EXPOSED: Minority Leadership Tussle: Wike wants to hijack everything- Reps member

The tussle over the Minority Leadership position in the House of Reps appears to be raging more outside the parliament.

In what will go down as a shocking development, a member of the House has accused Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike of being behind the crisis.

The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Tuesday suspended the new minority leader, Ndidi Elumelu.

Also suspended were Wole Oke, Lynda Ikpeazu, Anayo Edwin, Gideon Gwani, Toby Okechukwu and Adekoya Abdul-Majid for anti-party activities. The seven members are to face the disciplinary committee of the party.

The lawmaker spoke with 1st News under the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter. He blamed the party for the manner in which the entire situation is being handled.

He revealed that the whole problem started from the election of the Speaker. He disclosed that Governor Wike was against the emergence of Femi Gbajabiamila.

Surprisingly, he added that a directive to vote for Umar Bago was issued around 1:30 am on the day of the election.

Further, the lawmaker revealed that several governors of the party are uncomfortable with the “hijacking of the party” by Wike.

“The party started calling people by 1:30 am to go and vote against somebody simply because you don’t like that person. But the person you want us to vote for does not have anything to offer. What is the meaning of that? Both are anti-party.

“If you vote for any of them, you are guilty of anti-party activity. You are giving further directive without taking into consideration the capacity of the person involved.

“This is where this incident started. Just because one man said he does not want this particular person. There are several states which hold no sensitive positions in the hierarchy of the party.

“You are not even considering giving this position to them. In Rivers State, you are the governor. Your state is responsible for producing the Chairman of the party.

“Yet, you still want to send the minority leader to that place,” he lamented.

“Many governors are not listening to them. They have elections in the next five months. It is then they will know how far they have gone.”

Speaking on the suspension of the seven Reps by the PDP, the lawmaker queried the rationale behind the decision.

“How many people will you suspend? We are over 130 and about 100 are against you. How many will you suspend?”

Instead, he advised the party to commence the process of reconciliation rather than focus on punitive or disciplinary measures.

“They should have called the two sides and reconciled to prevent future occurrence. Suspending him for a month without hearing from him means you have done your worst now.

“Until you have announced that you have crossed, it has no meaning.

“The actual owners of the party are in support of what is going on. They are just afraid of speaking out. Did you see any governor speaking publicly against it? We have 16 governors. How many have you seen condemning it?

“Wike should not see it as an investment. You should look at it holistically. If you are building a shade, you must balance it. It does not mean you should put three poles in one hole so that you can have good shade.”

He also took a shot at the nomination of Chukwuma Onyema for the position of Deputy Minority Leader.

Onyema held the same position in the 8th Assembly.

“Leo Ogor was a strong leader who convinced everyone. Not this one (Kingsley Chinda) who feels that he is from Wike. Two people were nominated. Did you give room for voting?

“You are saying that you are supporting Chuchu (Chukuwuma Onyema) as deputy minority leader. Chuchu that cannot talk.

“If we say we want to protest, as he is just walking in, the Speaker will just say: “Approach the chair.”

“If you observe closely, you will see him closing his eyes.

“The PDP leadership is just worsening the situation. If you have two kids quarrelling, do you sanction one of them? Or you call them together?”