The attention of the Eti-Osa/Ibeju Lekki Indigene Coalition and Development Association has been drawn to publications in the media of a planned protest along Lekki-Epe expressway, Lagos, to be led by one Dotun Hassan of a non-existing Eti-Osa Lekki Development Forum. In view of this development, we state our positions as follows:

1. This protest should be disregarded as it is irresponsible.
2. We are fully aware of the constitutional rights of every citizen to assemble and protest freely in any part of the country but not with pseudo names and fake identity embedded in political undertone, “He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.” There is no forum called Eti-Osa development forum within Eti-Osa local government with known address rather Eti-Osa Development Association.
3. The planned ‘protest’ is a syndicated demonstration of a man that is desperate for relevance and recognition after he failed, as an aspirant,in his political voyage in PDP, APC and APDA in his attempt to clinch the ticket to represent Eti-Osa constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly by-election held in September, 2017. It had become obvious to us that he had lost the support of the people he wanted to represent in
Eti-Osa local government. Please see attached video link of his campaign

4.The planned ‘protest’ by Dotun Hassan is a desperate effort by a political opportunist that is committed to take a pound of flesh by creating confusion in order to sabotage the peace and tranquility along Lekki/Eti-osa corridor. Dotun Hassan is not part of us but wants to score a cheap political point. We know his antecedence in the area that is why people don’t take him seriously. He crossed-carpeted to APC after hecampaigned for PDP in 2015 and left for APDA when he could not win the APC primaries.
5. It is encouraging that Lekki Concession Company (LCC) carried Eti-Osa/Ibeju-Lekki Indigene Coalition and other groups along as one of the critical stakeholders during the engagement process for the toll review which resulted in the minimal increase in toll charged.
6. Many of the engaged stakeholders, including traditional rulers and community leaders, residents’ associations and youth groups, Eti-Osa Local Government officials, members of the media as well as members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Eti-Osa Local Government Area consented to the new decision. The stakeholders agreed that there was a need for constant upgrade of road facilities, as the Eti-Osa/Lekki-Epe corridor was rapidly becoming an international economic hub for investors.
7. We advise those who do not want to pay the toll to take the alternative route as provided by the government.
8. Above all, members and residents of Eti-Osa local government, the public, parents and guardians, religious/opinion leaders and other interest groups are strongly advised to prevail on their children /wards and followers not to allow themselves to be used for political considerations and interests to cause disturbance of public peace and break down of law and order in Eti-Osa local government and its environs
9. We are not part of any planned protest as we have made our demands to LCC and Lagos State government concerning provisions of more schools and health facilities along the Eti-Osa/Ibeju Lekki corridor of Lagos State.




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