We plan not to mention any name; we would only try to give as much sign as possible to describe who we are talking about. Firstly, she is as beautiful as they come, we can rightly describe her as gorgeously fantastic, she should either be in her late 20’s or like some people have said in her early 30’s.
Several months ago she relocated for a short while to the UK, firstly to get away from prying and evil eyes, who like many said didn’t mind their business. Secondly, she went away to go give birth to a much celebrated handsome baby boy.
It’s been several months now, since she delivered the boy amidst much pomp, and it’s been several weeks now since she came back into the country with her bundle of joy, life has not been the same again for her, though she left with much promise of swagger on her return, she has returned with much more evidence of unbelievable swagger, not only has she been relocated to a more befitting abode to match up to her new status. Her new address is Nos ??? Bourdillon road, Ikoyi, a beautiful grey edifice. We prefer not to give the real address for security reasons, but it’s not too far from a former Governor of the Centre of Excellence. At her beck and call are 2 of the best ”Wonders on Wheels” that man has made a black, 2012 edition of the Range Rover Sport SUV, some have described this car as the best SUV in the World and a Porsche Panamera 4, just for her to cruise around in whenever there is the need.


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