In the Lagos social circle, When you talk about one young and very enterprising business women, Hajia Aisha Guobadia will come to mind, the purveyor of Gold. So much in demand was her gold that her shop was the toast of the mighty and affluent in the society, from the very top of the military hierarchy to the civil society.


Aisha was not only the Queen of gold business on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. She was known and respected in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirate. Aisha is one of the very few Nigerians respected on the basis of her high and sophisticated taste in the business cycle.


The society lady, who enjoys driving only SUV cars, suddenly disappeared from the social circle and for more than two years, tongues have wagged as to her whereabouts. With her absence, those who should know reasoned that business went bad for her so she had to take a break, re-strategize and re-launch herself.


Now, the very beautiful and friendly lady who is always a head tuner anywhere she goes is back and with a bang.


She speaks on what went wrong and her new line of business. “I must confess that I ran into trouble with the line of business I was well known for, that is selling gold. I was almost bankrupt due to the volume of debts my so called friends and top society ladies, as you call them, owed me.


Her new business line is interior decoration. The owner of St. Clair Ventures, and she is doing tremendously well in her newly discovered business.


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