By: Sinmiloluwa Fadoju

How would someone begin to write the story of the legal luminary, who began to display his intelligence and leadership quality right from childhood? Atake was elevated to the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria after 12 years of being called to the Bar at the age of 41. The equivalent of an English Queen’s Counsel.
Little wonder, many look forward to celebrating his birthday and have promised to honor him with their presence at the bash.
Although a source revealed that despite his astounding success in life, the senior advocate has proved that he is not one to make noise about birthday celebrations.
Today, he is a shining star in the nation’s legal firmament. He is not a pushover when it comes to legal matters. He is a brilliant mind and even a delight in courtrooms.
He took to social media and thank God for sparing his life for these 60 years on earth.
“I am 60 YEARS TODAY. Wow!!! That is how you jump for joy and praise the Lord when you are 60 years old and still fit, agile, sprightly, and lively, in good shape and health. One jumps high up in the air thanking God for his compassion, kindness, understanding and benevolence. For that reason, I share wholly what YOKO ONO stated: “when I turned 60, it didn’t bother me at all”. Why YOKO? Because in my case, like an older fiddle, my tune is still spectacular, razor-sharp and marvelous. Sing praises to the Lord for me”!!!


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