By:Sinmiloluwa Fadoju

Billionaire businessman and Chairman of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, is a darling of many leaders across the globe. Therefore, when he met with President Mohammed Buhari penultimate weekends for a dinner, it did not come as a surprise to those who know him very well.
Though many were quick to say that the meeting had to do with the coming general election in 2019, a close source disclosed that it was just a friendly meeting on the way forward in the oil and gas sector.Perhaps, this group of naysayers does not realize the part of the holy Bible saying in “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”

Otedola is blessed with a larger than life image. Indeed, if the history of billionaires in Africa were to be documented, his name would stand out. It is no exaggeration that he is respected by all, including the whites, not only for his wealth but also for his uncommon brilliance. He dines and wines with the most powerful across the world.
His emergence as a world-acclaimed businessman did not come as a surprise to those who knew him early in life. “As a highly intelligent man, the oil mogul  began to exhibit a high level of skills and attitude very early in life,” a source said, adding, “When he delved into business many years ago, his clear vision was to lead the company as a leading indigenous exploration and production player on the African continent, and today he has achieved that dream.

The Epe, Lagos- born business tycoon is a rare gem. He also realized quite early in life that he doesn’t need to be under anybody’s shadow to actualise his beautiful dreams.
For many years, he has served as a business advisor and consultant for other businessmen and governments in and outside Nigeria.
And from all indications, the man  with deep pocket seems to have entered a vow with his Creator to impact positively on humanity. He can’t stand the sight of his fellow human in distress or want. Besides, he is ever ready to donate generously to any course that is beneficial to his immediate environment.  But unlike others, he  hates to make noise about it.


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