By:Sinmiloluwa Fadoju

If SeyiTinubu were to be a bird; definitely his mien connotes that of the proverbial beautiful and alluring peacock bird. His inner beauty, radiates round like a shining star. Dandy Seyi never forget the axiom which states that ”An hard working man needs time for enjoyment”.
The dark skinned trained lawyer, rose astronomically to prominence in the Public Relations and branding management industry, pinning his company ‘Loatsad Promo Media’ as the fastest growing branding agency in Nigeria. His juicy Curriculum vitae includes the successful handling of Pepsi ‘No Shakin Carry go’ campaign. Seyi’s alluring gait with exceptional humane milk of kindness laced with uncommon humility catches the fancy of his admirers.

Critics are of the notion that, as a Son of former two time Lagos state governor and All Progressive Congress APC chieftain, born with a sliver spoon, he is prone to be a spoilt brat with no manners. Far from that, Seyi is a well trained young man who respects everyone that comes his way. A close source divulged that; ”Seyi never allows his stupendous wealth control him”. Seyi is an easy going gentle man, he sees wealth as a blessing from God. In accordance to his Islamic upbringing, rendering assistance to the needy for him goes a long way in life. Very popular like jingo in the high society, his finesse and taste for excellence is second to non.

Some reports are making the rounds lately that, Seyi drives around in Rolls Royce exotic luxury car flaunting wealth as if its going out of fashion, but, many are quick to judge that as an hard working young man, Seyi is entitled to any car he wants to ride in. A source added that; ”Seyi is a matured young man that works hard for his money. He has started making money early in life. So if you see him own fleet of cars or fly a private jet around, he is working hard for his money. He has never for once rely on his fathers wealth or connections. Everything he owns today is through sheer dint of hard work”.

Unknown to many folks, Seyi is a cheerful giver. He is generous to a fault. He does not blow his trumpet himself. His philanthropic work speaks for him. He has often said giving is one of the trait he inherited from his father apart from his brilliancy and doggedness.


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