Otunba Kayode Oke needs little or no introduction. Oke, chairman and CEO of Softess Group of Companies, Abuja, is one of the “happening”guys in the capital city. The dashing business mogul who has been scarce in the social circuit lately, has bounced back in style.
The Softess boss, said that he made what he called a “tactical retreat” for some strategic reasons. “It’s true that I haven’t been as visible as before in the political and social circuit, but it’s not out of frustration or disillusionment as alleged by some detractors. I just opted to make a tactical withdrawal of sort, mainly to take my business to another level and do more for my people in terms of philantrophy.”
It was learnt that he is making arrangement to launch a foundation called Otunba Kayode Oke Foundation soon. “The idea behind the foundation is to give back to the society,” he enthused. “To empower the youths, widows and the less privileged in general, so that they would be able to stand on their own feet economically. As you know, I have a passion for charity and helping humanity in general. It is not about politics but about giving back to the society.”
Truly so. Investigations revealed that in recent times, the softess Group boss has been expending his resources in charity as well as expanding his business tentacles across the nation, particularly in Kaduna, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Calabar and the Federal Capital Territory. In particular, his hotel chain (Softess Hotels and Suites, including the recent branches in Dubai and Accra, Ghana) have been making waves in the hospitality arena lately. This is even as plans are being finalized to open a multi-purpose entertainment complex Abuja.
Explaining his passion for the entertainment arena in general and the hospitality sector in particular, Otunba Oke declared that: “Though I started out as a dealer in stuff like soya bean, oil and the like before venturing into other sectors like real estate, and construction, I have an abiding passion for oil and Gas, and for the hospitality arena in particular and the entertainment industry in general”.
He added: “The hospitality industry, which encompassed tourism, accommodation and the like, occupies a pride of place in our heart here at Softess Group of companies. And that explains why we are devoting extra attention to this area, by upgrading our infrastructure and services alike. Indeed, we want to be the best, not just one of the best, in terms of world class services and state-of-the-art facilities.”
According to him the hospitality industry carters to the family as a whole, and as such, special attention must be accorded this sector. “When, for example, a family is out for relaxation or holiday, they (husband and children) deserve unique services. Even the gentleman or lady on business assignment, when he lodges in a hotel, he expects world class services, and that’s our unique selling point (USP) here at Softess: world class services at affordable rates.”


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