With all twelve housemates in the house, viewers are keenly following the intrigues, drama, excitement that is sure playing out in the next few weeks.
The much anticipated celebrity housemates reality TV show launched in grand style on January 13th, 2018, as twelve contestants from all areas of entertainment – Actors, Comedian, Music stars, beauty queens etc were finally revealed and ushered into the house by show’s host, Keppy Ekpeyong.
Viewers from Nigeria and across the globe have been glued to their TV screen, to avoid missing out in the actions, while comment have continued to be amazing, realizing each contestants fame and fan base.
The Show which is just clocking One Week has been an amazing moment of fun, play, games, riddles and engaging tasks, among other lifestyle activities in the house. The house also witnessed a surprised visit by Nigeria’s number one comedian, Alibaba

It was with evident surprise and excitement that the housemates of the celebrity housemates reality show, received their first guest, in the person of veteran comedian Alibaba.


While visiting the housemates, the popular comedian, just like Santa, came with a bag full of goodies. He had everything from the Nigerian delicacy, Bole to fried yam, akara, suya and chinchin, the comedian had everyone covered, further endearing himself to the housemates.

Besides edible goods, however, Alibaba came ready to impact knowledge on the housemates. He had something for every genre of the entertainment industry, being a well-established business man in the entertainment industry.

Key amongst his lessons was the ability to stay relevant. He advised that artistes and actors to try to connect with the differing demography in the society, so as not to die out. He also shared some business and life knowledge to enable them grow and build successful businesses around their careers.

The second speaker, Mr John Onche Shaibu also had his lecture centered on turning your passion into a cash flow. He affirmed that a very important factor in making money is acknowledging that money is good, because anything you love, you attract.

According to him, there are two driving forces in life, love and fear. As long as they are channeled into creating something good, they are both good fuels.

One of the highpoint of the show this week was the quarrel between some housemates, which led to drama, and some were on the side of their favorite while others also supported their own.

The first quarrel was between Junior Pope and Ada Ameh. Their quarrel was based on food matter, when Adah Ameh who happens to be the cook of the day, told her fellow housemates that what they have to eat was swallow and suddenly another housemate, Federick Leonard was given a full plate of rice, and when Junior Pope approached her for his own rice it caused a huge hullabaloo in the house before Junior Pope now finally cooked his rice himself.

The second was between Ogenna Ekwubiri and Muma Gee. This was caused by seniority issues, when Muma Gee accused Ogenna of not respecting her as she was supposed to, and Ogenna gave it back to her by reminding her that the house is not a house of claiming respect, but it’s a reality show where everybody are equal and no one is superior to another.
And there was another quarrel between Rugged Man and leonard Federick when Federick was having issues with his lapel mic, and Rugged man offered to assist but it later turned to quarrel, as some of the housemates felt there must have been something wrong with both of them which is not known to other members.

Another highpoint of this week is when Muma Gee gave a glorious kiss to Alibaba.
Muma does it once more. Just after the overly dramatic pop star kissed a fan on stage during the just concluded One Lagos Fiesta, she has proffered her lips to veteran comedian, Alibaba as some form of greeting.
The comedian who visited the house to share of his well of knowledge with the housemates and offer some moral support had simply been trying to hug the artiste. She, however, declined the hug with a hand gesture, proffering her lips which he accepted.

This week also witnessed another election time, when the housemates are to choose another house captain for the house after the reign of Rugged Man.
The two days of Ruggedman’s rule have come to an end. As such, it has become necessary to carry out another election for a new captain. Funky Mallam was once again nominated alongside Yomi Fash Lanso.
Unfortunately, it was another floorless defeat for Funky as Yomi Fash Lanso won house captain over him.
The new house captain’s first cause of action was to re-assign duties to the housemates. Rather than arguments though, his comical delegations elicited mirth from his fellow housemates.
You can catch us on all out broadcast stations as previously announced.


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