Society Reporters gathered that, Sir Michael Negbenebor was abducted sometimes in 2014 in Benin city, Edo State. Our further investigation revealed  that the security situation in the state then whereby law abiding citizens or residents could not go about their lawful duties freely or move freely within the ambit of the laws of the land, was very worrisome and counterproductive.

Sir Negbenebor is the father of Caroline Adeneye, wife of the commissioner for Information in Ogun State, Dayo Adeneye.

Information available to us confirmed that ransom was paid to the abductors of the billionaire business man, but yet the kidnappers refused to release the man after lots of plead from the family and well wishers.

Since that 2014, many have been wondering in the social circle what happened to the philanthropist par excellence, as nobody can confirm if the man was actually released or not.

Our further findings shows that the man never returned from the hands of his abductors, and nobody has said anything about this, and the families have also kept quiet about his whereabouts.

Society people will continue its investigation and provide adequate answers to the question of the people.