Palpable shock and grief have continued to greet the news of the death of Dr. Nkiru Nzegwu-Danjuma, popular lawyer, poet, author and businesswoman. She died  two weeks ago after a protracted battle with renal failure at the age of 57. Her remains were interred at the Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens.
Nzegwu-Danjuma was  the founder and Principal Partner of Johanan Chambers and a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. She had 31 years varied experience in the practice of the Law. A versatile author, she worked for several years in the prestigious law firm of Chief Kehinde Sofola (SAN), and was a Legal Adviser/ Company Secretary of the Commercial Trust Bank Nigeria Limited for over 10 years, from where she went into full time practice of the Law. A member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK).She sat on the board of many companies
Nzegwu-Danjuma was diagnosed  with Stage C cancer (D being the end stage) in 2004. Miraculously, she defied medical science and the odds when she not only survived but beat the disease. Given the all clear two years later it seemed the worst was over.
However, in 2009, Nzegwu- Danjuma was diagnosed with renal failure. With just 5% renal function her kidneys were all but gone – a direct fallout of the chemotherapy she had undergone for her cancer treatment a few years earlier. Against all odds she continued to function, without the need for dialysis, until she underwent a kidney transplant in India.
In the face of the disturbing her challenges she was going through, Nzegwu-Danjuma ran her law firm normally without her staff knowing that their boss was fighting the battle of her life.
Nzegwu-Danjuma is survived by four daughters, Saratu, Asibi, Jennifer and Jessica-all lawyers.

By: Abeke Olabode


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