Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse’s Prophecy on Zimbabwe’s economy comes to pass

Barely two weeks after his prophecies releases for 2018, one of Pro Samuel Akinbodunse predictions concerning the nation of Zimbabwe is being fulfilled.

The shepherd In charge if FANO ministry predicted that he sees economic and

wealth restoration of Zimbabwe and that foreign investors especially from South Africa turning their fortunes around.

Informaa South Africa businessman, Robert Gumade, founder of Guma group of companies has signed a pact with the government to invest $1.2 billion into their economy which will cover Information, technology and infrastructure.

South African businessman Robert Gumede is in Zimbabwe this week to look at investment opportunities in the wake of Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

A company official says Gumede’s Guma Group is investing $1.2 billion in Zimbabwe.

Gumede jetted into Harare on Sunday.

The Guma group founder told state media that he believes good times are back in Zimbabwe, and that as an investor he couldn’t wait.

Company official, Emmanuel Charumbira, said the Guma group is looking to invest $1.2 billion in projects, which are understood to include IT and infrastructure.


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