Akudo Abengowe-Adebayo, the former editor of Hints and Beauty Box Magazines who has been away from the media scene for a while has made a comeback with the birth of her own magazine called ADDICTIVE. Akudo resigned from True Tales Publications, publishers of Hints, Beauty Box, Hello and Complete Fashion magazines as the Senior Editor of the entire publication.
ADDICTIVE Magazine is a partnership between Akudo and her friend cum former colleague Chioma Nwankwo-Okoye, who also resigned from TTP at a particular time. The two new publishers who are very experienced in the media industry are hopeful that ADDICTIVE Magazine will be a success based on their vast experience in the media.
“We are no rookies in the print media industry, we understand the dynamics, the know-how and we have the resilience to make ADDICITVE work” the co-publisher Chioma Okoye said.
“I have created so many magazines during my short time in the industry, so ADDICITVE which is my baby will definitely build a crowd of addicted fans in no time” Akudo Adebayo said.
Addictive Magazine is a fashion, lifestyle and entertainment magazine. It aims to entertain, educate, inform and celebrate achievements locally and globally. Its targets are individuals, organisations and industries that have or have created addictive personalities and brands, which draws people to them thus influencing the world through their actions and activities.
Addictive Magazine is joint publication of two brands, SATT Media & Raccohub Limited. Its available for #500 naira in strategic locations in Lagos and Abuja for now.