Adultery Scandal Trails Cardexpo MD, Adeyemi Adeyinka…In Alleged Love Tangle With Daughter’s Friend

From the look of things, unconfirmed gist has it that, all is not well with CardExpo MD, Adeyemi Adeyinka as his matrimonial home is in trouble over adultery mess trailing him with his daughter’s best friend.

His children and wife have gang up against him over his affair with Biodun Bakare, his daughter’s best friend. Findings reveal that Mr. Adeyinka whose twins children went to Babcock University with Biodun his love toy.

Months back, during one of the visits of Biodun to the Lekki abode of the Adeyinkas, Mr. Adeyinka was said to have approached his daughter’s friend and before one could say Cardexpo, both loverbirds have become inseparable as they allegedly turned Mr. Adeyinka’s private suite in Eko Hotel as love nest.

Information gathered has it that Mr. Adeyinka allegedly gave Biodun all the good things of life including a car and holidays trip abroad, it seems the more Mr. Adeyinka splashed the cash on Biodun the less attention he paid to his matrimonial home. As you are reading this, his home is in total disarray as his daughters are not on speaking terms with him so also is his wife who has got wind of the relationship.

Mr. Adeyinka has turned blind eyes to whatever his family wants and has concentrated strictly on making Biodun and her family very comfortable. The issue, as we also gathered, has also caused a big issue amongst the friends of the twins and Biodun as people have taken sides, while some think Biodun hasn’t acted well, some believe that Kenny is overreacting and that, the fact that she also dates married men shouldn’t have made her to act in a manner she has done.

We will update you with more information as soon as we lay our hands on them….


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