Dickson upgrades all paramount rulers in Bayelsa … charges royal fathers on security

Bayelsa State government has on Tuesday upgraded all the paramount rulers who were yet to be classified in the state with an executive fiat. That brings their about two years wait, on an executive bill to the state house of assembly, to a joyful end. Their new status also comes with financial benefit which will be built into the 2016 budget.
According to the governor, “We are concerned about the situation. On the bill before the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, we are on top of it because I proposed that bill because of the importance I attached to it. Be that as it may, On the issue of classification, I hereby declare that every paramount leader at the community level is hereby classified as from today.
That was not all, as he added that, “Your stipends will start running from next year’s budget. I am hereby directing all the local government chairmen with the deputy governor who is supervising to work out modalities. I intended surprising you as they are enclosed in your bill before the state house of assembly.
“From today on, you are an officer of the state and you are the ones who will be disclosing to us who is not working in your domain; especially, teachers, health centers and projects within your areas. All these and more should get your attentions.” But those with disputes are not part of the largesse, as he further declared that, “Where there are issues of disputes, only the stools will be recognized until they are sorted out
“Annually government will host you to a dinner just before Christmas. During that event whatever we have will be directly handed over to you, because I have discovered that most of the times, when I send stipends it grows wing. your staff of office will get to you very soon. As for pensioners, I will make them my priorities.
“As you go back, call your subjects to action, because as the Jerusalem of Ijaw people, Abuja will not decide who rule us. and we won’t be ruled from Lagos. Bayelsa will be ruled by Bayelsans.”


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