Homeless, First Wife Of Edo State Billionaire Cacudu Benson, owner of the biggest Hotel in Edo State (Royal Marble Hotel) Cries Out For Help

**** Insider Alleged That Cacudu Benson Just Returned From Jail

Homeless, First Wife Of Edo State Billionaire Cacudu Benson, Who Is The Owner Of One Of The Biggest Hotels In Benin “Royal Marble Hotel located inside the GRA in benin city Edo State Cries Out For Help after her husband have totally neglected her.

The homeless woman lived in a very bad plywood building that is too exposed and detrimental to human health.

According to the woman when asked, she had three children, a twins and another child for Cacudu Benson, and the man took the children from the woman and fly them out of the country to far away America.

The woman has been in a great suffering as she was not able to contact or get in touch with any of her children.

A good Samaritan have to video the woman and upload it online if peradventure any one is able to get in touch with her husband or her children that they should come to her rescue and deliver her from this great suffering.

Please spread this post, perhaps you might be the one to deliver This woman from This great suffering if the post eventually get to her husband or her children.