KW WATER (a division of KW-Enagic Nig.Ltd) in collaboration with Olusola Olagunju held a health workshop, with the theme “True Health Workshop & Global Partnership Program anchored by CEO, KW-ENAGIC NIG.LTD, Alhaji Luqman Adedire and “Why Women Should Work” delivered by CEO of Olagunju Foundation, Chief (Dr)(Mrs) Olusola Olagunju at Jubilee Conference Center, Liberty Junction, Ibadan.

Alhaji Luqman Adedire welcomed everyone to the event, spoke about the health benefits of drinking good water and why we should be conscious of what kind of water we drink since our body is made up of 75% water.


The KW WATER was introduced to the audience and demonstration on the properties of the KW WATER and it’s health benefits.

Alhaji Adedire shared with the audience few of the health benefits of KW WATER:

•it can help in treating, stopping and reversing many kind of Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart problem, kidney disease, stroke, blood pressure related diseases, fibroid and can improve overall lifestyle
•the powerful KW Alkaline water can detoxify the acidity in the body, as it is known that sickness is caused by acidity in the body (acidosis) and diseases can’t survive in Alkaline environment

The CEO of the Company, Alhaji Luqman Adedire mentioned that KW WATER is widely used abroad especially in Japan and in Malaysia where the headquarter of the company is situated.

The machine that produces the water is certified by many organizations and ministries. Its also backed by many worldly renowned doctors & medical practitioners from all over the world.

It is agreed by all that now is high time we Nigerians are introduced and exposed to such necessity.

The Founder of Olusola Olagunju Foundation, Chief (Dr)(Mrs) Sola Olagunju delivered “Why Women Should Work”. In her presentation she said, women must work to support the family and that the era of full time house wife is gone. She note that women must be independent and economically active in the society, by doing so they not only command respect but also improve economic growth of country. In conclusion, she encouraged all women to work for better future of the children, family and society at Large.

Among notable people that attended the event were Pastor (Mrs) Christiano Aderibigbe, Women of Impact International, Oyo, Alhaji Luqman Adedire CEO of KW- Enagic Nig.Ltd, Chief (Dr)(Mrs) Olusola Olagunju and Honorable Kolawole Olagunju, Chairman AWDROP, Oyo State.


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