we managed a lot of crises noiselessly.His humility and accommodating spirit spoke volumes. My very first Advanced Thesaurus was a gift from him around 1992/93, thereabouts. He encouraged me to hone my writing skills.
Though a modest person, he was never short of ambition. He paid his dues through hard work, social capital and unquestionable integrity.
I sobbed like a baby putting up his picture on my status because I experienced a stream of memories I hadn’t in a long while. I remember how we shared the same bed, some 3 decades ago. I’ll never forget how the military junta kept us all at home and we’d play the game of scrabble, all day back then, alongside Adewuyi Olushola Michael, Awwal Liman, Segun Rufus, Bunmi Ogunji and Bolaji Wasiu Badru. Indeed, I have lost a brother. I lost a confidant. I lost a friend.
However, in all, Abdul Imoyo fulfilled his Creator’s purpose. He allowed his light shine on the paths of many, in a very selfless manner. He exemplified for me, the Biblical injunction that: “…A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses ” (Luke 12:15).
Until his passing, he was an editorial member of both The Lagos Indicator and the Nigeria Indicator. Fare thee well, my brother, my teacher, my confidant.

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Glo promotes Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage at Ojude Oba





Digital solutions provider, Globacom, on Tuesday threw its weight behind the 2024 Ojude Oba Festival of Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, emphasizing the huge potential of such festivals to promote cultural diversity, unity and harmony in the country.


In his goodwill message to this year’s edition of the event, the Chairman of Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr., also noted that age-long festivals such as Ojude Oba could foster cultural exchange and showcase Nigeria’s rich heritage to the world.

Dr Adenuga observed that the theme of this year’s celebration, UNITY AND HARMONY IN IJEBULAND: THE GIFT OF OJUDE OBA, emphasised the values that the festival had espoused for over a century that it has been in existence.


He added that the festivals also had potential to boost tourism and help in the diversification of the economy which was why the Federal Government and many governments across the globe have placed tourism on top of their development agenda.


Adenuga noted that Globacom has continued to support major festivals in the country in order to strengthen them as world class events which will attract even more visitors from across the world.


On the company’ partnership with the Ojude Oba Planning Committee, he is optimistic that it will further foster a symbiotic relationship with immense benefits for both Globacom and the sons and daughters of Ijebuland at home and in the Diaspora.


One of the key features of the festival is the Regberegbe (age grade) competition. Egbe Bobasete Okunrin Omooba came first with Egbe Bobagunte Okunrin Akile Ijebu second and Egbe Bobamayegun Okunrin Asiwaju polling third place.




Egbe Bobagunwa Obinrin Omooba won first place in the female division, while Egbe Bobagunwa Obinrin Asiwaju and Egbe Arobayo Obinrin Akile Ijebu emerged as runners-up, taking home the same awards as their male counterparts.

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Perm Sec Denies Sexually Harassing Female Subordinate, Says, She Accused Me Because I Refused To Pay Her Bills.





The permanent secretary of the federal ministry of foreign affairs, Ibrahim Lamuwa, says he is being accused of sexual harassment by Simisola Fajemirokun-Ajayi, an official of the ministry, because he refused her demands.


Recall that the minister of foreign affairs, Yusuf Tugga, had notified Folasade Yemi-Esan, the head of service of the federation (HoS), of the allegation.


In a letter to Yemi-Esan, the minister said it was necessary to communicate the development to her following the “gravity of the matter” after Femi Falana, a human rights lawyer, wrote a petition to him.


However, in response to the allegation, Lamuwa said his failure to pay Ajayi’s bills on an official trip to Davos and refusal to grant her access to policy files and financial records of the ministry were the reasons why she accused him of sexual harassment.


The permanent secretary said he has never sexually harassed her but has maintained a professional relationship with all his subordinates.


“I have served for nine years cumulatively in the State House, in the Office of the Vice President, Chief of Staff to the President, and the exalted Office of the President at various times under Chief Mike Oghiadomhe, Mr. David Edevbie, Amb. Abdullahi Gwary, and lastly, Amb. Lawal Kazaure,” Lamuwa said.


“I received three letters of commendation at various times from the State House for meritorious service.


“On allegations of female directors being harassed, I have never had any incident with any female director in any hotel room, nor have I ever removed any female officers’ names from trips or postings because they refused to comply with any sexual demands.


“No four women or any number could have shared any alleged ordeal with me with her, as no such incidents have happened in the past, and it is untrue that any such common knowledge exists in the Ministry, as there is no basis for it.


“From the foregoing, I believe Mrs. Simisola O. Fajemirokun-Ajayi’s action might not be unconnected with my failure to pay her Davos bills or give her access to the Ministry’s policy files and financial records.


“For example, on 12th January, 2023, while in Davos, on a WhatsApp chat, she tried to know what I and the DFA were doing about the payment of the outstanding Nigerian Mission’s 1st Semester Allocation of about N12,957,103,477, claiming to know the Minister has spoken to the CBN Governor on the issue.


“In my response, I told her that Missions’ funding should not concern her, as it was being handled at the highest level. Her response was ‘Noted Sir. As directed by the Hon. Minister sir, does it concern Me?’. I wrote back to say, ‘I sorted that out with the HMFA yesterday’. And she said ‘thank you’. I knew she was angry with me about that.


“It is clear that there are two issues that have been worrying Mrs. Simisola O. Fajemirokun-Ajayi and were therefore waiting for any opportunity to get back at me.”


The permanent secretary added that they had exchanged jokes on many occasions in

the presence of other people.

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Foreign Affairs Ministry Perm Sec, Lamuwa, Suspended Over Sexual Harassment Scandal





The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim Lamuwa has been suspended over allegation of sexually harassing a married female staff of the Ministry.


Recall that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, wrote to the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Folasade Yemi-Esan, over allegation of sexual harassment levelled against the Permanent Secretary.


One of the Minister’s aides, Mrs. Simisola Fajemirokun Ajayi, stated that Lamuwa sexually harrased her.


Lamuwa had served as Nigeria’s ambassador to the Republic of Senegal with concurrent accreditation to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania before his appointment as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


He joined the foreign service in 1993, was born in 1967, and hails from Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State.


In a letter dated May 27, Tuggar said he was compelled to write to inform the Head of Service of a formal complaint against Lamuwa on allegations of sexual harassment.


“Bearing in mind the gravity of the matter, I feel it necessary to draw your attention to it and ask that you handle it accordingly.


“Please find attached a copy of the complaint I received via email. May I also assure you that I remain available to provide you with any assistance required in discharging your responsibilities,” Tuggar wrote.


Source squealed that Lamuwa had been asked to step aside by the Office of the Head of Service.


He was given till Friday last week to vacate office and the immediate past Nigerian Ambassador to Cuba, Benaoyagha Okoyen, assumed office on Monda

y in acting capacity.

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