Contrary to the story making the rounds about the death of the two university of Lagos students, Funmi Odusina, and Sola Ogunmefun at the Elegushi private beach in Lagos, the families of the Elegushi and the management of the beach have finally spoken and affirm the real story and how the incident really happened.
Speaking to Journalists about the sad incident, head of the Elegushi family Chief moroof Adisa Sunny Elegushi, the olisa of ikate land confirmed that the students did not die at the beach as reported by the media.  “They did not die at the beach, they were rescued by the life guard’s personnel and were rushed to the hospital before they were later confirmed dead at the hospital” the Olisa told us.
Expressing the families stand about the very sad occurrence, the family head said further that he would like the people of Lagos and the general public to know that the Elegushi families are law abiding citizens and would never do anything contrary to the laws of the land. “We want the people of Lagos and the general public to know that we the Elegushi families are law abiding citizens and we would not do anything above the laws of the land irrespective of the situation, but on this case, man proposes and God disposes.

Our further investigation also confirmed that the Elegushi families have been in touch with the families of the diseased since the ugly incident contrary to what was earlier reported. We gathered reliably that the families of the Elegushi kingdom even attended the burial rites of the diseased students days ago, showing that they were in all means responsible and stood by the challenges as it happened.
Speaking on the burial ceremony, the Olisa of Ikate, also affirmed that they were all present at the burial rite and commiserate with the families of the late students.
“We attended the burial of the students and the families were happy to see us there, as they were never thinking we ignored the diseased and show  ‘I don’t care’ attitude, and till now we are still in touch with the families”.
We gathered further that even though the management of the beach warned the visitors on the day the ugly incident happened, that the water was not showing familiarity considering the weather and wave of the day, the students ignored all the warnings and still went ahead to swim, haven seen the red flag that showed the sign of danger in the water zone.


A beach expert who spoke to Society reporters confirmed that the sign of the red flag is a sign of danger which signifies that no one can go closer to the beach once flagged, but this was not the case on this very day, as the students ignored that warning of the guards at the beach.
The Lisa also told us that while the birthday party was going on, the students decided to swim in the very heavy waved water after the flagged warning, and that was what led to the incident.
Looking at the antecedent of the Elegushi beach, over the years there have never been any report of such incident at the private beach before this occurrence.
Speaking on this, the Asiwaju of Ikate Land, prince Olanrewaju Elegushi told us that this is happening for the first time, and this has also given a sign of warning to avoid future occurrence and also making them to tighten up the security and gaudiness of the beach to avoid any future occurrence of this nature.
“Our resolution is very simple and professional, investigations are still ongoing while we are assisting the government agencies to discover the reason and how the whole thing all happened, and we are sure of telling the general public the whole situation report after the investigation”. We have also constituted a committee to to develop a framework to improve on safety and security on the beach. The beach is currently closed and when we reopen we would ensure that these new recommendations by the committee are put in place. To us safety is important and be rest assured that we have taken lessons from this unfortunate incident

Speaking further on the early report as alleged by some quarters of the media, he confirmed to us that the earlier reported story was false as the students were not confirmed dead at the beach after their rescue they were rushed to the nearest hospital, and that was where they were confirmed dead by the attendants which is open to confirm.

“The students didn’t die at the beach, we have numerous life guards at the beach, who are always on a horse ride, considering the stretch of the beach, and when the incident happened they jumped into the beach to rescue the students, after the rescue the normal first aid was carried out which could be confirmed by the eye witness, and upon their arrival at the hospital, the doctors confirmed their demise which was so painful to the management of the beach”.
Speaking further on their resolution of the occurrence, the Asiwaju of Ikate land, Prince Olanrewaju Elegushi told us that they have organized a committee who is overseeing the situation of the incident and in due time the result would be relayed to the general public showing their responsibility as a family.
As the time of filing this report, the Elegushi of Ikate Land, Oba Saheed Elegushi was not in town as this is the Ramadan period and he is presently at the hajj, where he is observing the Ramadan soliciting to God for peace and harmony for his people.
But the families assured us of getting back to us to get his own submission of the occurrence even though he was not too happy about the situation that claimed the life of the diseased students.
We will continue our investigation and definitely update our readers of the outcome of the whole situation.

Sunday Adebayo (Who was at the palace Of The Elegushi, in Ikate, Lekki Lagos).


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