CITY BUSINESSMAN, JOHNNY OKOSUN GOES LOW PROFILE -Why His Second and Third Marriage Crashed -His Trouble With EFCC

Popular city businessman, Johnny Okosun has gone low profile. He no longer features at society parties, and he has ceased being the toast of ladies. Close source disclosed that Okosun was forced to withdraw into his shell, after he ran into trouble with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over his involvement in some messy business deals. Also, the crash of his marriage to his third wife, Queen Ebigieson is also cited as one major reason that forced Okosun to withdraw into his cocoon.

It will be recalled that Okosun got romantically involved with Queen following the crash of his marriage to Leila Testimony, his second wife. Prior to the crash of their marriage, both Okosun and Leila had so much going for them. They were jointly involved in the running of their business operations. However, the union crashed due to some problems they would rather not share with their friends. Shortly after Okosun sent Leila packing, he got romantically involved with Queen, a movie starlet. The affair later resulted in the birth of a baby boy. It was gathered that Okosun was persuaded to perform the traditional marriage rites on Queen. He carried out this task in a manner, which was devoid of much noise.

However, the snag in the union was that, Okosun refused to have Queen and their son live with him in his palatial residence in Ikoyi. Rather, what he did was to rent an apartment for Queen in Surulere; and he bought her a car as well. Meanwhile, Okosun was reported to have carried out his obligations as a husband and a father. He enjoyed spending quality time with Queen and their son and he showered expensive gifts on them as well. But just when most people had thought that he had finally found his place of rest in marriage, Okosun decided to put an end to the affair. More pathetic is the fact that Queen had no means of livelihood. She depended solely on the stipends she got from her husband.

For so many years, John and Queen were enmeshed in a battle over the custody of their son. They were able to resolve the issue and now share custody of their son.
Okosun now lives in his country home in Edo State. But he still comes to Lagos to see to his business ventures.

By: Abeke Olabode


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