Fasuwa Abayomi Johnson

When you talk about a well-read grass root politician in the Ijebu Northeast constituency, Fasuwa Abayomi Johnson popularly known as FAJ will come to mind. The Ogun state house of assembly aspirant on the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC spoke to us on why he is letting go of his very lucrative business to join politics……. Enjoy

For those who do not know you, can you lead us into your background, vis a vis your educational history?

My name is Otunba Fasuwa Abayomi Johnson, The Otunba Apesin of Ilugun South. I am a proud Ijebu man. My Dad is from Okusi royal family in Ododeyo and my Mum from Onayemi family in Imewuro both within Ilugun Alaro area of Ijebu North East Local Government of Ogun state. I was born and bred in a humble background in Ijebu land – a land rich in culture. I attended St Michael Primary School Ododeyo for my Primary School Education while Deyo Tuwo Comprehensive High School, Ododeyo-Imewuro provided the needed secondary foundation for my further education. My Secondary School is very important in my life. This citadel of learning provided the needed support to be who I am today. It is worthy to note that I was also a teacher in that same school between 2001 to 2002.

My first shot at tertiary education was at Ogun state University now Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye where I graduated as the best student of the Geography and Regional Planning Department in 1998. In my quest for Knowledge, I bagged two Master’s degree – Masters of Science in Geography (2003) and Masters of Business Administration (2012) from University of Ibadan and Ladoke Akintola University respectively.

My specialty is in the area of Sales and Marketing and I am an Associate of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria and also a Chartered Marketer with a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Institute.

I have garnered a lot of Managerial Experience moving through many Multinationals I served. This includes: Delloitte, Coca Cola, Frieslandcampina (Peak Milk), Philips etc

Let me add at this point that I am a complete family man that loves to be with my family. I have a caring wife, two lovely daughters and a cute son.

What are your dreams during your childhood?

Growing up was a bit challenging but amidst these challenges, I have my dreams. The most important of them all is to become a man well known for touching lives. I always enjoy seeing my actions turning into someone’s happiness.

And are you still on the path to achieving those dreams?

Yes, I am on course. With God on my side. The promised land is sure. Let’s join hand to pass the happiness around.

What are the lessons you learnt from your parent during your childhood that are helping you to guide your path?

Great Lessons. My Mum passed away 25years ago and my Dad 11 years ago.

They taught me never to give up on my dreams, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well also to do unto others what you want them to do unto you.

These are my guiding principles in life and thank God for the kind of parents I was blessed with. May their souls continue to rest in perfect peace.

How has your business life been?

God has been good to me. My case can be themed “Grass to Grace”. I have spent more than 15 years in the corporate world and the progress so far has been phenomenal.

Why did you delve into politics, with APC as the choice platform?

My sojourn into active politics was triggered by a quote from Edmund Burke vis a vis the plight of my people politically. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to keep silent” – Edmund Burke. The quality of representation we’ve been getting over the time has been far below average and the high level of neglect of my constituents. I cannot sit on the fence. For things to be corrected, sacrifices must be made, these prompted me into active politics.

Choosing a platform should not be a problem. I looked at the manifestoes and APC manifestoes are in line with my aspirations. Moreso, I have always been a progressive. I need to state here that with the present trend in our “politics of defection”, there is just a thin line between the crops of politicians across the political parties. What matter most is the personalities vying for which post.

We have so many political positions in the polity, why are you eyeing the House of Assembly seat?

I am vying to be a lawmaker in the first place because of the independent nature of the job and being able to act as a voice of my people in making laws and policies that affects them. This will also afford me the opportunity to remain close to the grassroots because I don’t want any position that will detach me from my people.

What specific difference do you intend to make if you are elected into office?

This is a good question. For a good governmental policy to be made, it must be a reflection the true voice of the people for it to be generally acceptable. Bridging the gap between the masses and the people in government is a key focus for me. Regular engagements with my constituents for acceptable inputs into our state laws will be a priority for me

To attract infrastructure and government presence into my agrarian constituency through lobbying is also key. The power of relationship building with other arms of government will be deployed here.

I will also ensure vibrant and robust contributions to laws that will ameliorate the suffering of the masses in Ogun state

What are the major challenges so far?

Challenges are there to strengthen us. No challenge yet in the path of the actualization of the dream that is beyond God. My people are with me on this journey and collectively WE CAN !

Money politics is gradually becoming the order of the day in Nigeria politics, do you think you have the wherewithal to push your political dream into reality?

Yes my brother.

There is no way you won’t spend money when going into politics but it must be reasonable

Our people are becoming wiser now. They collect money from money bags and they vote for candidates of their choice. The enlightenment is high. They now know that the little money collected to vote the wrong person is jeopardizing the future of their generations.

God has and will provide the little reasonable resources needed to actualize the dream. HE has started the journey and will not leave us stranded by the way.

What is your message to the people of Ijebu North East as 2019 beckons?

To my good people of Ijebu North East, we can’t continue doing something the same way and expect a different result. 2019 is around the corner, Let us assess all the candidates well and shine our eyes to select a good personality that will do us good. For the House of Assembly seat, Let us go on this journey together and we will live to enjoy that decision. Support YOMI-FAJ 2019 PROJECT and we are on the path of recovery.


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