rikaoto by me fraud

+ Real reason you should be careful doing business with her….

Information reaching Society Reporters revealed that popular ex beauty queen, and designer, Maryam Elisha is presently enmeshed in a serious scandal for selling a brides wedding gown to an actress (Mercy Aigbe) just a day before her wedding day.

We gathered reliably that the bride had earlier ordered her preferred fabrics abroad, and approached the dubious designer, Maryam Elisha (@rikaotobyme) to help her bring out something good from it, but instead of Maryam keeping to her promise as a business woman, she sold the already made fabrics to an actress Mercy Aigbe just for her birthday photo shoot on the same day of the brides wedding.

See what the pained bride wrote on her instagram page:

  • This was too bad. On the 29th of December 2017 which happens to be a day to my wedding, a greedy designer decided to ruin my big day. I cried all day no stop. I bought this lovely fabric from @bshani_bridalfbricsand asked her to deliver to this designer @rikaotobyme after I had concluded the style and price with @rikaotobyme I made a 50% payment to her as soon the fabric got to her. Told her its my wedding reception dress she assured me it will be ready on 26th. on that 26th i chatted her up to ask for my dress she replied saying it was ready as u can see on the chat above, she also said she will send a pics, eventually now sent a video d next day which was 27th u can also see that on the chat above. I sent the balance 50% to her on 28th when I had seen the dress and was satisfied, she couldn’t send that day cos all flights coming to Benin that day were cancelled. So we were now left with 29th a day to my wedding, I called her by 6am that morning and she told me d delivery Guy has gone to d park to send my dress that she will send the waybill details(sending details ) across shortly. I waited till 9am no words from her. i started calling to ask for the waybill details she wasn’t taking my calls, atimes she even cut the calls. I sent several messages no response at 1pm I started crying cos the situation got beyond my control. My hubby,friends and family requested for the number and also started calling her but she obviously decided not to take any calls again. Until 4pm when I was drained in tears she then called and was apologising that she didn’t know what to say to me that y she refuse taking calls, she continued saying the delivery guy she gave my dress to is no where to be found. when she heard how I was crying she then suggested to give me one of her old dresses for me to use for the day, I had no choice cos I was desperate I then accepted it.i got d dress on my wedding morning. I went on IG yesterdy only to see @realmercyaigbewearing my dress with the same fabric I bought and she tagged same designer @rikaotobyme.how much did she pay u to disappoint a bride on her wedding day? U are heartlessly wicked and u will sure not get away with this @rikaotobyme



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  • throwshade87So sorry you went through that these designers are wicked
  • ebbywinny@instablog9ja@instablog9ja
  • vogueaside@lindaikejiblog
  • african_divas_slaying@rikaotobymeyou are a fool. Idiot with half brain. This girl should be getting a full refund. Bastard.
  • sleemie_@pinkcoccolike fucking heartless…..Walai if na me I go hunt am down lord knows…if she even get shop I will destroy it!!! 😡😡😡
  • african_divas_slayingThis @rikaotobymedeserves jungle justice.
  • ad_nnaPure wickedness.. same designer messed my friend up with her wedding dress too..
  • ebonyplumpI’m really worked up about this, what kind of wickedness is this?
  • toniaabiola@distinctvendors. …..we need your attention here auntie Ire
  • dammy_lolThis @rikaotobymeis a heartless greedy idiot… Disappoint a wedding for a birthday
  • henrieta_omogiateThis is pure wickedness, too bad Mercy Aigbe is now involved… All these greedy designers…mtchewww
  • adaugo__this is wickedness
  • starrdreams@rikaotobymekaii you are evil. People like you get to a certain status and fall and you wonder why? You are the type of people who while starting out ruin their bosses. How and what were you thinking the bride won’t find out??? So how much did Mercy pay you. Oh cos she tagged you. I am so sure not much was given to you. But that bride you did this to would have brought more money for you. I am so sure it is a cheaper dress you gave the bride for her wedding. you even have the guts to collect payment after this wickedness telling her cock and bull story. See suing you is waste of time and money @rettypety allow time to go and look for someone and beat or cos bodily harm on this vendor. I can imagine how many people you have ruined to get to this stage. You are a wicked and cursed person @rikaotobyme and nobody should have anything to do with you. Evil should be your name. And you can block me after this tag.