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The journey for three of the 12 (Twelve) contestants in the ongoing celebrity housemates reality TV show which was launched on Friday January 12th, 2018 comes to an end yesterday, Monday 21 January 2018 during the first eviction show at the house in Amen Estate, Ibeju Lekki in Lagos state Nigeria.

Ada Ameh, Ogenna Okwubiri, and Funky Mallam on Sunday night ended their quest for the N7 million star prize pegged on the on-going Celebrity Housemates reality TV show as they were evicted from the house.

The latest eviction was the first in the house of the celebrity housemates reality TV show, after all the housemates had been mandated to nominate fellow housemates for eviction, and 6 contestants with the highest number of votes from the housemates were put up for eviction.

During this period six out of the twelve contestants in the house were nominated. The six were; Frederick Leonard, Muma Gee, Ada Ameh, Junior Pope, Funky Mallam and Ogenna Okwubiri respectively.
At this point, each contestants campaigned and canvassed for votes from their fans round the world, and the three weakest votes were evicted from the house.

Ada Ameh, who became first contestant to be evicted from the reality TV show ‘Celebrity Housemates’, has revealed some shocking details about her weakness and wished she could have a second chance to do better, expressing her gratitude and appreciating the organizers for a disciplined show, in a very convenient and serene environment taking the lead amongst other reality TV show around.

In a chat after her eviction, Ada revealed that it came as a shock to her but the moment she already knew she was among the nominees it was already a 50/50 chance for her to either remain or exit the beautiful house where she was already building a new family.

“I knew it was a 50/50 the moment i was nominated for eviction, but i never imagined it will happen so fast, because i was so real and already started building a family in the house.” I love all the contestants and i believe it was a game which some people will go and some will remain and only one winner will emerge. But be it as it may, i don’t have any regret participating while i also thank the organizers for counting me worthy to be among the invited celebrities to premiere the reality TV show”

For Ogenna Okwubiri, it was another ball game when she was announced to also join the contestants leaving the house.
The beauty queen and business woman looked disappointed as her name was announced. she couldn’t hold the tears as she hugged the other contestants wishing them well in the house as she left to face her quiet life and business.

However, during the exit interview, she insisted it was a game and anybody can leave, but her weakness hinged on her inability to live a two sided life. Asserting that majority of the contestants are actors and actresses and for her she never acted before neither have she partaken in a reality show before now, but enjoyed the whole thing that played on while in the house.

“I have never done a reality show before, Thank You celebrity Housemates, it was an amazing experience but I’m glad to be among the worthy participant. I’m going to miss the fun, the noise, the late night gists and laughs. This last one week has recorded the highest laugh of my life, i never even knew i could laugh as much as i did, but bringing people of different background and social beliefs together under a roof could sometimes bring out the best out of you, that for me was very amazing”

For Funky Mallam, it was an unforgettable experience that will continue to linger, and he has learnt a lot of things from the house, even things he couldn’t do before now, he find himself doing them while in the house of the celebrity housemates reality TV show.

“I enjoyed every bit of it, and very surprisingly, i am now a hero in doing house chores. I am never used to doing any work in the house before now as most things have people who handle them, but now i know how to wash my dishes after eating, and i can also mop the floor among several other things i learnt from the house.”

When asked if his eviction was expected this fast, he expressed an angry look and said he would have loved to remain but since it’s a game and there are indices that determines who stays and who leave, he probably might have done something wrong but unknown to his knowledge.

The Kano state born Actor and comedian also attributed his eviction to his plans of getting married on the 27th of this month.

“I also think i was evicted because i am planning for my wedding this month 27th January 2018, and maybe my fellow housemates think i need some time to plan a very good gig or the organizers felt it will be hard to release me from the house for a whole three days, missing out in the games and all other activities, hence decided to boot me out of the house, but in all, it was an unforgettable experience all the way”

The show has just begun as the other contestants now understand the reason why they are in the house. The intrigue, anxiety, fear, excitements and brotherly love will now determine who goes home next and who remain in the house of the celebrity housemates reality TV show.

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