Aremo Segun Oniru

The succession crisis rocking the popular royal family in Lagos, The Oniru Royal family, has taken a new twist following the alleged use of power and connection to disrepute the respected family stool.

The Oniru name and title from the little research we have carried out actually belongs to the 3 ruling houses that can aspire to the throne of their forebears. They are the Akiogun house, the Ogunyemi house and the Abisogun house or line.

The battle, which was reportedly, launched penultimate Wednesday when some section of the ruling house released a statement announcing CSP Prince Akeem Ajasa as the one chosen by the king makers to succeed the vacant sit of the obaship of the throne.

Our reliable source hinted us that during a meeting of the traditional heads of the community to elect a new king for the community, some members of another family raises alarm that tradition must be respected and not otherwise, as we gathered that there are different threats and counter threats if the proper process is flouted.

Some community sources claimed that the tussle was allegedly sponsored by some prominent indigenes of the community in the corridors of power in the state. Others claimed that the public and all interested parties are put on notice of the kangaroo selection of a person unknown to the entire Oniru Family to rule over their land and fill the currently vacant Oniru Chieftaincy stool.

Whist news on the social media report that CSP Prince Akeem Ajasa was selected by his ruling house as a candidate for the vacant stool, nothing can be further from the truth as the statutory, customary due process and formality were not followed in this kangaroo selection of this individual, working desperately with others, towards achieving their own selfish interest and putting the whole family (a family of honour) into disrepute.

Being a policeman, we have information from reliable sources that some parties in the family had allegedly harassed, intimidated and threatened other members of his ruling house. We also gathered reliably that an alleged under the table exchange of funds has taken place and the result of all these illegalities is the kangaroo selection.

“It does not accord with reasoning that only 6 to 8 men of an entire ruling house will make a decision that will affect the whole of the Oniru Royal Family and select a candidate for the vacant stool”, the source told us.

Owing to the above, other cheated members of the Abisogun Ruling House have decided to do the needful to preserve the good name of Oniru Royal Family by distancing themselves from this alleged propaganda and public show of disgrace by an individual (working together with his cronies) unknown to the Family

From time immemorial, no member of any royal family can impose himself on the community. The Oniru family which has been in existence for over 500 years, has lived together in peace and harmony. It is therefore quite unfortunate that one unknown individual using his public influence and position as a police officer, to harass and intimidate the other members of the Family, has now disunited the Family, all in the bid to select who becomes the next Oba. This completely goes against the customary heritage and values of the Oniru Family. The uncustomary selection of this individual has disrupted the unity that the past Obas of Iruland worked tirelessly in achieving.

We gathered therefore that Prince Akeem Ajasa (allegedly working in connivance with the Olori-Ebi of the Abisogun Ruling House, and his supporters) has been advised against parading himself as the selected candidate for the vacant stool.

Another Insider source also challenged that if truly Prince Akeem AJasa has indeed been selected as a candidate for the vacant stool, he ought to have resigned his position as a police officer and properly put himself forward.

More details to unfold in our second edition of this article…..