Fast Rising Actor Kanu Chukwu Greg on his Life in Nollywood

Nollywood actor, Kanu Chukwu Greg is becoming one of the most sought after fast rising filmmakers in the industry. Within two years of his sojourn in Nollywood, he has featured in over 20 movies due to his irresistible role interpretation. The graduate of Urban and Regional Planning recently told Julia Blaise Blog (JBB) how he found his feet in the challenging industry.

On how he came into the industry.

You know I’m a lover of act, what inspired me mostly is the TV show called, SUPER STORY which taught me a lot and made me believe I can actually develop my own story which happens to be a power point into the movie sector and it really draw me close into wanting to become an actor and I started making my moves from there which landed me to the point I am now in the industry

His Movies

I have been in the industry since 2015 and I have featured into up to 20 movies.


I have faced a lot of challenges going by when I first came into the industry that should be around 2015 and I had nobody to standby me. The only support then was my charisma. Going to auditions, seeing people that you are better than being selected due to one thing or the other, most times you feel like giving up, but I always key to one word which I call survive of the fittest.

His first role

My first role, it was an awesome experience, a day I can’t forget all my life,God bless Mr Ikenna Irikannu, CEO Best Movies Productions, who saw the light in me and gave me my first role. I was overtaken by joy, because I never believed it when I was selected and was given the role.


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