Ex-beauty queen, Dabota Lawson has lambasted one of her male fans professing love to her following her recent post on the Instagram where she was passing some piece of advise.

She wrote: “People are saying “DON’T BRING YOUR MATTER TO İNSTAGRAM. Please go and sit down somewhere. Gone are the days where the media will give you a false identity and you can’t do anything about it.”

“If you’re hurt, in pain or going through hard times. SPEAK UP, PLEASE SHOUT LET THE WORLD HEAR!!! Don’t go and die for nothing in silence in the name of “how will it look?” MY ANSWER: It will look how you want it to look or how ‘they’ want it to look if you don’t do something about it….”

“What will people say? “MY ANSWER: ‘They will say whatever they want to say regardless, most times not in your favor, so say your own…. “what about tomorrow”, well honey, tomorrow is Saturday. It’s not easy to keep up with each and every person in our lives these days. The economy is tough, no one has time to be looking at your face wondering if you’re happy or not.”

“Truth is Some people just want to bask in the joy of bad news about you, sis let them know. It’s unfortunate how even people close to you will never go and defend you publicly, they are seeing, reading, watching you go through it all, yet they do nothing. It’s strangers that will jump on your matter and fight for you publicly. So If you don’t stand for yourself who will???”