Biola Adelowo Berths Makeup Academy, “Behollaz Place” In Ogba, Lagos

Having a vision is not enough to bring a dream to life, it has to be backed up with the right attitude, and this is the combo pack of passion and action. When these three are thrown into the mix, the end product or result as it is the case with Biola, is, resounding success.

This theory has truly worked for the bold, beautiful and sassy Biola Adelowo as she performed the official launch of her top-of-the-range well-equipped Make-Up School, Studio and Boutique, Behollaz Place, located at the popular Ogba Shopping Arcade directly opposite Kayode Street, Ogba area of Lagos.



The classy gathering had in attendance friends, family and colleagues of the highly friendly and very resourceful, yet humble CEO, Biola who graduated from House Tara a few years back before setting up the upscale Make-up artistry academy.

Behollaz Place is a mile apart from other Make-up schools that you come across on a daily basis; the cozy learning environment is a plus for anyone who is really interested in learning the rudiments of being a professional in the make-up world. Aside impacting to her students from her vast reservoir of knowledge and resources on this subject, she is also a stockiest of premium products and choice labels of other fashion accessories.



Hear her; “I am going to give all my students an attention, we will not hide anything from them unlike some people. Every student leaving here should be able to have the trademark of this place and it will be something they will be proud of. You see, House of Tara, where I had my professional training, has a name that even an embryo make-up artiste will easily reckon with. That’s the kind of brand we are building and we are looking at five years to be on top of the game, God help us.”



Biola Adelowo, a Computer Science undergraduate of the National Open University, did not just stumble on the idea of owing a Make-Up School or boutique; it has been something she grew up with. while growing up as a child she has often been fascinated by the way her mum dressed her and her other sisters up as young girls, and, ever since then, she has paid extra attention into how and what it takes to truly complement the natural beauty of the female gender.



“My journey started way back but I have always had the flair for good looks; on my quest for searching for how to make women or even men look good, I met a lady with a make-up kit, on our discussion, she told me about House of Tara, I didn’t waste much time in jumping into having my professional training there. It was there that my interest for the business became undeniable and I was thinking of nothing but to float an academy that would impact what I have learned into others, most especially, those who do not have the kind of opportunities that I have. Though, the talent had been there before going for professional training, House of Tara, no doubt, played a pivotal role in turning the dream into reality,” Biola said.



No doubt her childhood curiosity has definitely paved the way for the actualization of her dream in sparing no cost in bringing Behollaz Place to life with all it takes to teach others the act of beauty enhancement. Biola is here to stamp her authority on and take her rightful place within the industry. Welcome to the cool world of Behollaz Place.


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