By: Sinmiloluwa Fadoju

Little wonder very few parents and constituents of the high society are doing a bang up job of raising their wards, Daddy’s trust fund and mummy’s deep pocket intoxicates Tracy Nwapa, like poisonous rum stupefies the fun-loving lady.

However, it would be recalled that her father Engr. Ernest Nwapa, was sacked as pioneer executive secretary, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) by former President Goodluck Jonathan, Engr. Ernest Nwapa, has since recoiled into his professional cocoon.

Tracy, a 2009 graduate of Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A, who came into public consciousness as a presenter on Soundcity TV, was involved in a bitter spat with two of her best friends and competitors in the hair business, Kika and Chioma Ikeokwu. Tracy has a hair business while Kika, who used to have a saloon in London, and Chioma Ikeokwu run Good Hair Ltd which prides itself as being devoted to providing the highest grade of virgin human hair extensions and lace systems to the most insightful and quality conscious women of all ethnic backgrounds across the country and beyond.

As the fairy tales goes, the root of their bitter fight was rooted in an Instagram post by Tracy when she hash-tagged a hair #Sokhloe which the Good Hair babes went on to patent. This riled Tracy and set her on a subliminal binge on Instagram. Kika and Chioma were not oblivious to these posts as they equally threw in a few of theirs too on Instagram.

Last Saturday, the trio met at upscale Sip Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. Tracy, according to observers was already seated when Chioma and Kika sauntered in with another group and sat at the same table with Tracy and her companions as they all seemed acquainted. The revelry was in full swing.

Everybody was upbeat while the lightheaded ones were already swooning. It was that time during clubbing when you virtually have to scream to be heard by the person sitting next to you. Then, a male friend in Kike’s camp poured a drink and offered Tracy but Kike would have none of it as she slapped the drink from his hand, shattering the glass on the floor, splashing the drink on those who sat close.

Tracy, tired of the drama, made to leave and wanted to pass where Chioma was sitting, apparently, the only space she could manoeuvre from, but Chioma blocked her path, asking her to find elsewhere to pass. Tracy was flustered and angry simultaneously, wondering at the effrontery. According to Chioma, where she sat was too tight and thus, couldn’t make way for her.

Out of the blues, Kike came from behind and slapped Tracy real hard. A fight then ensued. It took the efforts of the club’s brawny bouncers to separate and throw them out. Outside, Tracy lurked menacingly, panting heavily and spoiling for a fight outside. As the duo of Kike and Chioma emerged, Tracy dazed Chioma with her studded bag and Kike reacted swiftly, punching and tugging at her hair. Then, there was a melee as friends and onlookers entered the fray. By the time they were eventually separated and all pacified to go their separate ways, the volume of flesh on display would make a monk make a cross.

Credit: The Capital


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